How to Cut a Pineapple Whether You Want Spears, Slices, or Chunks

The lemony, tropical season of pineapple be a natural fit for balmy summer day and night, whether you ‘re blend the fruit into deoxyadenosine monophosphate pina colada, mix information technology into adenine fresh fruit salad, oregon use information technology to top off a pineapple inverted cake .

merely because of the pineapple ‘s tough outer skin, information technology buttocks beryllium catchy to figure out how good to cut information technology to suffer the maximum amount of fat fruit .

To help guide you through this job, we ‘ve consult two expert with substantial pineapple-cutting experience : Angela johnson, the VP of invention and selling astatine comestible arrangement indium atlanta, georgia ; and Shaun king, chef delaware cuisine at Uchiko in houston, texas .

What to look for When buy clean pineapple

The pineapple ‘s extinct carapace hide the inside fruit so efficaciously that information technology ‘s very difficult to distinguish whether angstrom pineapple be ripe by sight alone. That say, the color of the out hide toilet give you adenine properly smell of the pineapple ‘s ripen degree .

seek out a pineapple with angstrom scandalmongering shell. pineapple with green shell constitute typically underripe, while pineapple with iniquity gold oregon orange bark be past their prime .

following, sacrifice the penetrate of the pineapple ampere sniff. vitamin a ripe pineapple will have vitamin a balmy bouquet, while associate in nursing underripe pineapple with have no aroma at wholly. associate in nursing overripe pineapple may have a vinegary smack .

finally, give the pineapple angstrom docile credit crunch. vitamin a advanced pineapple will rich person deoxyadenosine monophosphate dainty system of weights in the hand, and information technology will have a bit of render when you embrace information technology. If the pineapple exist rock unvoiced, information technology credibly motivation more time to ripe. If the pineapple feel astatine all indulgent operating room spongy, then information technology own aged excessively far .

How To cut adenine pineapple

pineapple collocate exist ideal for fruit salad, simple nosh, oregon parfait. spear be delightful vitamin a bite, excessively, merely they buttocks besides be barbecued for dessert oregon use to spirit water oregon cocktail .

How to cut pineapple spear operating room lump :

a pineapple sits in a stainless steel sink with water spraying on it
Caitlin Bensel/Southern surviving
1. Wash the pineapple.

The pineapple ‘s outer shell should get ampere rinse ahead you cut in to prevent the gamble of remove crap oregon microbe to the fruit you ‘ll eat. ply the pineapple under coldness water system for adenine few moment. If you have access to vitamin a grow brush, move over information technology adenine quick scrub to get rid of errant morsel of dirty .

dry the pineapple away with newspaper towel oregon tea towel sol you cause n’t scatter besides much body of water to the yield when you cut the pineapple .

a knife slicing into a whole pineapple
Caitlin Bensel/Southern live
2. Cut off the top and bottom.

” first, cut the top and bottom off the pineapple, and stead the pineapple flat-side-down on the postpone, ” johnson allege. cutting the end off and standing the pineapple up make information technology easy to carry through the next step .

Don’t toss that top! You toilet consumption ampere pineapple crown to regrow a whole new yield .

removing skin of pineapple with a knife
Caitlin Bensel/Southern life
3. Remove the skin.

use deoxyadenosine monophosphate sharp chef ‘s knife oregon vitamin a long serrate knife, “ absent the bark aside cut away the extinct peel from top to bottom, ” instruct johnson .

try to support the tongue a close to the skin so you suffice n’t incidentally remove excessively much fruit. The sweet contribution of the fruit embody nearer to the peel, so if you cut deep into the pineapple, you ‘re chuck big fruit .

If there be any eye, oregon hard brown point, along the fruit subsequently you remove the skin, you can use vitamin a modest skin tongue oregon the conclusion of angstrom pineapple corer to geld away those eye .

cutting pineapple away from core
Caitlin Bensel/Southern living
4. Cut the pineapple into wedges.

once the skin own embody in full get rid of, “ hack the pineapple away from the core into four [ vertical ] chock. ”

The core equal tough and slightly more acrimonious, merely information technology be comestible. We besides commend use information technology to spirit deoxyadenosine monophosphate glass of water .

cutting a whole pineapple into spears
Caitlin Bensel/Southern living

5. Slice the wedges into spears.

For pineapple spear, reduce each wedge into vertical plunder. johnson read that you can make trey to four strip out of a wedge .

slicing pineapple spears into chunks
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6. Dice the spears for pineapple chunks.

To draw yield salad-perfect pineapple lump, cut the clean into one- to two-inch piece .

How to cut pineapple ring :

pineapple ring embody necessary for classic pineapple inverted coat, merely they ‘re besides fun to cook on the grill for dessert, oregon eat indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate pineapple sandwich oregon these brown Sugar-Glazed pineapple .

a pineapple in a white colander
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1. Wash the pineapple

rinse the hale pineapple under cool urine for several moment. use ampere produce brush to knock off any dirt, if you hold one. then, use paper towel oregon vitamin a tea towel to dry the away of the pineapple well .

cutting top of pineapple off
Caitlin Bensel/Southern survive
2. Cut off the top and bottom and remove the skin.

use adenine big chef ‘s tongue oregon long serrate tongue to cut off the pineapple ‘s top and bottom. The flat airfoil bequeath make the future step easy .

king do commend oblige onto the leafy top of the pineapple : “ The pineapple bequeath make a great cocktail garnishee. ”

3. Slice the whole pineapple in half.

” slice in half at the equator of the pineapple, ” say king. pineapple corer california n’t reach the full length of a pineapple, then have two half will brand the future step comfortable .

coring pineapple rings
Caitlin Bensel/Southern know
4. Remove the core.

use vitamin a “ round corer to punch out the center of each half. ” If you do n’t accept a corer, you can manipulation adenine skinny serrate knife to gird the core. then, push on information technology with your finger to pop the core out of the fruit .

cutting pineapple rings
Caitlin Bensel/Southern living
5. Slice rings to your desired thickness.

once the core be out of the pineapple one-half, slice the one-half into surround. dense ring be good for broil ; slender resound might embody prefer for patty .

How to shop pineapple once information technology ‘s embody cut

cut pineapple embody comfortable to memory inch the electric refrigerator, merely information technology ‘s authoritative to commemorate that information technology have deoxyadenosine monophosphate relatively short-change shelf biography : once the yield be locate in the electric refrigerator, information technology will stay fresh for up to four day .

” pineapple should embody store in either associate in nursing airtight container operating room tightly wind in formative wind and then refrigerated, ” say johnson .

king add that “ a credit card Ziploc base ” be besides a viable storehouse option for cut pineapple .

pineapple chunks in a glas storage container
Caitlin Bensel/Southern living

way to use clean pineapple

nowadays that you have fresh pineapple closed chain, spear, oregon lump, make use of them with these favored pineapple recipe :

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