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This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I get a committee if you make a buy through one of these links. You do not pay more for your purchase and I merely recommend products I trust. Do you want to make a particular birthday cake for person you love, but you don ’ triiodothyronine know where to start or how to decorate a coat ?
These 11 must watch video tutorials will walk you through every step of the process from start to finish.  And I actually mean it ! This includes the step by step action of stacking, icing, and decorating your cake with buttercream or fondant.

I wish I had kept a painting of the first patty my sister and I decorated for my ma for Mother ’ s Day. We were in our tweens. Funny adequate, the cake bug was many years away from biting me .
To be honest, when I say, “ my sister and I made a coat, ” I very mean my baby. She made lone one layer and iced it with white and yellow buttercream. then she plopped it on a plate. Looking back I ’ molarity just so gallant of her ! That dawn, my sister, my brother and I walked into my parents ’ room singing a dominican Mother ’ s Day birdcall .
My ma, who had been baking our entire lives, was sol proud of this patty. We didn ’ triiodothyronine slice it until the end of the day so that she could show it to everybody who came to visit. I think we my baby would ’ ve done a much better job if YouTube was available at the prison term. It would ’ ve been bang-up to have guidance as she practiced what we had seen my ma do for years .
Omg, I sound so old… “ back in the day when there was no YouTube… ” lol !
thankfully we ’ ve got blogs and YouTube “ these days ”. But there ’ s therefore much data out there that it ’ mho sometimes slowly to get lost in the search. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate concern though, I ’ ve already done the inquiry for you. This is a compilation of posts and videos to help you bake and decorate a cake from start to finish.
topple : If you would like to skip to the full list of videos, this link will take you to it. After about amply writing this blog post, I realized that I didn ’ t have the recipes and video tutorials in number mannequin. I was just indeed stimulate about all the great information I found ! I included the list at the conclusion of the post .
After this post, you can besides read 14 Cake Decorating Tools to Design the Cakes You Dream Of to make certain you have the materials you need to get started .
Check out how to bake and decorate a cake from beginning to finish below !


Begin with the end in mind. What season cake do you think your sleep together one will like ? What ’ s their favored color ? Is there a specific matter they ’ re into, like flowers or hearts ?
While this sounds in truth basic, it ’ south authoritative to have all the materials ready before you begin. There ’ mho nothing worse than starting to bake a patty and realizing you don ’ t have something important, like sugar. There are times that you can improvise. But sometimes your merely choice is to stop in the middle of the action to go grocery shop. This can be actually annoying .

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Will you decorate the stallion patty with buttercream, or will you use fondant ? While it ’ second easier to improvise with the design of a cake, it ’ second disappointing when you don ’ t achieve the design you want ascribable to lack of appropriate tools. Make an inventory of the materials you’ll need based on the tutorials you will follow. guarantee you have all the tools and ingredients available at your disposal .
When I had my patty business, I would meet with the person ordering the cake before they placed the order. We would go over every detail of the cake. As we spoke, I would draw it out on a part of paper or my iPad, so that they would have a ocular representation of what we discussed. This included cake dimensions, colors, cake flavor, icing and filling flavors, and any other contingent that was relevant to the holy order .
I adopted this exercise after an exemplify in which I forgot a belittled detail on a cake that was of major importance to a customer. I tried to fix it, but they were clearly disappoint. That never happened again after I started drawing it out .


once your cake has been baked and cooled, and the ice and occupy whipped up, you ’ re quick to start stack and filling it .
In cosmopolitan, when you bake a cake, a dome will form on the exceed. There are several options to remove the attic in a way that will give you a absolutely level cake .
You can use baking strips that you wet and place around the cake pan before it goes in the oven. Another option is to purchase a cake leveler to cut off the attic, leaving you with a absolutely heterosexual and flush circus tent. The problem is that many people don ’ t have the strips or the coat leveler used to achieve that effect .
Is it truly worth it to purchase either one of those tools ? I purchased the cake leveler when I first started, but then stopped using it after a while because it was excessively small for some of the cakes I was baking. The truth is that you can achieve the same impression with the tools you already have at family, saving you some money .
This video recording from Sweet Bake Shop provides you with a bit-by-bit tutorial on how to cut, fill, and stack your cake. It includes the bonus of teaching you how to ice the patty besides !


To get a more upfront view of how to ice a absolutely placid cake, this television at Live Love and Sugar shows you how to do it through pictures AND in a television at the end of the post .
Don ’ metric ton be discouraged if it takes time to ice a coat a perfective as you see on-line. It can take some practice. But knowing what technique to use is the inaugural step to get there .

The consistency of buttercream is also a very important factor when you decorate a cake. If your recipe includes confectioner ’ second boodle ( powder carbohydrate ), sifting before mixing it makes the buttercream smooth .


If you want to decorate a patty with fondant, these are two excellent videos. The patty has to be frosted anterior to putting the fondant on it to achieve the polish effect. differently, you ’ ll be able to see every lout from the coat underneath the sugary boodle .
Duff, from Charm City Cakes, is the guy who inspired me to decorate less traditional cakes ( I love him ! ). He teaches you how to cover a cake with fondant in this Popsugar video. He besides shows you how to cut, fill, smokestack, and crumb coat the cake. Check out the cake filling on this cake…he ’ s a creative guy !
The Artisan Cake Company ’ s tutorial on how to cover a cake with fondant does it from a closer slant. It provides more detail and shows you how to combine two colors of fondant. This tutorial even uses a acerate leaf to take out bubbles underneath the fondant after the cake is covered. These bubbles can occur when there ’ s an breeze pouch between the patty and the fondant. Some air out pockets can besides form when kneading the fondant .


When it comes to decorating a cake, there are so many possibilities ! reasonably much any idea you have can be incorporated into a purpose. The techniques used to decorate a coat with buttercream vs. decorating a cake with fondant are very different .
Decorate a Cake - piping tips and bags
The truth is that you can decorate an integral buttercream cake with entirely one or two piping tips ! This television by Kitchen Conundrums shows you three identical quick techniques to decorate with buttercream. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even have to add flowers or other decorations if you don ’ t want to .
If you prefer the very placid cake count that you can add different piping techniques to, check out The Topless Baker. This ridicule has a lot of energy and actually makes this tutorial very entertaining ! He actually is topless, lol. But preceptor ’ triiodothyronine worry, he ’ second wearing an proscenium. What I like the most about this tutorial, is that he teaches you how to practice unlike piping techniques on paper. This is a great means to try raw techniques to make certain you end up with a cake you love .
To make different types of buttercream flowers, check out these three video tutorials :


It can be actually exciting to decorate a cake with fondant because it ’ s like sculpting. Who didn ’ thymine turn with Play-Doh at some orient when they were younger ? We ’ ve all been practicing how to decorate a cake with fondant since we were kids ! Do you buy my theory ? ? ?
Decorate a Cake - Cake with sugar roses
There are so many ways to decorate a cake with fondant excessively ! If you have a circle cutter, you can add polka dots. With a ruler, you can create a quilt model. You don ’ thyroxine evening need to have a specific cutter to decorate a coat with stripes ! In this tutorial, you can learn a very simple way to make fondant roses, and you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even need any cutters .
I think it ’ second significant to know some basic tips for decorating with fondant. This television goes over some of those basic techniques and ideas. One thing I like about this teacher is that she teaches children normally. Keep that in thinker when you see her gestures and hear her voice. Besides, what ’ s the charge of doing this if it ’ s not fun !


Congratulations ! You can immediately decorate a coat from begin to finish, whether you choose to decorate it with buttercream or with fondant. With the right tools and a small bit of practice, each of the recipes and videos in this post will provide you with the guidance and technique to create a beautiful design .
here are the 11 Must-Watch Video Tutorials to Decorate a Cake from Start to Finish :
now it ’ second clock to celebrate that event with the people you love and to show everybody your newfangled skills. I hope this post has been helpful !
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11 Must-Watch Video Tutorials to Decorate a Cake from Start to Finish
11 Video Tutorials to Decorate a Cake from Start to Finish
Must-watch Video Tutorials to Decorate a Cake from Start to Finish
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