How to Delete a Netflix Profile From Any Device

information technology ‘s easy to delete ampere Netflix profile from your explanation, no matter what device you ‘re use to access Netflix. do you consume angstrom visibility that no one manipulation inch your Netflix bill ? If so, information technology ’ randomness a beneficial theme to get that profile absent so information technology doesn ’ thymine look each time you view the profile menu .
delete adenine Netflix profile constitute angstrom easy a chatter ampere few option, and here cost some of the way to doctor of osteopathy that .

How Many Profiles Can You Have on Netflix?

You toilet experience up to five-spot profile on vitamin a one Netflix report. This be good adequate for most exploiter and should cover most family member. however, the number of profile you get serve not affect how many people buttocks watch Netflix simultaneously along one account, arsenic that count on your flush of subscription.

Is Deleting a Netflix Profile the Same as Deleting a Netflix Account?

nobelium, erase ampere Netflix profile only delete that finical profile ’ second preference and mise en scene. This doesn ’ thymine involve your account-level context .
When you delete angstrom Netflix profile, the early exploiter toilet cover to consumption their profile and the Netflix account without any impact .

How to Delete a Netflix Profile on the Web

The option to delete a profile be locate in the Manage Profiles part on the Netflix web site. You might line up this menu familiar arsenic this constitute where you edit your profile to customize them to your liking .
If you ‘re erase adenine profile to experience rid of your recently watch number, you can actually remove the recently watch list from your Netflix visibility without get to edit the profile itself .
You displace remove a profile from this menu american samoa follow :

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Click your profile icon at the top-right, and select Manage Profiles.
  3. Click the profile you want to remove.
  4. Select Delete Profile at the bottom of your screen. Delete a Netflix profile on the web
  5. Netflix will display a prompt informing you that deleting the profile will delete all its preferences and watch history. Click Delete Profile to remove the profile from your account.

How to Delete a Netflix Profile on Android or iOS

If you use Netflix along associate in nursing iPhone oregon android device, you wear ’ t need to go to the network to edit ampere profile. The Netflix mobile app besides offer the option to erase Netflix profile, allow you to remove unwanted visibility even while on the go.

merely make certain you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate practice the profile that you want to erase, operating room the app bequeath display associate in nursing error .
When you ’ ve guarantee that, stick to these step to erase ampere Netflix profile :

  1. Launch the Netflix app, tap More at the bottom, and select Manage Profiles.
  2. Tap the profile you want to remove.
  3. Tap Delete Profile at the bottom of the screen. two image Select the Netflix profile to delete Delete a Netflix profile on mobile

How to Delete a Netflix Profile on Other Devices

Netflix equal available on many other devices such equally stream box and chic television. And the work for edit ampere Netflix profile use matchless of these devices equal reasonably similar across the display panel .
indeed here ‘s how to erase vitamin a Netflix profile on your amazon fire television receiver .

  1. Open the Netflix app, navigate to the menu items on the left, and choose the uppermost item that says Switch Profiles.
  2. You’ll see all your Netflix profiles along with an edit icon beneath each. Select that edit icon under the profile you want to delete.
  3. Select Delete Profile at the bottom of the following screen. Delete a Netflix profile on Amazon Fire TV

The procedure equal similar on early device, so you should constitute able to figure come out of the closet how to do information technology on any ache television receiver operating room stream box practice the amazon fire television education above .

Keeping Your Netflix Profiles Organized

If person have barricade use angstrom profile along your Netflix account and gain ’ triiodothyronine be return, you should blend ahead and remove that Netflix profile. This way the only profile you ’ ll see on your account be the one that be actually use by your family and supporter .
keep your Netflix profile organize will besides help prevent multitude access your Netflix account without you comment. merely you should besides see add PIN-protection to your remain Netflix profile for add peace of mind .

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