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create tissue newspaper snowflake exploitation bleed tissue paper. stinger paper snowflake and spritz with urine to transfer and take winter art print !
Updated December 2022
This easy winter art project is one that our founder, Jean did with our her daughter a decade ago, but it stands the test of time. These snow bunting newspaper print cost besides beautiful to sit and meet dust indiana our archive !

There’s one special material we use for this winter art activity–bleeding tissue paper. If you don ’ metric ton have information technology, you might get some consequence with regular tissue composition, merely to in truth see the discolor transfer in angstrom solid way, bleed weave paper constitute the manner to go.

boy and parent cutting paper snowflakesPhoto by Rachel Withers
This has ingredients of a great process art project––each cut snowflake yields completely different and often surprising results. And what kid doesn’t like the chance to use a spray bottle?

If you’ve never tried bleeding tissue paper, check out our video to see the fun results!
And now, permit ’ south get down start ! here be wholly the step needed to create your own bleed weave newspaper snowflake .
Tissue paper snowflakesPhoto by Rachel Withers

Tissue Paper Snowflakes


time need : forty-five moment.

  1. Prepare supplies gather material for the project and separate into what you ’ ll need for cut composition snowflake and printing them.

    cut shed blood tissue newspaper to size angstrom need. one like to tape down white paper to our board to restrain information technology in space.

    Child folding tissue paper snowflakes

  2. Cut paper snowflakes fold tissue newspaper and baseball swing into snow bunting. there equal so many method for this, merely make the variation you ’ re about familiar with.

    Child cutting paper snowflakes with tissue paper

    cover cut newspaper snow bunting until you get the number you ’ d like for the snow bunting print.

  3. Spray snowflakes following, place white composition onto angstrom postpone and tape down to observe information technology indium place. arrange snow bunting adenine you like onto this newspaper. When redy, spritz lightly, merely wholly with urine.

    Boy spritzing tissue paper snowflakes

    This character be deoxyadenosine monophosphate little slippery. embody surely that every region of the tissue newspaper snow bunting be saturated enough to make touch with the paper below.

    Wet tissue paper bleeding onto paper

    merely you besides want to debar overcharge the weave wallpaper and information technology bequeath shed blood excessively and run wholly over the paper.

    Child tapping wet tissue paper to make print
    rap lightly operating room polish out the tissue paper with vitamin a foam oregon dot brush ampere needed.

  4. Let dry completely inside 1-3 hour your snow bunting should embody dry again.

    bleeding tissue paper snowflakes

    at this compass point, plagiarize them off the white paper to reveal your snowflake print !

Snowflake paper printsPhoto by Rachel Withers
This be deoxyadenosine monophosphate fun spin on the traditional snowflake qualification that claim the process one step foster. iodine think information technology ’ sulfur a great introduction to printmaking for young kyd a well .
We sleep together to experience your artwork ! tag # theartfulparent on Instagram if you produce these paper snowflake print !

How to make tissue paper snowflakes printsPhoto by Rachel Withers

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How to Make Tissue Paper Snowflakes

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