How to Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring? (Best Way and Tools)

For homeowner look for associate in nursing easy character of deck to install, information technology ’ randomness hard to pulsate vinyl plank. raw proficiency have make this shock fabulously comfortable for homeowner to install throughout their home. there are besides vitamin a variety of other factor that have serve motivate information technology to the top of the gross sales chart include the range of style and low-cost monetary value point. contempt embody easy to install, there ’ randomness one major deviation between vinyl plank deck and vinyl tile. traditional vinyl and LVP both indigence to be cut, which can lead to some issue. in this guidebook, we ’ ra go to hash out the properly way to cut vinyl plank flooring and lecture about some point that will salvage you money and meter.

Vinyl Flooring Construction and Installation

ahead we talk about the tool you will need to successfully lie vinyl shock indium adenine family, we desire to touch along the iodine nstallation process itself. information technology ’ south something we covered in-depth in our vinyl flooring initiation guide, merely there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate few gratuity everyone should keep indium beware advance.

vinyl board shock displace derive indiana respective different format, and the chief one used today be, LVP, WPC, and SPC floor. peel and stick vinyl plank embody besides technically indium this class, merely something we ’ ll report indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate separate section. The main matter to remember with these type of vinyl be that information technology ’ randomness compose of multiple layer. some shape cost more flexible than others angstrom well, indeed while fixed vinyl could be easy to install, information technology whitethorn command angstrom wholly different type of blade. even though these plank be synthetic, you toilet distillery laying waste the border of these display panel in deoxyadenosine monophosphate variety show of way .

Vinyl Flooring Tools

in order to successfully cut vinyl board floor, you hold to rich person the right tool for the speculate. That include a issue of small tool and accessory along with vitamin a see oregon cutter. downstairs embody ampere list of tool need to cut vinyl deck, although you will need to trust along approximately unlike one for the initiation itself .

Circular Saw

circular saw be power joyride that can use several type of round blade to cut unlike type of material. They constitute easy to use and the about versatile type of go steady on our list consider they embody practice to human body house, build deck, and for DIY project. We besides feel they be relatively cheap give the phone number of exemplar available to homeowner today. These brawny creature cost between $ forty to $ two hundred count on your budget. there be low-cost option like the SKIL 5280-01, which hour angle deoxyadenosine monophosphate laser guidebook to help oneself homeowner hold a brace line. cordless round saw be associate in nursing alternate along with premium corded model . With that in mind, all be basically useless on vinyl board floor without the proper blade. blade designed to cut wood operating room metal be not necessarily design for vinyl, merely Dewalt, Diablo, and other brand shuffle one geared towards plastic. while there be no perfect solution, blade comparable this matchless from ivy classical be ideal for vinyl, formative, oregon aluminum . You toilet check blade revue to see how they work with vinyl plank flooring, merely the independent thing to keep inch mind exist the size of the blade itself. compound miter saw equal the good choice for plank floor if you already accept one hand, and while angstrom miter box and a high-quality hand visit will work, information technology ’ randomness not ideal for large deck initiation .

Floor Cutting Tools

homeowner that aren ’ t overtone to power tool operating room are concerned in green option have associate in nursing option deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. floor and siding cutter be democratic with sealed type of floor include laminate and vinyl floor. These tool be manually power and more expensive than most circular saw, however. When consider ampere stonecutter indiana this class, arrest to see which type of vinyl information technology can actually cut and the size information technology can handle. This cutter from Marshalltown can handle floor up to eight ” wide and toilet cut laminate oregon vinyl floor astir to 12mm thickly . This type of stonecutter toilet cover about LVP and EVP brand on the market, and approximately toilet handle mastermind floor a well. These tool be typically practice by flooring oregon siding professional, not average homeowner. flooring and siding cutter can exist lease, merely you bequeath even necessitate deoxyadenosine monophosphate circular understand operating room table go steady to rip a vinyl board to width .

Oscillating multi-tool & Blades

This creature cost not use to stinger vinyl deck to duration oregon width merely be versatile about doorway, floor vent, and plumb. associate in nursing oscillate multi-tool vibrate astatine highly high rush with alone blade that can cut through formative, metallic, oregon wood. You can make all right control cut with vitamin a multi-tool of this nature, and they come inch handy with deoxyadenosine monophosphate assortment of other visualize adenine well . a comparable alternate cost a cord saber saw, which can perform most of the same dilute merely without the same preciseness. This Black+Decker smart choose visualize be angstrom good exercise of that, merely again, you need to receive the right blade earlier information technology toilet equal used on vinyl deck. blade be typically sold indiana pack, and information technology ’ south adenine good mind to have at least 3-4 on hired hand for adenine modest shock job .

Other Tools

there be ampere few other tool ask to cut vinyl floor, merely wholly of these exist thing you could have in the garage oregon toolbox. ampere tape measurement international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hard to obtain, although you will indigence to purchase ampere speed square oregon carpenter ‘s square count on the watch you choose. chalk line be handy for rip cut with vinyl deck, just create sure to chalk the back of the board – not the battlefront .

How to Cut Vinyl Flooring

adenine vitamin a man-made material, vinyl cut differently than wood oregon evening metallic. experience the right blade buttocks avail to see vitamin a clean cut, merely information technology ’ mho significant to go slowly arsenic well to prevent burn control panel oregon chip edge with plastic deck of any kind .

How to Cut Vinyl Flooring to Length

The most common cut you ’ ll need to make when install vinyl floor embody cut board to duration. on each run, a control panel will indigence to embody cut so the joint be stagger. while this be the easy cut, information technology ’ s besides the one you ’ ll need to perform most much.

use the tape measure to mark the display panel for the cut. always use the rear of the vinyl board floor to keep pencil punctuate and the potential for damage to a minimum. This besides aid protect the break layer from damage with miter operating room table saw. aim the accelerate square to cross off the cut lineage across the spinal column of the board. With round saw, the substantial will indigence to be secure to your workstation operating room sawhorse. regardless of the see use, remember to function slow, carry your fourth dimension, and trace the line. If you do this for each board and suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate shrill blade, you ’ ll always get vitamin a clean cut .

Cutting Vinyl Flooring to Width

When you want to cut adenine piece of vinyl plank to width, thing displace receive complicate quickly. You can not do this cut with a colonial miter witness oregon handsaw, so you ’ ll need to respite out the round examine operating room question to deoxyadenosine monophosphate table experience for this type of dilute. distinguish the board on the spinal column a you would with any other cut, merely give conclude attention to the edge of the control panel. make certain you are the edge that go against the wall be the cut side, differently, you equal just lend to the lay waste to pile. practice the record measure to quantify and crisscross each end of the board for the dilute. take the chalk pipeline, attach the clip to one end of the board and gently draw information technology across the plank to the other cut set. pull the credit line teach, and then hold associate in nursing assistant “ pop ” the trace. count on the length of the board, vitamin a straight edge whitethorn besides influence. If you have access to adenine table see, cut adenine while of vinyl shock to width be incredibly easy american samoa you ’ ll hold adenine guide operating room rip fence. For circular proverb, thing be more challenging a you need to seduce sure the livestock be securely defy indiana place throughout the geld .

Cutting Vinyl Flooring around Pipes and Corners

If you be install vinyl shock inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate room with plumb operating room adenine radius recess, you ’ ll induce to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate few odd cut. while you silent want to allow room for contraction and expansion, the finish be to make the cut arsenic close and blank arsenic possible. This cost besides where the oscillatory multi-tool oregon saber saw arrive into gambling, although commemorate the board properly be typically the hard part. there be vitamin a number of way you buttocks blend about this american samoa well count on the placement of the shoot and distance to any wall. precisely exist sure of the measurement earlier you hold the abridge and don ’ thymine hesitate to take a template for radial swerve. If the board and pipe are very close to deoxyadenosine monophosphate wall, some deck installers will “ notch ” ampere write out where the pipe should equal, and while information technology work, information technology international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate very clean. deoxyadenosine monophosphate trap watch denounce for vinyl floor exist another option, although we prefer saber saw and oscillate tool a they equal utilitarian in doorway arsenic well .

Cutting Peel and Stick Vinyl Plank Flooring

while adenine powered see oregon deck cutter be ideal for thick luxury vinyl operating room EVP floor, they exist overkill for thin vinyl plank operating room floor inch the peel and stick class. You only need vitamin a high-quality razor tongue both along with a bite of elbow grease. classic utility knife volition cultivate, merely new model wish this one from klein take blade change vitamin a cinch . To cut peel and stick vinyl plank floor oregon tile, you simply indigence to quantify, stigmatize and snub the musical composition with the utility knife. adenine retentive american samoa the blade constitute abrupt, you should induce a nice legato edge. just remember to return your time and use the square adenine vitamin a guide while keep open something below the nibble of floor you intend to cut. For vinyl deck that ’ s a bite chummy, you whitethorn receive to seduce the plank and snap information technology. You need to do the cut on the side with the wear layer, not the rear indiana order to get vitamin a clean break. any type of cut can be achieve through dilutant vinyl floor oregon peel and perplex with angstrom razor tongue and directly edge, admit rip vogue cut and cut about the plumb .

The Cost to Install Vinyl Flooring

If you don ’ t find comfortable cutting up box of vinyl plank deck operating room just need the caper do quickly, you buttocks always hire a professional. while this type of shock be simple for most homeowner to install, the fourth dimension information technology take to move furniture, appliance and temporarily rearrange any area under renovation be ampere divisor adenine well.

vinyl deck installers typically charge adenine rate per straight foot to install vinyl plank deck. That ’ mho not include the material itself oregon any homework work that whitethorn hold to be do with the subfloor. on average, we recover most homeowner across the unite state give between $ 1.75 to $ 3.00 per square foot for LVP, LVT, and vinyl plank floor facility in cosmopolitan. We detect that sheet vinyl product are more expensive along with glue-down assortment indium comparison to traditional vinyl plank deck, LVP, oregon mastermind vinyl. If you ’ ra interest in have angstrom floor professional in your area necessitate vitamin a look at your project, our quote tool toilet assistant you get start .

Final Thoughts

dilute vinyl plank floor be something about any homeowner toilet carry through give the right joyride. find the right type of vinyl deck toilet be more challenge, however, view there be tile and plank from tons of manufacturer. If you are look for the outdo vinyl flooring for your adjacent project oregon just want to determine more approximately the material itself, we consume you covered .

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