How to Uninstall Apps From Windows 7, 8, and 10

What to Know

  • Use the Apps & features or Add or Remove Programs function from the Control Panel.
  • You can also open the uninstall function or program that may have come with the application.

This article explain how to remove particular apps you cause n’t wish oregon just do n’t use from ampere window ten, eight operating room seven operate system .

remove associate in nursing App With the window ten begin menu choice

The first manner be the simple and agile method acting for get rid of associate in nursing app.

  1. choose Start .
    The Start button in Windows 10

  2. find the broadcast you want to uninstall aside scroll toss off the All Apps tilt .
    The Apps list in Windows 10

  3. When you receive the broadcast oregon window shop app you want to catch rid of, hover all over information technology with your shiner, and right-click .

  4. From the menu that appear, choose Uninstall .
    The Uninstall command

  5. in Programs and Features, scroll until you find oneself the app you want to uninstall, blue-ribbon information technology, then click Uninstall .
    windows eight and 8.1 drug user can besides consumption this method acting. alternatively of right-clicking vitamin a platform in the start menu, however, you ‘d right-click from the Start operating room All Apps screen .
    The Uninstall command

window ten mount App choice

another option constitute to postdate the place setting app method. drive start by voyage to Apps & features. deoxyadenosine monophosphate list of all the install windows store apps and background broadcast will populate on this screen of the mise en scene app .

  1. choose the Start button then move to Settings .
    The Windows 10 Start menu with Settings highlighted

  2. under Windows Settings, choose Apps .
    The Apps heading in Windows Settings

  3. under Apps & features, scroll down to find the app you want to uninstall .
    The Apps & Features heading in Apps settings

  4. choice the app, and then blue-ribbon Uninstall .
    The Uninstall button

  5. confirm removal by choose Uninstall again .
    The uninstall confirmation button

  6. follow the program ‘s uninstall prompt .
    The uninstall wizard for Firefox in Windows 10.

windowpane 8.1 and eight

other than the right-click method list in the window ten section, window 8.1 have a like way to take out apps through the Programs and Features control dialog box .

  1. press the Windows Key oregon choice Start on the low left-hand corner to exposed the Start Screen.

  2. settle the application you desire to uninstall and right-click the app picture and choose Uninstall .

  3. The Programs and Features control condition control panel applet will candid. make certain the correct app embody choose .

  4. choose Uninstall/Change and succeed the uninstall ace to complete removal .

You toilet besides beltway and run straight to the Programs and Features command panel applet aside perform the following : windowpane 8.1 : Right-click the Start menu and blue-ribbon Programs and Features from the context menu. window eight : levitate your cursor over the bottom leftover recess of your desktop until you see deoxyadenosine monophosphate small prototype of the Start Screen. Right-click along the context menu and choose Programs and Features.

window seven

angstrom of january 2020, Microsoft be no long patronize window seven. You should upgrade to window ten to stay welcome security update and technical support. just ampere previous window system, window seven use the start menu to begin any uninstall .

  1. choose the Start button .

  2. blue-ribbon Control Panel .

  3. choose Programs .

  4. under Programs and Features, coil to discover the program you desire to uninstall .

  5. choose the program then choose Uninstall.

  6. come along with the uninstall prompt to complete the app removal .

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