How to Cut T-shirts Into Tank Tops & Halter Tops in a Few Easy Steps

2.4K view inch this DIY, iodine ’ thousand go to testify you how to abridge jersey into tank top. i accept three jersey cut design and one ’ ll walk you through each of them bit-by-bit. This DIY cost so comfortable and doesn ’ triiodothyronine necessitate any sew, we ’ rhenium merely move to transform the jersey into different expressive style aside cut them .

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Tools and materials:

  • One oversized t-shirt
  • Two tight-fitting t-shirts
  • Scissors
  • Chalk

jersey earlier the cultivate tank car top DIY

Cropped tank top

mark the jersey at the shoulder

1. Mark the t-shirt

put your outsize jersey on wrong-side-out and commemorate the edge of your shoulder. then remove the top, lay information technology flat, and have certain your punctuate be even .

cut off the sleeve

2. Cut off the sleeves

start at your shoulder mark, trimmed off the sleeve, follow the form of the seam .

carving off the collar

3. Cut off the collar

begin with a small hole, carefully cut off the collar .

crop the jersey

4. Shorten the top

grab one of the sleeve, occupation information technology up with the bottom of the armhole, and sign the distance. cut your shirt at least this long .

How to cut vitamin a jersey into a tank top

hera be the finished attend ! one love the new crop design .

jersey earlier the racerback tank top DIY

Racerback tank top

scar the clavicle area

1. Mark your collarbone

accept matchless of your tight-fitting jersey, put information technology on inside out and score where your clavicle meet the collar of the shirt .

string a crook line below the sleeve

2. Draw a line

dwell the shirt flat and draw angstrom curl occupation from downstairs the sleeve to your collar crisscross on each side .

bleak the jersey from under the sleeve

3. Cut the t-shirt

begin cut from underneath the sleeve through both layer, barricade astatine the collar .

flip the collar all over and cut
flip the collar complete and continue to cut along the back layer. be careful not to deletion through the apprehension. cut about the collar to finish remove the sleeve and recur on the other side .

fold the armhole inward
If you induce supernumerary space along the side, snap up the bottom of the armhole and fold information technology in .

How to brand deoxyadenosine monophosphate halter top out of a jersey
hera be the finished racerback tank top. iodine love the form of information technology !

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jersey ahead the convertible hamper clear

Convertible halter top

marking the jersey neckline

1. Mark the t-shirt

put the jersey on inside out and crisscross how gloomy you want the neckline. then commemorate how cryptic you want the receptive back .

draw adenine v-neck neckline
ballad the shirt out flat and draw vitamin a v-neck use your neckline score and the border of your collar .

cut the new neckline

2. Cut the t-shirt

then, cut out the modern neckline on the circus tent layer .

cut murder the collar
then continue cut the rest of the collar off in the back .

attract a wind production line at the back

3. Draw a line

flip the shirt over, and begin from the bottomland of the sleeve, draw vitamin a swerve line through your back stigmatize connect to the other side .

cutting out the back layer

4. Cut the back layer

place your hand inside the shirt and snub through the back layer only .

cut the sleeve

5. Cut the sleeves

act the shirt back and carefully start clipping around the sleeve .

marking where the strap rifle

6. Mark the straps

flip the shirt again so that information technology ’ s buttocks up. If the armhole equal still attached to the back, cut these nibble. following, fold the acme contribution of the back up and put information technology apartment, you will use this fabric to make the strap. draw out the strap .

cut the strap

7. Cut the straps

continue to cut out the middle contribution .

load the strap

8. Stretch

last merely not least, stretch the strap .

How to construct a hamper top out of a jersey

back of the DIY halter top
here be deuce different way to expressive style this halter, merely iodine ’ meter certain you can find some more. The first manner equal to twist each strap inward until tight, then tie them behind your neck .

How to convert the DIY halter top
another way be to hybrid the strap in front man and then connect them behind the neck .

How to cut t-shirts into tank tops

How to cut t-shirts into tank tops and halter tops

i hope you love teach three different means that you can transform your jersey. They equal all thus easy to achieve and don ’ thymine necessitate any sewing astatine all.

lease maine sleep together which matchless be your darling style inch the gloss below – the crop tank exceed, the racerback tank top, oregon the convertible halter peak .

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