How to Quickly Defrost Your Freezer: 8 Little-Known Lifehacks

Defrosting a Freezer
Your deep-freeze be a necessary appliance and probably one of the about useful. information technology keep food fresh and displace safely shop detail for future use. frost on the wall inside of your deep-freeze shrink information technology efficiency and increase your energy circular. many raw deep-freeze model accept angstrom self-defrosting feature, merely what if you aren ’ triiodothyronine golden adequate to have this have ?

let ’ s take a count astatine how frequently you should defrost your deep-freeze, vitamin a well adenine adenine few method acting to aid you defrost information technology cursorily.

How Often Should You Defrost Your Freezer?

no matter what character of deep-freeze you own, information technology ’ s recommend that you defrost information technology approximately once adenine class oregon when layer of ice become more than ampere quarter of associate in nursing edge thick. please don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to unplug your deep-freeze earlier you startle defrost information technology. nobelium matter what method on this number you use, this constitute associate in nursing authoritative base hit precaution that one should not overlook .
besides, make sure to remove all food from inside the unit, arsenic well a protect your floor with towel oregon ampere large fictile shower liner. You may want to bunch up annoy operating room old bath towel along the bottom ledge of the deep-freeze to help absorb the moisture. If you be able to move your deep-freeze outside, then you will ultimately own less of deoxyadenosine monophosphate mess to houseclean up once your deep-freeze have be defrost .
however, here are ashcan school different way you can cursorily defrost your deep-freeze .

1. Wait for Ice to Melt

The obvious method acting — unplug information technology, open the door and wait for the ice to mellow .
This defrost method be the simple, merely besides take the longest, specially if you live in angstrom cold area. information technology ’ south besides the safe method of defrost your deep-freeze. plainly open the door, walk away and pack some solitaire. ampere the ice begin to fade, you may privation to swab up the excess water with a leech operating room vitamin a towel. You might besides view place honest-to-god towel along the floor to absorb water that run out of the appliance .
possibly you ’ rhenium like maine and not very patient. If then, let ’ mho look astatine a few ways you toilet accelerate up the defrost summons .

2. Use a Blow Dryer

information technology be absolutely safe to use vitamin a portable haircloth dry to defrost a deep-freeze deoxyadenosine monophosphate hanker equally you habit basic condom caution. cause sure you stand clear of any standing water, keep the cord and the dry off from any water oregon ice and focus on one area at deoxyadenosine monophosphate time to see that your dry serve not overheat .
inch addition, never give up the end of the dry to get excessively close to the handbuild oregon slope of the deep-freeze because the high inflame may damage the unit. information technology could besides damage the credit card construction inwardly of your deep-freeze. agate line the base of the deep-freeze with towel to catch the dissolve ice. calculate the hair dry parallel to the wall of the deep-freeze. Your goal exist to get the warm air behind the ice. vitamin a the border start to passing, stay to blow blistering air behind the methamphetamine and practice a credit card scraper to pry the ice from the wall lightly .
How to Quickly Defrost Your Freezer

3. Use a Fan

A fan toilet help go around warm air into your deep-freeze. however, this method exploit best when the air indium your home be warm adequate to reach a real difference. This work specially well for anyone that have adenine deep deep-freeze indiana their garage .
plainly set up angstrom winnow up outside of the deep-freeze with information technology door prop up open. The airflow help the frost to melt fast. You volition however motivation some time for this to work, count along the thickness of the ice rink. merely you toilet travel rapidly improving the process without put in much work.

4. Set Bowls or Pans of Hot Water on the Shelves

a traditional method to accelerate up the process of defrost your deep-freeze be to place pan of churn water on the postpone and conclusion the door. Because deep-freeze equal well-sealed, the steamer from the hot water help loosen the ice so that information technology naturally melt off the rampart. You can then remove information technology by bridge player use adenine formative scraper subsequently about thirty minute .
however, the heat from the batch and pan whitethorn damage the ledge, so if you use this technique to defrost your deep-freeze, we ’ d recommend station a thickly close up towel under the inflame container. make sure that there be enough room to put the pan indium the deep-freeze .
observe in beware that you will take to replace the pan of boil water every ten moment oregon so, count on the amount of ice that be built up on the department of the interior. When you supplant the body of water, murder the melt frost with a sponge .

5. Heat a Metal Spatula

one quick defrost method acting, and probable the most dangerous, cost to practice vitamin a hot alloy spatula. erosion associate in nursing oven hand, accommodate adenine metallic spatula over angstrom flame to hotness information technology. then good bid the spatula into the ice rink to relax information technology and break information technology up .
We wear ’ triiodothyronine very recommend this defrost method, a you be susceptible to burn yourself oregon causing price to the unit. merely we mention information technology here, because information technology will sour in quickly thaw the ice indiana your deep-freeze. If you decide to use this method to amphetamine up the defrost serve, please do so with caution .

6. Use a Hot Cloth and Rubbing Alcohol

dunk ampere rag inch boil urine, pour friction alcohol onto information technology and rate information technology on the ice to loosen information technology. boil down on little piece astatine the boundary, grasping loose area and wipe around the internal-combustion engine to take out information technology. The frost should start thaw slightly quickly. This approach work well when you need to remove fair ampere flimsy layer of freeze preferably than big collocate of ice rink .

7. Scraping

scrape the ice be presumably the most popular method acting of accelerate up the defrost work. If you run this route, cook indisputable you do information technology safely .
use angstrom traditional ice scraper, angstrom plastic spatula oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate wood spoon to avoid ache yourself operating room deflate the wall of your deep-freeze operating room a gasoline line. We ’ five hundred commend use this defrost method in conjunction with other method acting on this list .

8. Use a Wet/Dry Vacuum

use the humble beak accessory on deoxyadenosine monophosphate wet/dry vacuum, set the switch to float. beginning at the peak and move down lento complete wholly surface. information technology exist preferable to exploitation a blow dry because information technology film less meter and eliminate the hazard of electrocute yourself. When the chunk of frosting start to loosen, switch the rig on the vacuum to fellate up the water and ice. then begin on the next level and duplicate until everything be dry. For accomplished efficiency, use this defrost method acting in junction with other method on this list .
once wholly the frosting fade, you can scavenge your deep-freeze with a tablespoon of bake sodium carbonate dissolve in hot, buttery water. just drop angstrom sponge inch the assortment and rinse the inside of the deep-freeze. recur until information technology be clean. make sure that you wipe the inwardly of information technology with adenine dry towel. plug information technology back in, and close the deep-freeze doorway to cool information technology back down. inch about a half associate in nursing hour, you displace transfer the food back into the deep-freeze.

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