How to Do Finger Waves: A Curly Style for Long or Short Hair

How to Do Finger Waves : A Curly Style for Long or Short Hair I enjoy learning newfangled things and sharing them through my write. One of my darling topics is natural health and beauty .Learn how to do finger waves on both short and long hair for an elegant look. Learn how to do finger waves on both short and long hair for an elegant attend.

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Finger Waves

The finger wave hairdo started around the 1920s and became more and more popular throughout the following few decades. Celebrities today wear this style when they want to sport something elegant. It looks bang-up for every affair and can be worn with either short-circuit or long hair’s-breadth. For a fondness look, you can dress it up with a couple of dainty hair clips, but this expressive style besides works when going for a free-and-easy look .The finger wave hairstyle for short hair. The finger wave hairdo for inadequate haircloth .

How to Do the Finger Wave for Short Hair

When your hair is short-change, this is a very slowly style to achieve .

What You Need

  • Hair gel or hair lotion
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Comb
  • Hair clips


  1. Dampen all of your hair.
  2. Comb all of your hair straight back.
  3. Part your hair either in the middle or to the side.
  4. Put a handful of gel in your hair.
  5. Take two fingers and place them right next to your part.
  6. Comb the hair next to your fingers forward in a C-shape.
  7. Now place two fingers next to the hair you just shaped and comb the next section of hair forward in a C-shape.
  8. Repeat this process all over your head. Make sure that your curls line up into a pattern.
  9. It is best to start with the front section and work your way back.
  10. Once done, wrap the ends of your hair around two fingers to form a coil, and clip it to your scalp.
  11. Leave the coil in until dry. When you remove the hair clips, you will have loose, beautiful curls.

Tutorial for Short Hair

Interesting Fact
finger waves were not primitively created for long haircloth because the women of that prison term favored shorter hair’s-breadth. They besides had no manner to vogue with heat because curling irons and float dryers had not so far been invented .

A new finger wave style for long hair. A new finger wave expressive style for long hair’s-breadth .

How to Do the Finger Wave for Long Hair

This style is a fiddling more complicated and time-consuming for farseeing haircloth, but I think it is worth it .

What You Need

  • Hair gel
  • Comb
  • Spray bottle full of water
  • Curling iron
  • Hair clips to pin hair into place
  • Hairdryer
  • Hair spray (optional)


  1. Follow all of the above instructions for short hair, leaving out the part where you curl the ends.
  2. Wait for the top half of your head to dry completely or use a hairdryer.
  3. Next, separate the bottom half of your hair into two rows.
  4. Start with the bottom row, and curl small strands of your hair in this row in one direction. Then pin them up so they can set.
  5. After the first row is finished, start curling the second row in the opposite direction (one row should be towards your face and the other should be away from your face).
  6. Pin all of these curls up as well to let them set.
  7. Lightly spray with hair spray (optional).
  8. Let all the curls down and adjust to your liking.

Tutorial for Long Hair

Different Ways to Wear the Finger Wave

If you decide that you in truth love this hairdo, there are a few things you can do to dress it up.

  • You can do what they did in the ’20s and ’30s and wear it with a cute hat, such as a fedora.
  • You can accessorize with cute butterfly clips.
  • Adding a couple of feathers is another fantastic idea for an accent.
  • For long hair, you can pin it up into a bun (shown in the video above).

You ca n’t go wrong with this style. Any of these accessories will add flair and personality. Finger waves can be worn good about anywhere for any juncture. Have fun !

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