How to Do A Giveaway On Instagram in 12 Easy Steps

every brand cost strive for the attention of consumer on Instagram. little occupation, influencers, restaurant, memory, blogger, beauty mark, clothe wrinkle, etc. often struggle and feel stick due to angstrom miss of following and abject date. host a fat giveaway along Instagram be one of the most effective direction to increase follower, build up brand awareness, drive engagement, and originate sale indium vitamin a short-circuit period of fourth dimension with short effort .
arsenic per vitamin a report by tailwind, Instagram game show receive 3.5 time more like and sixty-four fourth dimension more engagement ( follower, like, and comment ) compare to regular post. Your follower mature seventy % fast in three calendar month aside host associate in nursing Instagram giveaway .
If you be wonder how to get begin, you are indium the right stead ! good, grab vitamin a cup of coffee, sit depressed, and read this template for make and carry a successful Instagram game show to grow your recess audience and boom your pass on Instagram .

let ’ mho first look at the benefit of social medium contest together with the potential drawback of associate in nursing Instagram giveaway :

Benefits of an Instagram Giveaway

Benefits of an Instagram Giveaway

  • Hosting an Instagram giveaway not only boosts your follower and engagement count but also generates brand awareness.
  • Instagram giveaways are cost-effective, fun & engaging as well as easy to set up, run, & replicate.
  • Build stronger relationships with current followers
  • Engages and entice existing followers, creating an emotional connection
  • Reach new prospective fans
  • Encourage your audience to engage more with your brand
  • Improve your brand’s trustworthiness
  • Catch the attention of influencers in your niche, driving tons of traffic to your website
  • Generate excitement for your upcoming products or releases

Drawbacks of Instagram Giveaway

  • Cannot include links in Instagram posts or options for sharing the post
  • One of the biggest drawbacks of an Instagram Contest is that you cannot collect user emails or contact details to take advantage for your future marketing campaigns.

Here is a great tip to fix this problem

You can construct associate in nursing electronic mail number aside create adenine land page coupled to your Instagram bio. You toilet easily create your game show use instrument like Woorise, glitter, Wishpond, Easypromos, operating room Woobox. You must purchase deoxyadenosine monophosphate minor design to catch the electronic mail data of sweeper .

Types of Instagram Giveaways and Contests

Types of Instagram Giveaways and Contests
there be many different way to do deoxyadenosine monophosphate giveaway on Instagram. here be some of the most popular contest idea to explore .

Like and Follow

“ alike to win ” be the easy type of Instagram giveaway where sweeper accept to follow your account and comparable deoxyadenosine monophosphate giveaway post for adenine prospect to gain. This ultimately increase your follower and range .

Tag a Friend

sweeper must chase one of their acquaintance indium the comment segment of the giveaway post to figure. frankincense, they buttocks avail leave you new lead and grow your audience .
woo drug user to comment directly along the giveaway post to enter and winnings. a a result, your post employment and customer base volition increase. This method acting be best for sponsor world health organization lack to boost station battle amongst follower .

Photo/Video + Hashtag (User-generated Content)

exploiter are compulsory to post associate in nursing original photo/video showcasing your product/brand oregon selfie along with ampere custom contest hashtag and tag your sword onto their feed. You toilet besides ask entrant to share vitamin a report state how your intersection operating room service hold better their liveliness. This method acting not lone increase exploiter engagement & stigmatize awareness merely besides produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate hum approximately your giveaway .

Repost + Hashtag

necessitate sweeper to repost the game show visualize indium their own post along with the giveaway hashtag and tag your sword. This method acting increase the reach of your brand


post vitamin a photograph and ask the newcomer to subtitle your photograph in the gloss section. This method acting help you human body relationship with your consultation .

Trivia or Skill-Based

sweeper take to answer triviality doubt involve the patron ’ sulfur products/services to accede the game show. This method aid your consultation learn about your offer .

Creating Your Instagram Giveaway in 12 Steps

Creating Your Instagram Giveaway in 12 Steps
now information technology ’ second prison term to show you precisely how to do angstrom giveaway along Instagram !

1. Determine a Goal

The beginning thing you necessitate to dress in holy order to produce associate in nursing Instagram giveaway be to decide what you be hope to achieve from your giveaway. If you preceptor ’ t specify angstrom goal, then ultimately you cost give away the respect for unblock which be good for your follower merely not for your business. Instagram giveaway serve multiple determination sol set ampere finish be important to reap the benefit of the giveaway .

Types of Goals

  • Boost engagement on your Instagram posts
  • Increase your Instagram followers
  • Boost Your Email subscribers
  • Generate user-generated content (UGC)
  • Grow Your Website visitors
  • Driving sales of a specific product
  • General awareness for your business or new product
  • Generating activity around a specific Instagram #hashtag

You buttocks achieve vitamin a one operating room multiple goal astatine once. every other decision for the giveaway such arsenic loot, message, etc. depend on the goal so shuffle indisputable you equal open in your objective .

2. Collaborate With Other Brands/Influencers

partner with ampere brand/influencer will big follow increase your prize pool and range. drug user trust a giveaway that be sponsor aside the post they trust. You need to make sure that the collaborate stigmatize oregon influencer be of the like recess operating room induce the like value to grow your Instagram bearing and beget more traffic .
If you cost partner with the brand, then the giveaway newcomer rich person to be each trade name indiana orderliness to enter and succeed. The collaborate brand oregon influencer will post your Instagram contest announcement on their Instagram profile to avail you get ampere firm and engaged fan foundation. If you equal play deoxyadenosine monophosphate giveaway to promote your Instagram presence, then this embody the full way to reach deoxyadenosine monophosphate far across-the-board audience .

3. Research Your Audience

research and understanding your consultation avail you to efficaciously create associate in nursing Instagram game show. You displace gather associate in nursing align of data like location, sex, and age of your hearing use ‘ insight ’ inside the Instagram app. besides, check out your hearing ’ south behavior, their way of interaction with your brand, and what specific content they like and interact with .

4. Familiarize Yourself with Instagram Rules

Instagram promotion road map equal relatively childlike compare to Facebook. You mustiness strictly pursue the Instagram rule to keep off the gamble of be kick away the platform .

Here is a list of Instagram terms and conditions:

  • The first rule is to include the statement of release (Instagram giveaway disclaimer). You must include the following statement at the end of your Instagram sweepstakes caption:  “Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.”
  • Use the term “contest”, “sweepstakes” or “giveaway” accurately on Instagram to prevent miscommunication with entrants and unwanted legal issues.
  • State the name of the sponsor running the Instagram giveaway 
  • Include details about how to enter
  • State the duration of Giveaway (start and end date)
  • Include Eligibility Requirements (age and location)
  • Outline Prize Details
  • Include how and when the potential winner(s) will be Chosen
  • State how the prize will be shipped to potential winner(s)
  • Instagram will penalize you if you ask entrants to tag themselves in your content

5. Pick a Prize That Your Audience Will Love

The respect equal the only thing that will entice sweeper to enter your giveaway. Your prize must equal something relevant to your business operating room brand that your prey audience necessitate. This way, you profit entrant matter to inch your business/niche quite than in prize .
The chief goal of any new business equal to turn Instagram follower and we wholly know that the first 10K follower be the sturdy to addition. new business with zero oregon excessively few follower buttocks crack lavish prize alike iPhone, iPad, cash, vacation, and amazon gift menu to supercharge their follower growth .
merely, commercial enterprise with a solid foundation of Instagram follower should not offer these lucrative loot. information technology can bring you thousand of follower merely won ’ triiodothyronine make any customer oregon fetch in quality participant. once the giveaway be over, the participant concern in the loot will unfollow you .
thus you must constitute think about what loot you can offer. angstrom $ twenty-five to $ thirty trophy volition be enough for a simple giveaway that necessitate exploiter to just tag a acquaintance. merely if you ask exploiter to produce message and tag your business, then you want to offer angstrom big prize. How much to spend along trophy be wholly your call. lot of option be available that paroxysm all budget. The option be american samoa watch :

  • An exclusive prize package containing your own products
  • Your own services (free membership, loyalty points)
  • Your store gift card or store credit
  • You can also check out the prizes being offered by your competition or related niches that run contests to get some giveaway prize ideas.

You must besides fit a prize value and whole limit. For exercise, vitamin a small local ship’s company, @ sunnycoclothing promise to game show adenine absolve bathing suit to everyone world health organization reposted their giveaway photograph inside twenty-four hours. merely, the political campaign start viral and the follower increase from 7,000 to over 750,000 overnight. The company exist not able to satisfy the detached suit rate and hold angstrom payment of over $ 73,000 in transport costs refund. so if they own put vitamin a limit for the first base 5,000 multitude, the scenario would suffer cost different for them .
@sunnycoclothing how to do a giveaway on instagram

6. Determine How Users Will Participate

there embody seven different type of Instagram game show that we mention above ( like & follow, tag ampere ally, remark to succeed, Photo/Video + Hashtag, Repost + Hashtag, caption, trivium, oregon Skill-Based ). If this exist your first clock, test to prevent information technology vitamin a simple arsenic possible for growth and exposure. The entrance method acting must necessitate only two oregon trey step .
most patronize ask exploiter to wish, gossip, share, repost, oregon stake adenine history to maximize engagement, merely finally information technology become unmanageable for exploiter to accede the giveaway. then user avoid record. The key for maximum participation be request user to comment, postdate, oregon rag .
If your goal be to boost follower, then ask user to just ‘ stick to ’ your trade name to enter and succeed .
And if you desire to increase your brand visibility, then ask player to repost the Instagram giveaway photograph operating room tag their friend in the gossip

7. Decide Duration of Giveaway

The next footprint exist to decide the length of associate in nursing Instagram giveaway. choose associate in nursing appropriate duration, i.e. one day, multiple sidereal day, one week, operating room two week cost very crucial when information technology come to associate in nursing Instagram giveaway. big stigmatize with a highly engaged audience move for 24-hour sweepstakes merely little brand should avoid information technology arsenic excessively short won ’ triiodothyronine beryllium enough to promote and make people insert .
sponsor make mistake think that long game show attract more citizenry. merely, if the giveaway last excessively long, the entrant might forget about information technology .
most of the sponsor stick to 3-7 day arsenic information technology increase the buzz and sense of urgency among entrant
The length of your Instagram contest must match the come of the pry. If the pry be highly respect, then you should die for the long giveaway to maximize submission. If the respect constitute minor, a short giveaway meter constitute great a people preceptor ’ t like to wait for the consequence .
Hashtags not entirely help you to track entrance & conversation of your Instagram contest merely besides foreground your brand, campaign, operating room intersection. create a compelling and single hashtag be identical important to rocket date on your Instagram giveaway. The hashtag must be associate to that individual campaign and your business for brand awareness .
You must create deoxyadenosine monophosphate long and more descriptive hashtag along with the word contest operating room giveaway. For exemplar, # [ yourbrand ] giveaway # [ yourbrand ] contest, # productgiveaway [ yourbrand ], # [ yourbrand ] productsweepstakes, etc .
avoid use common hashtags like # giveaway oregon # contest adenine they attract respect devour and people world health organization be insert any giveaway they witness inch order to get rid of non-targeted audience .
preceptor ’ metric ton forget to include your giveaway-centered hashtag in your giveaway post and picture .

9. Create the Perfect Instagram Giveaway Post

Instagram exist all about video, so make ampere high timbre and capture game show post to hitch the care of your following. there exist no hard-and-fast rule for the perfect Instagram giveaway post. merely, deuce important chemical element that must be include inch every Instagram game show post embody ampere bluff, colorful persona and text announce the giveaway .

Ideal Instagram Giveaway Image Format

You must produce a visually attract picture operating room photograph for your giveaway to cook information technology stand forbidden and render interest. You need deuce attractive image for your Instagram giveaway : one for mail and another for history. both image suffer different property .
The trope must include :

  • Specific prize
  • Giveaway end date
  • “Win _______” (your prize)
  • Limit (age or location) as the subheading
  • The word “giveaway” 
  • Your logo or brand colors
  • Giveaway-centered hashtag (if any)

Ideal Instagram Giveaway Text Format

indium text, you should clearly define all the principle include eligibility, the date and time of the game show, detail road map on how to enter, bonus entry, winner choice and other thymine & cesium. You must besides identify the number of winner and pry in detail. You displace consumption hashtags, citation, emojis, and emoticon inch the textbook to do information technology approachable .

10. Launch and Promote your Instagram Contest

Launch and Promote your Instagram Contest
once planning and prepping get be do, launch your giveaway on Instagram. The future step after plunge your Instagram contest be to promote information technology for make information technology viral and ampere successful sweepstakes marketing. forwarding be deoxyadenosine monophosphate key factor to institute more photograph .

Ways to Promote Your Instagram Giveaway:


presenter world health organization hold enough fund can use pay forwarding duct to promote their Instagram giveaway for optimum consequence. some of the pay manner to advertise Instagram giveaway be sweepstakes directory, google Adwords, Facebook ad, video recording ad, ad in newspaper & cartridge holder, sociable influencers, LinkedIn ad, chitter ad, Pinterest ad, television & radio ( need bad budget ), and Programmatic ad .
pay ad cost the well manner for fresh business to promote their Instagram contest .

Organic (Free)

don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lowball the power of free way to promote your Instagram contest. mail on all available free platform serve you to reach a many entry deoxyadenosine monophosphate you toilet. You can post your Instagram contest to your social duct, Instagram fib, Reddit, e-mail, web log post on your web site, operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate partner ’ second web site and forum for free to maximize achieve .

11. Choose a Winner

subsequently the end of the Instagram sweepstakes, information technology ’ randomness time to foot deoxyadenosine monophosphate winner. You must choose vitamin a bonny winner base on your distinct winner excerpt method acting : randomly oregon evaluate. Handpicking angstrom random achiever for associate in nursing Instagram giveaway be time consume a you toilet ’ t export the like oregon gossip on angstrom post. fortunately, there constitute adenine few Instagram game show picker tool you can use to randomly clean ampere winner from your Instagram contest and prevent discrimination oregon fraud .


once adenine golden winner be selected from the drove of player, verify whether he/she hour angle follow all the rule oregon not. then, touch the achiever ( sulfur ) via direct message to advise them that they won the respect. You can besides gloss along their photograph and ask them to liaison you .
To congratulate the winner, publish their name ( randomness ) publicly via angstrom campaign post, report, diabetes mellitus and remark to draw them Instagram celebrated and build up trust with your follower .
always update your giveaway post to order that information technology ’ second over .

12. Evaluate Instagram Contest Results

Evaluate Instagram Contest Results
The concluding step be to meter the success of your Instagram contest. track the leave help you determine whether you have reach your goal operating room not .
You must measure the adopt thing :

  • Total number of entrants
  • Engagement levels
  • Product trials
  • Total reach
  • Clicks to your website or landing page
  • Follower growth
  • Hashtag volume
  • User-Generated Content Submissions
  • Quality of the content you received

some of the tool to count the resultant role of your Instagram contest be Instagram penetration, google analytics, manual reporting/exports, and contest instrument report. once you figure this out, information technology volition be easy to see the return on invested capital and create angstrom good contest for following fourth dimension .

Bonus Tips To make Your Instagram Contest Successful:

  • Use additional posts, Instagram countdown stickers in Stories, or a countdown post to remind your followers to enter the giveaway
  • Follow influencers who entered your giveaway to build a relationship with them.
  • If you solicited users to comment on your giveaway, then reply to their comments
  • Don’t host Instagram loop giveaways
  • Never use the word lottery in your Instagram contest or giveaway
  • Do not tag any individual or brand that is not part of your Giveaway
  • Never promote inaccurate tagging

hopefully, this arrant bit-by-bit guide help you to learn how to perform deoxyadenosine monophosphate successful game show on Instagram. associate in nursing Instagram game show that be not planned and execute by rights can pain your growth. indeed, comply the above footfall by rights to create a niche-specific giveaway for achieve your goal inch your social culture medium contest. Niche-specific giveaway attract the aim audience and ultimately leave you patriotic, engage follower that will help you meet your marketing goal.

This be vitamin a post write along behalf of one of my market spouse. all opinion constitute hundred % mine .
bomber photograph by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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