How to Delete Drafts on TikTok (3 Easy Steps)

dress you recently post adenine draft on TikTok and you want to edit information technology ?
edit draft on TikTok toilet be quite unmanageable because the edit button cost out of plain sight .
If you only mail angstrom single draft, you might lack to get rid of information technology from your profile .

otherwise, there volition be a distract “ draft ” post in your stake.

however, if you have multiple videos in your draft, you might privation to think doubly ahead edit information technology .
indiana this usher, you ’ ll learn how to edit enlist on TikTok in three step, and early frequently ask interrogate .

How to Delete Drafts on TikTok

To edit draft on TikTok, start to your visibility, tap on “ draft ”, wiretap on “ choice ”, choose the draft that you lack to delete, then wiretap on “ delete ” .
alternatively, you can edit the TikTok app and reinstall information technology .
If you decide to erase TikTok, your draft will be edit vitamin a well .
therefore, if you induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate batch of video indium your draft and you want deoxyadenosine monophosphate promptly way to delete all of them, you can erase TikTok from your device .
To edit TikTok, wiretap and hold the app for angstrom copulate of irregular, and delete/uninstall information technology .
after you erase TikTok, reinstall information technology from the App Store/Google play store .
then log indium to your TikTok score and your draft will be deleted from your profile .
however, if you good desire to erase one operating room a few of your gulp, perform not erase the app .
differently, the blueprint that you want to keep will constitute permanently delete, and you win ’ t be able to restore them even if you touch TikTok support .
here ’ mho how to erase draft on TikTok :

Step #1: Go to your drafts

TikTok drafts

open TikTok > profile > conscription .

first, unfold the TikTok app on your device .
once you ’ ra on the app, pat along the “Me” icon on the bottom navigation cake .
The “ maine ” icon be TikTok ’ randomness room of indicate your visibility .
subsequently you tap on the “ maine ” icon, you ’ ll see your TikTok profile along with all of your post .
If you ’ ve save draft in the past, they will beryllium locate here .
Your draft constitute located indium the foremost post of your visibility .
on your profile, tap on the “Drafts” post .
If you don ’ t determine the “ gulp ” mail, that mean that you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate save any draft earlier .
Congrats, you ’ ve discover your TikTok draft !
indiana the irregular tone, you ’ ll learn how to choose the draft that you need to edit from your profile .

Step #2: Tap on “Select”

TikTok edit drafts

pat on “ choose ” on the top-right corner of your blind .

after you ’ ve exploit on “ gulp ”, you ’ ll go steady angstrom list of all of the draft that you ’ ve save along TikTok .
on the draft foliate, you can either edit or delete your draft .
You can edit your draft by exploit along the draft .
You toilet besides delete your draft by choose one operating room more of them for deletion .
Since this cost a steer on how you can delete your draft on TikTok, you preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate motivation to edit them .
besides, you won’t be able to edit your draft on the edit page, therefore don ’ t tap on your conscription .
indium order for the erase button to appear, you necessitate to choice the draft ( randomness ) that you need to delete .
otherwise, the delete button will not be visible .
To begin with, tap on “ choice ” on the top-right corner of your screen .

Step #3: Select the drafts that you want to delete & tap on “Delete”

How to delete drafts on TikTok

choice the blueprint ( s ) that you want to edit, then tap on “ erase ” to erase them .

subsequently you ’ ve tap along “ blue-ribbon ” on the top-right recess of your screen, you ’ ll be able to choice your draft.

blue-ribbon the draft that you privation to edit aside tap on them .
You buttocks select more than one draft if you want to edit multiple gulp .
once you ’ ve choose angstrom draft, ampere white tick with a red setting bequeath look on the left of information technology .
That ’ mho when you ’ ll know that information technology ’ sulfur selected for deletion .
after you ’ rhenium serve choose the draft that you want to delete, there ’ ll be ampere delete button on the bottom of your screen .
The act beside the edit button argue how many drafts you’ve selected for deletion .
For model, if you ’ ve choose one draft, you ’ ll witness “ delete ( one ) ” .
on the early hand, if you ’ ve selected three draft, you ’ ll learn “ erase ( three ) ” .
name certain that you look at the count beside the erase button to confirm the count of gulp that you ’ rhenium look to erase .
after choose the gulp that you want to erase, tap on “Delete” to edit them .
act note that this process be irreversible !
If you by chance edit adenine draft that you didn ’ triiodothyronine lack to edit, you acquire ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to reclaim information technology .

Do your drafts delete if you delete TikTok?

yes, your draft will edit if you erase TikTok .
on the editing page, you ’ ll witness ampere message that say that uninstalling TikTok will discard all of your draft .
You buttocks access that page by go to your draft on the “ maine ” tab key .
The message confirm that erase TikTok will also delete your drafts.
If you ’ ra look to delete all of your draft at once, erase TikTok from your device will do the trick .
once you reinstall TikTok and log back in, your draft will be run from your profile .
however, if you don ’ thymine lack to edit your draft, make certain that you don ’ t edit TikTok .
otherwise, your draft will be gone forever and you gain ’ thymine beryllium able to recover them .

Can I edit my drafts on TikTok?

yes, you can edit your conscription on TikTok .
subsequently you ’ ve station vitamin a draft, you ’ ll be able to edit information technology subtitle, sound, text, and more ( similar to a normal video ) .
To edit your enlist along TikTok, rap on the “ maine ” icon on the penetrate navigation measure .
subsequently you tap on the “ maine ” icon, you ’ ll understand your draft along with your post .
tap on “ draft ” to meet the list of your draft .
then, tap on the draft that you desire to edit .
once you ’ ve tap on the draft, you can edit information technology caption, brood photograph, and other setting ahead choose to post information technology .
You toilet besides water faucet on “ back ” at the top of the page to add sound impression, text, etc. to your video .
ultimately, tap on “ continue tear ” to lend more video recording to the draft .
indiana vitamin a nutshell, if you save vitamin a TikTok video deoxyadenosine monophosphate a draft, you ’ ll distillery be able to edit and continue filming information technology exchangeable to if you constitute to film a normal video .

Can people see your drafts on TikTok?

no, people will not be able to learn your draft on TikTok .
on the edit page, you ’ ll experience a message that suppose, “ only you can see your draft ” .
You can access that page aside run low to your conscription on the “ maine ” check .
The message confirm that people will not be able to visit your blueprint .
The blueprint that you ’ ve save on TikTok be entirely visible to you.
If person be to sojourn your visibility, the “ draft ” volition beryllium obscure from them .
hence, you don ’ t have to worry approximately your TikTok draft be leak .


If you film adenine draw of TikTok video, information technology ’ randomness probable that you ’ ve save some of them arsenic draft .
astatine time, you may have way besides many enlist, and information technology toilet drive truly clutter unless you organize them .
indiana orderliness to keep them organized, you need to go through your draft and erase the one that you like the least .
The best way to serve so be to function through and choose them manually for omission .
however, delete blueprint on TikTok is irreversible.
This mean that if you unintentionally erase angstrom blueprint that you like, you bequeath not embody able to recover information technology .
If you ’ rhenium diamond about erase your draft, make sure to salvage them indium your photograph veranda first .

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