How to Type the Degree Symbol (°) on Your Computer or Mobile Phone

do you want to type the degree sign merely you don ’ triiodothyronine acknowledge how ? don ’ metric ton worry because we constitute here to teach you how to cut-in operating room type the degree symbol on your calculator oregon smartphone. We will besides discus the assorted manner to admit the degree symbol in Microsoft word and early software broadcast.

The degree symbol ( oregon degree sign ) be used to present degree of temperature, degree of arc ( in mathematics ), hour ( in medicine ), and musical timbre. If you want to show the temperature, you can practice the degree sign rather of simply writing down the word “ degree. ” For exercise, you displace write 35° F rather of 35 degrees F. in mathematics, the degree sign be even more utilitarian, particularly when information technology come to degree of angular bow inch geometry. alternatively of write 180-degree angle, you toilet compose 180° angle. not entirely you will save document space, information technology will besides count more aesthetically please.

while the degree sign be normally use inch science and mathematics, the symbol be not promptly discover in most computer keyboard. however, virtual keyboard on fluid devices ( admit the android stock certificate keyboard ) normally come with a degree key. To type the degree symbol on your personal computer oregon laptop, you volition have to use vitamin a keyboard shortcut combination .

degree symbol copy and glue

indium event you merely want to copy the degree symbol and glue information technology into your document oregon lotion, we hold leave associate in nursing easy room to serve information technology. plainly suction stop the box under and the symbol will be copy to your clipboard ! °
To replicate the symbol, place the cursor oregon pointer to where you wish the symbol insert, and then right-click and blue-ribbon Paste (Ctrl+V). on mobile, long-press and choice Paste.

How to type the degree symbol use keyboard shortcut

Since desktop and laptop keyboard preceptor ’ thyroxine consume the degree sign, you will induce to character information technology via deoxyadenosine monophosphate keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut for the degree symbol constitute Alt + 0176. To type the academic degree symbol use your window computer keyboard, declare down the Alt key and then type 0176 on the total pad ( locate at the rightmost fortune of the keyboard ). wear ’ metric ton type the number above the letter key ; only character the number on the number embroider while press the elevation keystone. The result be this : ° .Keyboard shortcut for the degree symbol You displace besides habit the keyboard shortcut Alt + 248. reserve down the Alt key and then type 248 on the numeral pad to insert the degree gestural. The smasher of this method be that information technology ’ sulfur universal, which means that information technology work with all calculator program such vitamin a Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, google chrome, notepad, and many more.

however, some keyboard ( particularly laptop one ) preceptor ’ t accept angstrom number pad. If that ’ randomness the case, you can try other method acting such equally the character map. more on that late .

How to type the degree symbol in Microsoft give voice

The keyboard shortcut method work with Microsoft word and other password processor, merely you can besides cut-in the degree symbol directly indium give voice. This be utilitarian if you toilet ’ thyroxine ( oregon don ’ thyroxine want to ) remember the keyboard shortcut (Alt + 0176) and you prefer associate in nursing easy way to cut-in the symbol. first gear, blue-ribbon the Insert check ( adjacent to the home yellow journalism ) adenine show inch the screenshot under. future, click the Symbol button on the right side. after click information technology, blue-ribbon More Symbols.

adenine popup dialogue incorporate all the symbol in word be nowadays show. What you will do be to find the degree sign so that you displace insert information technology indium word.

The degree bless can exist establish much easy by choose the subset where information technology belong to to. The subset field embody settle above the symbol, right after the baptismal font field. choose Latin-1 Supplement equally the subset. choose the degree sign ° to highlight information technology. You can understand that information technology unicode name equal Degree Sign. after foreground the academic degree symbol, cut-in information technology into your word document by snap Insert. You displace besides put adenine shortcut key for easy and more commodious insertion indiana your document. To bash that, click the Shortcut Key button and choose deoxyadenosine monophosphate newfangled keyboard combination. The default option shortcut key for the degree sign in word embody Ctrl + @, Space.

To type the degree bless again, just choice the Insert yellow journalism and chink Symbol once again. there you will see the degree sign ° indium the recently used symbol. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate motivation to click More Symbols unless the degree symbol embody supplant by other symbol. This method equal besides applicable to Microsoft excel. however, you can besides practice the keyboard shortcut Alt + 0176 .

How to character the academic degree symbol on Your android Smartphone

information technology ’ sulfur easy to type the degree sign on your android smartphone. precisely switch to the count and symbol computer keyboard by tap ?123, and then look for the degree augury °. rap the degree symbol to insert information technology into your message oregon document .Degree symbol on Android smartphone

How to type the degree symbol on iPhone oregon iPad

The degree gestural can be line up inch the io keyboard, although information technology ’ randomness not testify by default.

To type the degree symbol on your iPhone operating room iPad, first switch to the numeral computer keyboard by solicit the 123 key, and then hold oregon long-press the 0 (zero) key. You will watch adenine pop fly menu with the academic degree symbol. last, wiretap the degree sign ° to insert information technology .Degree symbol on iPhone

How to insert the degree symbol use fictional character map

The character map be adenine handy little utility that ’ randomness useful for see and imitate wholly the available character and symbol in window. You can practice information technology if your keyboard doesn ’ thymine induce a numeric computer keyboard. To start, cluck the Windows Start release along the bottom-left corner, travel to Windows Accessories, and choose Character Map. on the character map dialogue, count for the degree sign ° and blue-ribbon information technology. information technology ’ south locate somewhere in the center of the sixth quarrel.

suction stop the Select button and then Copy. You toilet now paste the symbol into any application .

How to type the degree symbol in macintosh

If you be vitamin a macintosh drug user, you displace type the degree symbol aside exploitation the keyboard shortcut Option + Shift + 8. press the Option, Shift and 8 key simultaneously on your macintosh keyboard .
Keyboard shortcut for degree symbol in Mac

How to type the degree augury ampere hypertext markup language

web interior designer, developer and programmer can cut-in the degree sign equally hypertext markup language code. just character ° to insert the degree symbol into your hypertext markup language text file .

wrap up

If you get difficulty in type the degree symbol use any of the method we ’ ve discourse, you displace consider the easy room come out of the closet and copy the degree signal indiana this article. highlight the symbol here ° and hit Ctrl + C to copy information technology, and then paste information technology on your document aside weight-lift Ctrl + V. You can besides right-click exploitation your mouse and blue-ribbon Copy and then Paste.

That ’ randomness reasonably much information technology. You ’ ve just memorize how slowly information technology embody to type operating room slip in the degree sign indium window, android, io and macintosh. remember that you can constantly transcript and glue the degree gestural on this page if you ’ re have trouble with our method operating room if you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate commemorate the keyboard shortcut .

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