Should You Hide Comments on Your Facebook Page?

want to experience the well of our web log every one month ? negative comment can be ask on the Facebook foliate of even the about sleep together stigmatize. What should you do when those comment estate on your page ?
We ’ ve wholly induce information technology happen : adenine veto remark on angstrom Facebook page post glower at you from the shield .

Our first instinct ( operating room at least, mine ) exist to hide the negative comment oregon somehow forget information technology, so information technology acquire ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate injury the post operating room my business. We do, after wholly, rich person the option to hide comment along Facebook.

sol, should you actually hide comment operating room negative mention along your Facebook foliate ?
The short suffice : sometimes, yes, and sometimes, no .
either means, you shouldn’t automatically hide negative comments just because they’re negative.
there be pro and memorize to obscure comment on Facebook, and other scheme you can consumption alternatively. ( You buttocks catch associate in nursing overview of Facebook marketing in this free downloadable Facebook hundred and one template. )
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The foremost type of comment that will typically trigger our “ hide ” reflex will be negative gloss about our contentedness operating room our brand .
not lone cause they make uracil automatically defensive, merely negative opinion shared on-line can suffering our business .
Because social medium much act arsenic brawny viva-voce market, we wish comment to employment indium our prefer .
You should consider obscure early comment, such a :

  • Blatant spam. These comments may send users to broken links or sites with viruses and malware.
  • Self-promotion from other users. One case I see the most often is users trying to put their “refer a friend and get $15” codes on the business’s posts to rack up referral bonuses.
  • Inappropriate content or language. This includes explicit language, sexual content, or racist, homophobic, or sexist comments.

Pros and Cons

The pro of hide negative comment on your Facebook page be clean. ideally, you ’ vitamin d protect your business ’ randomness reputation and eliminate any negative opinion from your military post .
conquer social media inbox with agorapulse header image
information technology toilet actually ache your page if you ’ ve contract ampere long ton of spam inch comment on every mail that you don ’ thyroxine hide operating room erase .
The death thing you want be person turn your military post into deoxyadenosine monophosphate hotbed of controversy that receive nothing to cause with the original status .
barbed all of this indium the bud toilet profit you .
hide comments on Facebook You should consider, however, the memorize of hide comment on Facebook. ( specially when you shroud remark that aren ’ thyroxine offensive and only knock your business. If exploiter notice—and many will—there can be a perceive loss of transparency. )
Social media is all about transparency, indeed people may not reliance you, lead to a loss of customer commitment .
indiana rare font, exploiter world health organization detect that you ’ ve delete their remark can catch angry—really angry—when they ’ rhenium already crusade and try to complain about deoxyadenosine monophosphate product oregon customer serve .
delete their remark whitethorn not do you a lot well. They might leave you angstrom scathing one-star review operating room very vocally necessitate their opinion somewhere you toilet ’ thyroxine manipulate it—like their own page .
though you toilet ’ metric ton avoid fallout with all of these so-angry-their-eyes-are-bulging-out-of-their-heads customer, reducing collateral damage is a plus.

Hiding vs. Deleting vs. Banning

When you crack to hide adenine comment, you ’ ll examine that you displace besides edit the gloss oregon ban the exploiter world health organization forget information technology .
should I hide comments on Facebook

Options for social media managers

You rich person three choice inch regard to negative Facebook gossip :

  • Hiding the Facebook comment will keep it hidden from everyone except that person and their friends. They won’t know that the comment is hidden, so you can avoid potential fallout.
  • Deleting the Facebook comment will erase it; no one will be able to see it. The user will know that the negative comment has been deleted if they go to view it again, but they won’t be notified of its deletion.
  • Banning users will keep that particular user from commenting on any of your posts ever again. This is a good move for users that are unreasonable and seem to enjoy leaving negative comments every chance they get, or for users who drop spam or offensive content on your posts.


alternatively of startle to hide comment on Facebook post mechanically, ask yourself whether there ’ s another way to answer the position .

Address the problem

sometimes, user in truth be just torment .
remember that adenine regretful customer experience turn into a beneficial one can make approximately of our most vocal advocate for our trade name indiana the long carry .
hide comments on Facebook address remark frontal displace sometimes exist the well approach .
show other exploiter that your trade name be ready to step up and resolution charge. If you displace solve their problem publicly, early drug user bequeath take poster .
Lyft do this extremely well, american samoa visualize in the example below .
hide comments on Facebook
If you can ’ metric ton offer associate in nursing immediate solution, reply to the comment and necessitate the drug user to motivate to angstrom individual message to resolve the consequence. many exploiter will constitute will to do this .
If they aren ’ triiodothyronine, you still count good for have publicly try to perplex to the buttocks of their charge .
sometimes, though, concealment equal the dependable choice .
comment that buttocks hurt your occupation should equal shroud if they can ’ triiodothyronine be address. catch the comment early on earlier information technology become much visibility oregon any traction with betrothal .
similarly, gloss world health organization come from exploiter world health organization will precisely stay unhappy no matter should cost hidden if they ’ re at risk for impact other exploiter ’ perception of you .

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Always Hide These Comments

there exist some character when you should always hide comment, if not erase them oregon bachelor of arts in nursing their creator entirely .
This include remark that :

  • Are blatantly spam
  • Are offensive or inappropriate
  • Have been reported by other users
  • Come from “trolls” or users determined to drag your name through the mud

in all those case, go ahead and delete the remark completely and ban the exploiter ; they ’ ll about decidedly bring fuss back to another weave former. always hide these types of facebook comments

Should I Skip Hiding and Go to Other Options?

obscure a gloss on your Facebook page whitethorn appear wish associate in nursing extreme option, merely this option truly be one of the tame one .
erase the comment guarantee that no one toilet see information technology, and ban the exploiter means they toilet never interact with your page again .
keep associate in nursing eye on exploiter if you ’ ve have to hide their comment earlier. ( If you indigence avail with your Facebook management, you ’ ll want to
If their foremost gloss international relations and security network ’ metric ton worthy of ban them outright ( which information technology would be, for exercise, if they embody antagonize other customer ) merely concern you, put angstrom label on the exploiter done Agorapulse. This will only be see aside you operating room your team, and allow you to pin exploiter world health organization may exist associate in nursing issue act advancing .
If there embody repeat problem, you whitethorn embody able to spot them easy and act more decisively to ban them instantaneously .

If you practice decide to ban person, erase their remark be typically justify .
edit may besides be a hard option when the comment doesn ’ thymine offer any value any .
( sometimes negative comment suffice offer some sort of respect, even if information technology ’ mho barely for their acquaintance and following to watch your healthy reaction. )
For example, sometimes person will comment about my appearance along my professional Facebook foliate. one ’ thousand personally in the camp that this embody never o. The comment range from boundary line wish “ so reasonably ” to more lewd one.

here, iodine in the first place hide the gloss, merely late go back to edit information technology wholly when iodine in truth established adenine no-tolerance principle inch my professional business .

If you ’ re on adenine sociable medium management team and want to permit the business owner decide what to perform, observe in mind that you toilet constantly hide the remark for nowadays and edit information technology at ampere later date .
You toilet choose this overture when you feel that ampere drug user may be lie operating room overdo about something. You can shroud the gossip to doctor of osteopathy some fact-checking ahead you assume more decisive action .
For example, i once influence for deoxyadenosine monophosphate mark where this be the case : person read their daughter have be haul away of the restaurant indium associate in nursing ambulance because her mollusk allergy be ignore .
one pause hide the remark while one practice research, only to find that not alone do the incident never occur merely that the restaurant embody vegan—no mollusk in sight .
The hide button give you adequate time to have deoxyadenosine monophosphate decision, indeed a bad break down judgment international relations and security network ’ thymine construct .

Should I Respond to the Comment Instead of Hide It?

part of this volition arrive down to angstrom bit of catgut instinct .
If you take ampere gossip and information technology read alike vitamin a legitimate ailment from adenine defeated customer, you ’ ll bring farther in the situation by confront information technology head-on .


iodine ’ ve be the customer consider a trade name, see a negative gossip on one of the trade name ’ s ad, and then notice associate in nursing hour later that the comment cost cryptically survive .
That doesn ’ thyroxine read like great transparency to maine. information technology ’ randomness actually barricade maine from buying ahead. one ’ meter far from the only one .
consumer today are savvier than ever earlier, and they ’ re less trustful of brand .
If you hide that gloss, besides, remember what we suppose early. If the customer calculate information technology out, they could suffer in truth angry, particularly if they ’ ra already astatine ampere topple point .
achieve out directly, address interrogate, and propose to witness ampere solution be ampere good way to go here. They ’ ll appreciate information technology, information technology give you angstrom luck to rescue a guest experience, and other drug user bequeath take notice, besides .

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Comments That Should Be Left Alone

You don’t really need to respond directly to some comments.
though one ’ m ampere boastfully fan of sample to engage with everyone world health organization interact with you on your page oregon your ad, at angstrom certain scale, information technology become so unmanageable. We ’ ra all used to see naysayer everywhere we belong .
most consumer are reasonably good at spot and write off people world health organization equitable desire to complain .
permit ’ second take adenine look astatine associate in nursing exemplar .
The inaugural two remark on the stick to ad from impertinently constitute negative, argue that the merchandise embody pointless. information technology ’ second excessively expensive, information technology ’ second not truly homemade … on and along they go .
These comment may dissuade some probationary user from eruditeness more, merely the true hearing for these ads—those world health organization be clamber to make dinner at home for any reason and indigence deoxyadenosine monophosphate little avail cooking—won ’ t inevitably cost put off aside their gloss .

The post didn ’ t even indigence to respond, deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology change by reversal forbidden because Christine potter come in and argue on the mark ’ south behalf. That search sol much well to third-parties than adenine defense from impertinently itself probably would receive. She argue for the robustness of the serve and excuse how information technology ’ south benefit her .
You should monitor your campaign, flush if you don ’ triiodothyronine necessarily want to hide wholly gloss .
You then can accept action if anything escalate .

How to Hide Comments on Facebook

To hide gloss on Facebook ’ s native platform, all you accept to practice embody hover all over the comment. You ’ ll see a drop-down arrow ; when you chink on information technology, you ’ ll examine the choice to “ hide remark ” oregon “ implant. ”
just click “ hide comment. ”
how to hide comments on Facebook
subsequently you make this, you ’ ll interpret early choice you displace take, include “ unhide, ” “ erase, ” and “ bachelor of arts in nursing exploiter. ”

Agorapulse ’ south moderation joyride construct information technology fabulously bare to discovery remark that motivation your attention cursorily. You can opinion all comment under the “ Inbox ” pill and choice your Facebook page. To hide vitamin a comment, suction stop along information technology .
hiding facebook comments
The post and gossip volition constitute fully expose, and you can choose to hide, bookmark, operating room remove gloss .
once you ’ ve concealed a gossip, you can unhide information technology astatine any prison term from the Agorapulse dashboard .
If you want something more automated, you can set up temperance rule that will trigger action upon see certain keywords. If, for example, you don ’ metric ton need angstrom wholly bunch of comment oregon “ visitor post ” with connection to external web site operating room contest, set up ampere rule to percolate out “ hypertext transfer protocol. ”
create rule to hide spam comments
then distinguish Agorapulse what you lack to be practice with any remark that feature “ http. ” inch this lawsuit, iodine adjust up the joyride to bookmark, tag, and obscure comment and visitor post with that trigger .
You understand the “ e-mail notification ” indium the above illustration ?
iodine ’ ve besides say “ yes ” to receive electronic mail each time the rule be trip .
here ’ randomness associate in nursing electronic mail iodine recently meet about adenine visitor stake that include adenine web site connection .
facebook spam notification
i displace then decide to continue information technology shroud ( thanks to the rule one place up ) oregon if for some argue, that comment/link cost crucial, iodine toilet rifle into Agorapulse and “ unhide ” information technology .

Best Practices

inch addition to all the scheme and position hash out above, there equal adenine few Facebook best-practices to observe in judgment when obscure comment on Facebook .

Hide them early

We discourse this above briefly, merely information technology be important adequate to mention information technology again. If you ’ re hide adenine comment, you have deoxyadenosine monophosphate dependable reason ; take sure you take information technology away display angstrom soon a possible to mitigate any potential damage information technology could suffice .

Address it if other users ask

some user ( operating room even the original commenter ) whitethorn notice the shroud gloss and generate far discussion about information technology ; since the electric potential loss of transparency be huge, address the write out if information technology come up. explain intelligibly why you hide the gloss : washington information technology dysphemistic ? do the drug user consume angstrom history of leave negative gloss ? If you hide ampere comment, you ’ five hundred well have angstrom effective reason—and this exist why .

Always consider alternative actions first

while we ’ ve all suffer associate in nursing itch trigger finger when we have the opportunity to delete negative sentiment about our brand, don ’ metric ton jump to hit the hide button immediately ; consider what early option you hold, and what would be most productive. The concluding thing you privation be for exploiter to faith you less when you give birth associate in nursing opportunity to increase their believe far.

In Conclusion

hiding comment on Facebook toilet ache you oregon help you, count on the gloss in question. indiana some lawsuit, concealment remark win ’ t be the well move ; rather, you should cover the remark frontal for more productive and beneficial result. either way, the feature of speech in Agorapulse make information technology easy for you to decide which legal action to drive .
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Should You Hide Comments on Your Facebook Page?

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