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Divide Formula in Excel
Division in Excel (Table of Contents)

Introduction to Divide in Excel

In excel, we can see that arithmetical operation has been used in versatile reports like armory, monthly sales, wage, wages, etc… to calculate a elementary summation, multiplication, division. The news division means the operation, which is the opposite of generation where the symbol of division can be a forward slash, or a agate line or a division signal, and this is besides called a fraction. Each class equality has a name that we normally call a dividend, the divisor, and the quotient. These arithmetical operators work just as a calculator wherein in excel ; we need to use “ equal ” = sign in each cell to get the output.

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The number which is divided is called the dividend, and the lapp number which the dividend is divided by is called the divisor. The output signal is normally called a quotient .
class in Excel used in the lapp manner by using the “ equal ” sign in each cell to get the quotient as the output .
Divide Formula in Excel
Divide Formula

How to Use Divide Formula in Excel?

division hustler can be used in excel by using the arithmetic operator solidus ( / ) fore solidus .
For exemplar, snap on the cell A2 with the mouse pointer and record = signboard and type the division sign ( / ) fore slash as =B2/C2 and press the enter key, where boron is the dividend and coulomb is the divisor which will give you the desired end product .
For example, if you type =20/5, excel will give the output as 4. Make certain that you have to use an adequate ( = ) sign in each cell to get the output signal. otherwise, Excel will interpret and gives the end product as a date. A Nested Division hustler can besides be used to find out the claim resultant role in excel .
You can download this Divide Formula Excel Template here – Divide Formula Excel Template

Example #1

How to divide two columns in excel?
In this example, we will see footstep by step how the division ( / ) forward slash hustler works in excel with the take after steps .
Consider the below case, which has two column, A and B, with specific numbers .
Example 1
We will use the / forward slash operator to find the end product .

  • Click on the cell D3 column.

Excel Divide Example 1-2

  • Enter = (equal) sign
  • Enter the formula by using the / forward slash operator.
  • Enter =B3/C3 as shown below.

Excel Divide Example 1-3

  • We will get the output as 5.

Excel Divide Example 1-4

  • Drag the formula for the entire corresponding cell so that we will get the output as follows.

Result of Example 1

Example #2

How to use the division (/) operator with other Subtraction operators (-) in Excel?
In this exemplar, we are going to see how to do multiple divisions step by step. Assume that we have multiple columns where we need to find out the Growth share of the sales. In this scenario, we can use nest division to fetch the claim output .
Consider the below exercise ; we can see that month-wise measure break up has been given for sales, and we have to calculate the growth share using the division operator .
Example 2
We will see mistreat by step how we got the growth share for person salespersons .

  • Click on the column Growth.
  • Enter = equal sign in E3.
  • Update the formula as =(D3-C3)/D3.

Excel Divide Example 2-2

  • We will get the output as 8%.

Excel Divide Example 2-3

  • Drag the formula for all the cells from top to bottom, and we will get the below result as follows.

Result of Example 2
The above sales leave shows the growth of salespersons for the specific month. In this way, we can use them .

Example #3

How to Use Nested Parenthesis in Division Operator Using Addition (+)?
In this exercise, we are going to see how to use nest part by the following below steps as follows .
Consider the below exemplar, which shows sales data calendar month wise plus we have predicted future sales figures for Jan-19 .
Example 3
now we are going to see how to use nest digression in the part hustler by following the below steps.

  • Create a new column name Output.
  • Click on the cell F2.
  • Enter open parenthesis as shown below =(C2+D2)/E2.

Excel Divide Example 3-2

  • In this example, we have used opening and closing parenthesis by using both addition and division operator.
  • We have added Nov-18 and Dec-18 months and divided the value with Jan-19 months to get the output.
  • Convert the value to % as shown below.

Excel Divide Example 3-3

  • Drag the formula for all the cells. Hence we will get the result as shown below.

Result of Example 3

Example #4

In this case, we will see how to find out the average of the scholar ’ second marks by using the division operator .
Let ’ s consider the below example where students scored marks for maths and science subjects, here we need to find out the average of scholar scored for both .
Example 4
In this case, we can use the division operator to find out the average by following the below steps .
In order to calculate the average, a basic formula is the Total number of marks scored / Number of students .

  • Create a new column as average.

Excel Divide Example 4-2

  • Enter the open parenthesis bracket as shown =(C2+E2)/2.
  • We have added maths subject plus science subject divided by total subject.

Excel Divide Example 4-3

  • We will get the output as 84.

Excel Divide Example 4-4

  • Drag the formula for all the cells so that we will get the average of all students as the output shown below.

Result of Example 4

Example #5

Using IFERROR in a division operator
This exemplar shows how to use division process with the IFERROR condition to avoid #DIV/0! Error .
by and large excel will throw an mistake if a cell has a blank value while using the division operator, as shown below .
Example 5
In order to avoid this error, we will use the “ IFERROR ” condition so that we can overcome with these errors .

  • Click on the cell name Result.
  • Enter the IFERROR formula as shown below.

Excel Divide Example 5-2

  • We will get the output as 4.

Excel Divide Example 5-3

  • =IFERROR(E2/F2,””) – which indicates we have used dividend number 20 /divisor number 5, which will give us the output of 5, and at last, we have closed the quotation marks to avoid DIV error.
  • Drag the formula for all the cells.
  • We will get the below output as follows.

Result of Example 5

Things to Remember about the Divide in Excel

  • When using the Division operator, make sure that all cells have exact values. If the cell values are blank, excel will throw an #DIV Error.

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