8 Amazing Ways to Decorate at Parties using Crepe Paper Streamers

8 Amazing Ways to Decorate at Parties using Crepe Paper Streamers

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Crepe paper streamers are one of the cheapest decorations and they truly go a long way if you know what to do with them. My Dream Party Shop has rounded up the best and most excite examples of ways can you use crape paper streamers to decorate your party from across the internet .

1. Decorating Large Spaces with Crepe Streamers

This blog mail from on-line party resource Oh Happy Day shows how you can easily and cheaply fill a large distance like a anteroom or a marquee with color by using crape streamers and hanging them across the ceiling. Drape them a fiddling to form a couple of loops and you instantaneously have a rainbow of color, arrant for adding maximum shock as guests arrive. Imagine how amaze this would look if you merely used one or two colours american samoa well .
http://ohhappyday.com/2016/08/decorating-a-big-room-on-a-budget/http://ohhappyday.com/2016/08/decorating-a-big-room-on-a-budget/ here is another stunning example from Kara’s Party Ideas for a Lisa Frank Rainbow Inspired Party, showing another direction to hang streamers across the ceiling .
Karas Party Ideas Lisa Frank Party

 2. Decorating Ceilings with Crepe Streamers

Another twist on this theme is to hang the crape streamers around a centerpiece in the middle of the room. We love this decoration by Swankyswell on Project Nursery Use honeycomb balls or balloons to create your focal point or you could use one of our boastfully Disco ball  shaped balloons   aboard our silver crepe streamers .
Rainbow Ceiling Crepe Streamer Decoration

3. Using Crepe Streamers to Decorate a Buffet Table

This is a extremely elementary idea. Just use the streamers to create a stun pop of semblance across the center of a buffet table. You could besides use this estimate along the solid of a party table. Simply use some glue dots to stick the streamers to the table cover or doubling side cello videotape .
Rainbow Crepe Streamer Table Runner

4. Create a Stunning Photo Backdrop

Create a video perfect moment using crape streamers as a backdrop. Stick your lengths of crape composition to the wall using glue dots. then cover the top with one of our balloon garland kits or honeycomb balls. We love this pretty set up by Glorious Treats in detail. such pretty color !
Glorious Treats Pretty Party Backdrop

We have a stunning Blush and Rose Gold Backdrop in our Photo Backdrops collection .
Blush and Rose Gold Backdrop Decoration I Party Backdrops I My Dream Party Shop UK

5. Make a DIY Tassel Garland

Handcrafted Parties showed how easily it is to make your own tassel garland. These can then be hung on ribbon or used as stunning balloon tails .
Crepe Paper Streamer Tassel Garland Tutorial

6. Make Pretty Confetti 

Rachel Swartley has a blog showing you how to make pretty confetti out of crepe wallpaper. You can create the arrant table confetti to match your party ‘s color scheme .
Rachel Swartley diy crepe paper confetti

7. Use as a Balloon Tail

A in truth bare way to give your helium balloons the belly laugh agent is to add some pretty crepe composition streamers as balloon tails. Make indisputable you are using larger helium balloons which are 18 inches or much much larger or the tails will be excessively grave for your balloons and will affect their float time .
Pink Helium Balloons with Crepe Tissue Paper Balloon Tails I Party Ideas with Crepe Paper Blog

8. Create a Fringed Garland

Subtle Revelry showed us how to create a layer fringed wreath using crape streamers. Mix and match your colours to create a request florilegium to match your party. Add as many streamers as you want to create different looks. Hang horizontally or vertically in bunches .
Fringed DIY Crepe Streamer Garland Subtle Revelry

hopefully we have given you some inspiration to show you just how flexible crepe newspaper streamers are for decorating. so make indisputable that you purchase some for your future party ! You can view our full solicitation here .

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