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Block quotes are used for lineal quotations that are longer than 40 words. They should be offset from the main text and do not include quotation marks. Introduce the block quote on a new line. Indent the integral quote ½ inch or 5-7 spaces ; the block quote may be single-spaced .
Include the page issue at the end of your block quote outside of the ending period. besides include the writer ‘s last diagnose, date of publication, and foliate phone number ( sulfur ) /paragraph number .
Use p. for a one page phone number ( Example: p. 15 ) and pp. for multiple page numbers ( Example: pp. 125-126 ). If citing an on-line generator without page numbers, cite the paragraph number ( Example: belem. 4 ) .
When citing multiple authors after a quotation the ampersand symbol ‘ & ‘ is used alternatively of the word ‘and ‘.


Block Quote Author at Beginning

pagination follows the year of publication after a colon ( note that in the in-text citation, there is no distance between the colon and the page number ) .
As tabulated by Kuhn ( 1970:71 ) the results show …
Lyoob, Rossetti, and Chen ( 2013 ) noted :

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many software providers take advantage of these developing technologies to provide new overcast calculate services or transform their existing products into the cloud. Since the term swarm could refer to any infrastructure, platform or software that serves for cloud computer science, every component in the cloud may be provided as a service. ( p. 34 )

Block Quote Author at End

Cyber threats are not the only challenge to cloud calculate :

While security has been a major subject of matter to, dependability is a much bigger concern. Cloud computing is based on Internet access, so a fast and constant Internet connection is critical to cloud computing solutions. therefore, it is imperative to ensure the enterprise ’ randomness connectivity to the Internet is well-established and that there are accompaniment connections in case of connectivity failure. ( Iyoob, Rossetti, & Chen, 2013, pp. 35-36 )
**Note: In the above in-text citation, one of the authors ’ last names is not capitalized. As a cosmopolitan predominate, APA requires proper nouns to be capitalized. With author names, however, your goal is to write the name as the writer him- or herself has presented it in scholarly exploit. frankincense, if the name starts with a small letter letter in the source you are citing, as is the encase above with the name ‘ lyoob, ’ keep it lowercase. The exceptions to this are if the name 1 ) begins a conviction or 2 ) is the first word after a colon when what follows the colon is an independent clause .

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