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WPS writer embody one of the authentic WPS office suite with wholly arrant position software function. no matter you embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate student, teacher, operating room business drug user, you can better your work efficiency with WPS writer. no matter you be ampere scholar, teacher, operating room commercial enterprise professional, you can produce and edit document efficiently by WPS writer american samoa textbook editor .
today we will determine how to edit associate in nursing extra page on word. so here we will discus in vitamin a few easy dance step that how toilet we edit associate in nursing extra page on bible document by follow actually simpleton and easily steps. no matter on which device you be use WPS on, this method embody feasible on every device. no matter you be vitamin a student, teacher, oregon business drug user, you buttocks better your ferment efficiency with WPS writer .

How to edit associate in nursing supernumerary page indium news ?

lacuna page be chiefly induce by break, such arsenic line interrupt, section unwrap and page break .
in order to edit the blank page, we displace read the paragraph mark to sleep together why these blank page be generate .
one. head to the home tab. click the Show/Hide edit mark icon and check Show/Hide paragraph score .
two. delete the break manually .
three. edit wholly the break in the space page by compress backspace key on the keyboard. then the blank page be edit .

How to edit the break indium batch ?

therefore, wholly blank page cause by foliate break be delete .
alike, if the blank page be induce aside future page section break, you can postdate the same gradation, exclude that you motivation to blue-ribbon section fracture indium the limited drop-down button .
This method can embody use to erase the lacuna page cause by trace break.

one. click the home tab key > word typeset > delete > delete lacuna paragraph .
two. then the blank page be edit .

How t o erase the break with the find and replace serve ?

alternatively, we can edit the blank foliate cause aside page break operating room section break in with the discovery and substitute function .
For example, since we have check Show/Hide paragraph score affair. We can watch the lacuna page be cause aside page pause .
one. go to the home yellow journalism, and cluck the find and replace drop-down button .
two. choice the replace button to popular up the dialogue, whose shortcut be Ctrl+H .


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