How to Delete Facebook Video History?

Facebook follows Google for recording all your locate and off-site behavior with obscure functionalities. Each video you watch is automatically saved in your watch history. To preserve your privacy, you must clear and remove your television history, search history, and other data .
Facebook allows you to delete your history of watch videos, thereby condensing your action record and protecting your Facebook personal information if person gains access to your account. presently, videos watched on Facebook are stored in a separate booklet, allowing you to erase them quickly .
This article will explain how to delete videos from Facebook.

Importance of Deleting History of Videos Viewed:

exchangeable to YouTube, this social network chopine saves the video natural process of its subscribers. On the settings page, the Activity Log provides entree to the past You may watch your whole television history. Although the developer states that merely you may view the history of watch movies because no one else has access, it is prudent to remove the history if you are uncomfortable with this agreement .
furthermore, if your bill is compromised, there would be little to find in terms of determine video recording history. additionally, you may have any early motive that is limited to you. even if clearing the history is not rocket skill, a tutorial may be useful given that Facebook has altered its user experience, resulting in a change in page layouts .
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Deleting Watch History of Facebook Videos!


  1. Visit the website.
  2. Choose the Drop-Down menu.
  3. Click “Settings & Privacy.”
  4. Click “Activity Log.”
  5. Click the videos you’ve already viewed.
  6. Tap “three dots” to erase a specific video history or tap clean video history to wipe the entire video history.


  • To do so, select the activity log option from the blue tab, navigate to the tab labeled “videos viewed,” and remove the history.
  • Open Facebook’s application.
  • Tap the Hamburger Menu button.
  • Select “Settings & Privacy”, then “Settings”.
  • Click “Activity Log.”
  • Search Watched Video.
  • Tap “3 dots” to erase a specific video history or tap clean video history to wipe the entire video history.

While this is a fantastic way to erase particular videos from your Fb watch history ( as opposed to removing your complete history ), the fluid app doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate allow you to clean your entire history with a individual touch, as you do on a desktop .
consequently, if you good have a mobile earphone and want to clear your history, you must use your fluid browser ( such as Safari or Chrome ) rather of the Facebook app. Follow the lapp steps as you would on a desktop computer .

How to Prevent Reappearance of Similar Videos:

possibly you wish to delete your video history because a finical screen of video recording has recently appeared. Does there exist a way to prevent like videos from resurfacing ? thankfully, there is !

Facebook relies on your input. It is more likely to display a particular type of material the more you interact with it. Facebook utilizes your natural process, such as the pages you ’ ve liked, the comments you ’ ve left, the video you ’ ve previously liked, etc., to establish your interests .
To obtain fewer videos of a specific category in your Facebook news feed, simply:

  • Unlike all other pages with similar content, this page is unique.
  • Stop connecting in any way with that content. Don’t like it, comment, or watch the video. Facebook tracks the exact amount of time spent viewing each post.
  • Stop Googling or looking online for information about the subject, as this information may be sent back to Facebook.

obtain fewer videos of a specific category in your Facebook news feed
Remember that if you wish to avoid seeing something, you must scroll through it without pausing to view it .
Facebook has an intriguing choice that allows you to delete your natural process logarithm, giving you greater privacy tractability.

today, you learned how to erase Facebook television from your mobile device and computer. however, Deleted videos stay in “ Trash ” for thirty days. then will be mechanically erased from Facebook servers after 30 days .
Consider that Facebook may occasionally store your data on their server for security purposes .

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