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I ’ m then excited that Kaiti is here nowadays with a tutorial for diy gel nails at home for us ! If you aren ’ thymine following her on Instagram @ nailsbykaiti, you are missing out on some unplayful nail inhalation ! Since none of us can get pampered at the complete salon right now, we need to pamper ourselves. here ’ s Kaiti with everything you need to know to get an amazing gel nail manicure at home !
Hey babes ! With everyone on lockdown and unable to go to the breeze through salon, I figured I ’ five hundred give you all a little tutorial on how to do your own gel nails in quarantine ! I did a quick television so you get the jist of it, but let ’ s break it down a short thus you get the best, long survive manicure you can. Shall we ?
How to Get a Salon Quality Manicure at home with Nails By Kaiti.

Getting started with your DIY gel nails:

First off, we want to start off with CLEAN, DEHYDRATED nails. I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stress this enough ! One of the biggest issues when it comes to gel polish not lasting is natural oils on the nail down home plate, so wash those hands ( for the hundredth clock time today 😉 ) and cleanse your nails with 100 % pure acetone.

For this set we shaped the nails to a piano square. You ’ ll want to use a collar charge that has 180 GRIT. This is going to be delicate enough to file the free edge of your pinpoint without roughing it up besides much, but it besides has enough backbone to where you can use it to gently buff ( or etch ) the top of your nail denture so the gelatin polish will properly adhere. Make certain you do gently file over the whole nail down so the polish sticks ! It should look whiten and calcareous .
One of the coarse misconceptions is that you should use a soft buffer to smooth over the smash plate, but if your breeze through is excessively politic the gel will peel correct off. Using the correct grit and a pinpoint file prolongs the longevity of your mani by a long nip !

Prepping your cuticles:

Next we ’ rhenium going to use some carapace softener to remove all the dead clamber off the nail plate. I get a adult bottle of carapace softener from Sally ’ mho and pour it into an vacate dropper bottle for comfort of function. Just apply a couple drops to each smash near the carapace and let it work it ’ sulfur charming for 1-2 minutes

once the epidermis softener has had clock to soak in, wipe the excess fluid off and gently start scraping the dead peel off your collar plate while pushing back the carapace. This is another EXTREMELY crucial separate, if there ’ s any epidermis left on the nail before you paint it ’ ll lift the gel. The cleaner the nail plate, the longer lasting your mani will be, and the better your diy gelatin nails will look .

now that all your cuticles are pushed back, use a pair of open chew the fat carapace nippers to gently clip away the dead tissue dowry of your cuticles. This is going to be whatever has turned white from the carapace softener. Take your clock and be careful not to nip any be skin !

At this point your nails should be fix for the polish ! Make certain to scrub them thoroughly with a cancel brush and 100 % pure acetone. Once they ’ ve dried, apply 2 coats of a non-acid nail flat coat. The nails will be muggy after priming indeed make certain not to touch anything after this footprint until your nails are done !

The importance of a good base coat:

Another misconception with mousse nails is if your al-qaeda coat is excessively thick, it ’ ll skin. not truthful ! angstrom long as you ’ ve prepped your complete correctly, a thick base will actually add strength to the pinpoint. This base coating is by army for the liberation of rwanda one of my favorites and the consistency is arrant for a compact base. I apply it by starting with “ scrubbing ” a small amount into the complete plate, then floating a bead of the mousse over the solid nail to add lastingness .
You can besides clean up any mistakes by using a minor gel pinpoint brush ! Cure the base coat in an LED gel lamp for 60 seconds .

once the base is cured, apply 2 coats of your hope tinge and cure both of them for 30 seconds in your lamp. To get close to the carapace you can slightly “ jiggle ” the product up with the brush. We used “ Presto # 137 ” and in my opinion, this is one of the best gel polish lines out there. Super opaque colors that don ’ thyroxine shrink, purse, or pull away from the cuticles after applying. What more could you want ? !

To finish your DIY Gel Nails:

To finish these off, we used a high fall no-wipe greatcoat. Some topcoats have a brassy or “ residual ” layer after they ’ re cured so make certain if you ’ re using a greatcoat that does have a brassy level to wipe it with alcohol after. You can besides float the greatcoat a little when applying for some add lastingness .
cure for 60 seconds in an LED lamp .

once your nails come out of the lamp and are barren of any tacky layer, apply cuticle vegetable oil and KEEP APPLYING throughout the day. Trust me, with all the hand washing going on you ’ re going to want to ! It besides helps add flexibility to your nail then your mani doesn ’ thyroxine suffer brittle and check .
finish friction that epidermis petroleum in and you ’ re finished ! ! These diy gel nails should last you at least 2-4 weeks and give you something to do while you ’ rhenium Netflix gorge, win-win 😉

Try it out yourself and tag me @ nailsbykaiti so I can applaud all that hard work. Hope this avail !
-Kaiti 💖
I can ’ metric ton wait to do my nails now ! Thanks for breaking the procedure down so plainly for all of us, Kaiti. This survival Series has been therefore a lot playfulness. I ’ ve learned a fortune, and I hope you have besides. And most importantly, I hope you feel a little more organize to face another day in # quarantine !
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Links to everything you need for your DIY gel nails-
complete files
Scrub brush
Cuticle pusher & nippers
cuticle remover
Cuticle oil
Gel cure lamp
cleaning brushes
Primer ( protein shackle )
Base coat
top coat

Presto # 137
DIY Gel Nails Manicure- Nails By Kaiti shows how easy it can be! www.TwistMePretty.comAbby's Survival Series- Nails By Kaiti's DIY Gel Nails Manicure Tutorial www.TwistMePretty.comAbby's Survival Series- DIY Gel Nails Manicure at Home.

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