Delete Hulu Account Fast & Remove Your Personal Data

Quickly delete all unwanted accounts putting your privacy at risk. The more companies with your information, the greater risk of a datum gap or hack. Use our detached creature to identify and delete undesirable accounts in minutes .
ready to delete your Hulu account ? possibly you no long have use for your Hulu report or were good interested in the dislodge trial. Regardless, deleting fresh accounts is the best practice for privacy security system .
We created this guide to help you navigate how to manage and delete Hulu account information. Let ’ s jump into it .

How to Delete Hulu Account: Step-by-Step

This is the process to permanently delete your Hulu account and all data associated with you. deletion can not be done for once complete.

1. Go to

hulu homepage
2. Log in to your account.

hulu login
3. Click “Account” in the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner.

hulu account settings
4. Select “California Privacy Rights” in the “Privacy and Settings” section (it’s located in the lower left-hand corner).

hulu privacy and settings
5. Click “Start Deletion.”

hulu right to delete
6. Select how to cancel your active subscription (if applicable). Click “Start Deletion.”

hulu start account deletion
7. Check your email for further instructions regarding your deletion request.

hulu check your email
8. Click confirm in the verification email.

hulu confirm email
9. Wait for further instructions regarding your deletion request.

hulu verification confirmation

hulu check privacy portal
It can take a few weeks for the bill omission request to be processed, depending on how much extra information they require. You can check in on the status at any clock in the portal site. All promote communication from Hulu regarding bill deletion will occur in the Privacy Portal .
A few other things about deleting your Hulu history .

  • As noted above, if you have an active Hulu Subscription, you can opt to delete your account immediately (which would forfeit your remaining subscription. Or, you can delay deleting the account until the active subscription expires.
  • The verification email when you initially request to delete your Hulu account is time-sensitive. If you don’t click the confirmation link in that email within 30 days, your account will not be deleted.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription

As we mentioned above, you must cancel your subscription before you delete your account. additionally, you can cancel and/or pause your subscription while hush maintaining your Hulu history .

1. Log in to your account on

hulu login 2
2. Select “Account” from the Profile drop-down menu.

hulu account settings 2
3. Click “Cancel Your Subscription” in the section detailing your subscription information.

Hulu Cancel Subscription
4. Hulu provides “Ways to Save” by modifying your subscription. Click “Continue to Cancellation.”

hulu way to save
5. Complete the Hulu subscription cancellation survey.

hulu cancellation survey
This cancels your subscription. Please note that if you opted to rather modify your subscription, then it has not been canceled and it is inactive active. You will continue to be billed until you proceed with the full cancellation process .

How to Delete a Hulu Profile

Hulu explanation getting besides crowded ? Follow these steps to delete Hulu profiles .

1. Log in to your Hulu account.

hulu login
2. From the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, select “My Account.”

3. Click on “Profiles” under “Manage Your Account”. Then click the edit icon next to the profile you wish to delete.

hulu click edit icon
4. Click “Delete Profile.”

hulu delete profile

Bonus: Delete Hulu Profile in Bulk

Go to the “ California Privacy Rights ” segment of your bill settings. Check “ Profiles ” under “ Manage Activity ” to remove all profiles.
This will clear all profiles you have associated with your report, early than the maestro profile created when you signed up. You ’ ll lose your video viewing history and all profile-level preferences and settings. You ’ ll need to start fresh by creating raw profiles .
hulu bulk delete profile

Manage Your Hulu Data

aside from completely deleting your account, there are other ways to manage what data Hulu retains .

Request an Information Report

You can request a report of the information that Hulu has on you. This includes the categories and specific pieces of personal information that has been collected in addition to early data about the collection, habit, “ sale, ” and disclosure of your personal data .
To do so, go to the “ California Privacy Rights ” incision of your bill settings and snap “ Right to Know. ” You ’ ll be required to verify your request via electronic mail .
hulu request report

Opt Out of the Sale of Your Information

Hulu may disclose certain information about you to companies like advertising-related partners and content programmers. The information shared with these businesses may help provide you with more individualized content and ad experience. however, you can opt out of this information being shared. This can besides be done under the “ California Privacy Rights ” section of your account settings .
hulu right to opt out
Learn more about Hulu ’ d policies in its Do not Sell My Personal Information software documentation .

Delete Other Unwanted Accounts Putting Your Data at Risk

While you get rid of your Hulu account, take worry to delete other accounts that you no longer use. every time you give your personal information to a party, there is an built-in floor of risk that the information falls into the improper hands. A well way to mitigate any hazard is to make it a habit to opt out of any web site, visibility, etc. that you don ’ t need. We made the summons dim-witted with our free tool that finds and helps you delete old accounts you ’ ve signed up for — check it out.

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