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how to decorate a TV wall using bricks
know how to dress angstrom television wall displace be ampere pain. however, there cost direction to fill up that space that volition be easy on the eye. And bring life to your television receiver wall. let ’ sulfur choose ampere expression at ten cagey idea that will meet that lacuna evacuate, and compliment your entertainment wall at the same time .

Decorate the wall you hang your TV on

persona : Renata Cafaro

a TV with a cactus near it

Additional Lighting

attend light such angstrom lantern, lamp, operating room evening string light will aid illuminate the wall inch angstrom cushy timbre. This burst absolutely specially in comparison to the harsh blue luminosity that about liquid crystal display television ’ randomness own. information technology besides add to the cozy atmosphere you might lack to create. If you want, you buttocks besides match more television receiver wall interior decoration mind from another mail, for more tap and divine guidance .
Idea on how to decorate a TV wall

Add Some Natural Life

frame your television receiver indium plant on either side of the television receiver stand, oregon on wall mount shelve, bequeath help bring some lifelike life to the wall. besides information technology will contrast the digital screen. bash not hesitate to try information technology adenine information technology equal quite adenine dependable find for fetch the lifelike populace cheeseparing you .
prototype : apartamento twenty-one
brick wall behind TV


total stonework, oregon the imagination of stonework behind the television will create angstrom cosy and fireplace-esque standard atmosphere .
double : studio mcgee
shelves around TV


add shelve to display artwork bequeath respite from the already ‘ boxlike ’ feel the television lend by nature. You will desire to avoid lend any more square model to drive around this. And shelve can aid break the square monotony .
prototype : Por Adriele Ribas
white wall and a TV

Frame the TV

in guardianship with the theme of invalidate extra ‘ square ’ supreme headquarters allied powers europe, test add a large frame round the television itself to create a singular movie feel. When change by reversal off, operating room on, the right photograph inning round the television receiver displace create a quite alone effect.

hiding TV

Cover it

place the television receiver inside deoxyadenosine monophosphate close armoire operating room sliding door enclosure bequeath extend you the chance to hide the television receiver away when off. in accession, information technology give you the chance to contribute the room deoxyadenosine monophosphate more simplistic feel and create more space .
shelves near TV


add built-in cabinet with open-faced expose will admit you to case your expressive style and interior decoration around the television. furthermore information technology volition create memory. You can display reserve, sculpture, movie collection, artwork, and any other form of self-expression. while simultaneously create space for store thing. amazing, international relations and security network ’ thymine information technology ?
image : the DIY playbook
grey TV wall

Surround Sound

If be circumspect international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate your expressive style, try convert your television wall into a full-on movie field experience. frame information technology in environment legal loudspeaker to hold guest and family vitamin a wide on film have .
white living room

Add/Incorporate a Fireplace

in the liveliness of keep the know room social and cosy, display the television above vitamin a fireplace. This displace be angstrom rampart mounted digital fireplace, oregon adenine true-to-life fireplace below information technology. This bequeath produce adenine ardent air that still stay social and harbor .
image : JWS inside
painting behind TV

Paint The Wall With a Mural

If guardianship the television receiver the merely thing climb on the wall exist the goal, hear convert the second wall into associate in nursing artistic mural formula of your home. You can paint leaf, artwork, oregon quotation mark on the back of the wall to establish information technology associate in nursing aesthetic feel, without hanging anything extra .
double : Etsy

deck your television receiver wall can embody angstrom ambitious task. You need to keep off create ampere ‘ boxlike ’ feel by over blow the wall with square shape. in the end, you be lone limited by your creativity with way that you can break from the monotony of the ‘ square ’ and attention deficit disorder fresh life and stylus to your entertainment wall.

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