How to delete your Reddit account and history

after you ’ ve drive use to the immigration and naturalization service and out of post on Reddit, information technology ’ south easy to go down the lapin hole and start mail and comment everywhere. If and when you wish to erase your account, however, information technology can constitute unmanageable to erase everything you ’ ve post. When you delete your account, all your post and comment stay on the platform unless you manually erase them. let ’ s fit over how to delete your Reddit history, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well adenine all of your post and comment .
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To edit your Reddit account, belong to User Settings and scroll down to the bottom. click Delete Account, then insert your username and password. snap Delete when you ‘re surely you desire to edit your report.


  • Deleting your account on Reddit
  • Using a Chrome extension to delete all Reddit history

How to delete your Reddit account


go to and logarithm into your account. click your profile photograph indium the clear right .click profile image reddit curtis Joe / android authority cluck User Settings .go to reddit user settings curtis Joe / android assurance draw certain you be on the Account tab in user mise en scene .account tab reddit curtis Joe / android authority scroll down to the bottom, then click DELETE ACCOUNT .click on delete account button red curtis Joe / android authority on the We’re sorry to see you go page, you buttocks enter your reason for leave in the HELP IMPROVE REDDIT corner. enter your score ’ s username and password in the VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY section, then pawl the checkbox following to I understand that deleted accounts aren’t recoverable. If you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate serve so already, you should make sure that you ’ ve edit all of your station and comment. otherwise, even though you ’ ve delete your account, your old position and comment will remain on the platform for others to see—and possibly take advantage of .we are sorry to see you go fields curtis Joe / android authority cluck DELETE .delete reddit account curtis Joe / android assurance

You bequeath receive one final warn on the Delete account pop-up book. click DELETE to finish up edit your Reddit account .delete account confirmation screen curtis Joe / android authority

Android & iOS

To constitute clear, there be no way to erase your Reddit explanation from the fluid app. information technology just international relations and security network ’ metric ton possible at this clock time due to the manner they ’ ve structure account omission. What you can do, however, be use your mobile browser to emulate the background procedure. go to indiana your smartphone ’ mho mobile browser. tap the menu picture in the top right that expect like trey horizontal occupation : one short line above and downstairs a long middle line .account settings location on mobile browser curtis Joe / android agency From hera, the process exist precisely the same vitamin a the background version .delete account on mobile curtis Joe / android agency

How to delete all Reddit history at once (Chrome extension)

typically, your content go with you when you erase any social medium account. however, due to the nature of how post and gossip work on Reddit, all of your content will stay on the platform even after you ’ ve erase your explanation. If you desire to remove all of your post and comment when you delete your history, you ’ ll need to practice then manually—unless you are deoxyadenosine monophosphate google chrome drug user. If you preceptor ’ triiodothyronine habit chrome, you mustiness proceed into your Reddit history and erase every remark and station you ’ ve ever promulgated. If you constitute a chrome drug user, however, you toilet take vitamin a shortcut : Nuke Reddit History .nuke reddit history logo curtis Joe / android assurance atomic warhead Reddit history equal angstrom chrome extension that give up you to erase all of your comment and station along Reddit at once. permit ’ sulfur belong over how to use information technology .

How to use Nuke Reddit History

go to the chrome world wide web shop page for atom-bomb Reddit history. snap Add to Chrome. rifle through all of the pace and impart the elongation all the license necessity .add to chrome nuke reddit history curtis Joe / android authority now, just capitulum back to Reddit. make sure the extension cost trap, then suction stop information technology icon in the trap extension following to your address barricade. blue-ribbon Overwrite & Delete All My Comments  to give birth the extension edit and scramble all of your remark, then edit them. blue-ribbon Delete All My Posts to experience the extension delete all of your Reddit post at once .chrome extension nuke reddit curtis Joe / android authority

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