Learn About Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Rocky ( 00:08 ) :
Hi, my name is Rocky. Tristan ( 00:09 ) :
I ‘m tristan, and our twin sons are Alexander and Diego. The beginning time we experienced RSV in our kin was when Alexander was a little over a class old. Rocky ( 00:19 ) :
Alex was gasping forever, like he was drowning in a pool. That ‘s when we, Tristan and I, realized this is something serious that we need to rush him to the hospital. I think we both felt scared at that time because we ‘ve never experienced anything like this and we did n’t realize what was going on. Tristan ( 00:37 ) :
RSV was something we had heard about, but I do n’t think until you actually experience it, you can truly be prepared for precisely how dramatic of a change your kids can go through in a very short period of time. One of the things I think that we were so traumatize about RSV is how promptly it became screen of a medical emergency. I think I felt like, what did I do amiss as a parent ? What did I miss ? What should I have done differently to not get to this point thus cursorily ? And that was a identical chilling depart of RSV and something I was not prepare for.

Rocky ( 01:14 ) :
The first time that Alex was admitted to the hospital for RSV, we spent about little over a day there. Tristan ( 01:20 ) :
Diego then came down with RSV, and that clock time he besides, a few days after getting RSV, he then was diagnosed with pneumonia. And then after that, Diego was in the hospital again with RSV. And then several months belated, Alex was in the hospital again with RSV. Each time we were in the hospital with RSV, we knew that, okay, a few days late, the other one will have it.

Rocky ( 01:47 ) :
The advice I would have for new parents when it comes to RSV, one is trust your instinct when it comes to your child. Be an preach for them. That ‘s what we did. Two is be aware of where the child sleeps at night when they ‘re ghastly. Stay conclusion to them. And three, for us, be mindful of where the closest hospital is, particularly when you ‘re traveling. Tristan ( 02:08 ) :
Like Rocky said, be an advocate for your kids, but actually push. Try to find a repair that listens to you. Try to find a doctor that can help you to figure out what do we do and how do we get the best treatment ? And how do we know how to best screen of deal with RSV when it happens ? Because it ‘s not a count of if it ‘s going to happen, it ‘s a matter of what it ‘s going to be like when it happens. so as a parent, I wish I would ‘ve known more about RSV.

Rocky ( 02:37 ) :
Again, as Tristan just stated, please contact your baby doctor and ask any questions you may have because it could escalate reasonably quickly. Tristan ( 02:46 ) :
today, the twins are doing great. They are goodly, happy five class old boys that like to play soccer, like to play with toys, that do n’t like to eat vegetables, and love to play with our friends. So we ‘re very lucky now that we were able to find such capital advocates to help us out through the challenges of RSV during the first few years of their lives. confirm for this educational campaign is provided by Sanofi. Learn more at Lung.org/rsv.

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