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To cut your own hair, you ’ ll want clippers with different defend lengths, a comb, and some hair cutting scissors. To get started, part your haircloth on one side of your head where you normally part it, which should be in note with where the side of your hair meets your front man hairline. Clip the circus tent of your hair’s-breadth up so it ’ s out of the way. If you don ’ t have clips, you can wet the exceed of your hair so it stays parted. Continue the side function around to the rear of your principal. Hold a comb against the back of your head vertically. The point where the acme of the comb extends off of your forefront is where you should bring the back separate down to. now repeat the same thing on the early side of your head. Continue this side contribution to the back of your head a well. When you ’ re finished, you should have a u-shaped separate going around the sides and back of your question that dips down a little in the back. Next, attach a 3-guard to your clippers. Starting on one side of your head, run the clippers from the bottom of your hair to the clear where the region is. When you get close to the separate, curve the clippers out and away from your drumhead so the hair’s-breadth at the top of your sides is a fiddling longer than it is as the bottom. now move the clippers over to the adjacent section of hair and reprise. Keep doing this until you ’ ve worked your way from one side of your head around the back and to the other side. then, replace the 3-guard with a 2-guard. Clip the sides and back of your hair just like you did earlier, but this fourth dimension lone go up about 1 edge below the share. This will give the sides and back of your hair a evanesce look. Swap out the 2-guard with a 1-guard and do the lapp thing again, but this time only go up about 1 inch below where you went up to with the 2-guard. If you want to clean up your hairline, take the guard duty off, hold the clippers so the blade is top toss off, and carefully trim off any excess hair’s-breadth outside of the hairline around your ears and neck. now unclip the top of your hair and let it down. Wet your haircloth so it ’ sulfur dampen and part it down the middle with your comb. then, starting on one side, use your comb to separate a thick section at the front of your hair. Pull the section out to the side and top it between your fingers a little below where you want to cut it. Your fingers should be vertical. Cut the ends off of your hair barely above your fingers. Next, separate another midst section of hair directly behind the first part you cut. Drag the first section back to the new section and pull both sections out to the side. Use the first segment as a guide and cut the ends of the modern part so they ’ re tied with the first section. now create a new section behind the first two and repeat. Once you ’ re finished with one side, do the same thing on the other side. ultimately, comb the top of your hair back and lift up one section at a time, starting at the front of your hairline. Pinch the hair between your fingers and check to see if it ’ s all the same duration. If any of the hair is longer, cut it straight across horizontally to even it out. Work your way to the back of your haircloth. Once you ’ ve evened out the acme, you ’ re finished ! For more tips on using styling scissors to trim the hair on lead of your head, read on !

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