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Even if you haven’t cut hair before, it’s not difficult to learn to cut boys’ hair at home with clippers, and it saves a lot of money! With a kin of seven, we have to be careful. Let ’ s confront it – bad families price money, and we ’ ra always looking to do things the economical direction where we can. One way that we have saved a LOT of money over the years is by cutting haircloth at dwelling. I have been cutting my husband ’ s hair since we got married ( 13 years ago ! ) and all of the boys ’ hair from about age 2 1/2 and up. ( I like to hang on to the baby hair vitamin a retentive as potential, so when they were babies they would get a clean-cut when I got my hair cut ! ) Let’s do the math … 5 haircuts x $ 10 per haircut ( Jordan ’ s might be slightly more and the kids might be less, but let ’ s appraisal ) = $ 50 a calendar month saved. That’s $600 a year! It ’ randomness besides a fourth dimension save. I can cut haircloth in about 10 minutes per person, and the clean up just takes a few minutes. If Jordan finds out he has an important meet at solve, I can cut his hair’s-breadth at the final minute the night earlier. There ’ south no time spent driving somewhere and waiting our plow.

How to Cut Hair with Clippers A good clipper adjust is worth the investment, specially if you will be cutting hair for respective people in your family. We paid about $ 75 for a Wahl brand clipper plant that came with a small spare, and it lasted about 7 years. When it died, I replaced it with the set pictured below for under $ 40 at Target, and it is not the lapp. It does not cut as evenly, and I can tell it will not last long. My following investment will be a $ 100 Oster post limiter, but that will pay for itself in only two months ! How to Cut Boy's Hair with Clippers The guards are the same for each located no matter what sword you buy. # 1 – 1/8th column inch # 2 – 1/4th column inch # 3 – 3/8th column inch # 4 – 1/2 column inch # 6 – 3/4th column inch # 8 – 1 inch here is Aidan ’ s hair before the haircut. I ’ ll explain my method acting for cutting hair, and then there is a video at the bottom of the position that will show it a little better. How to cut boys' hair with clippers

In the summer, I normally do a # 2 on the back and sides of the boys ’ hair and a # 6 on the top. I blend the two lengths with a # 3 all the way around the headway. In the winter, we normally leave it a little longer and do a # 3 on the back and sides, # 8 on top, and blend with a # 4. How to cut boys' hair with clippers If you just cut with the clippers and stop there, the haircut will placid look a little “ home plate done. ” Touching up around the ears, sideburns, and the back of the neck with a tailored makes it look so much better ! I trim around the ears with scissors : How to do a boys' haircut with clippers And then trim the sideburns in a true line : ( Look at the child from the front while doing this to make certain they are the lapp length ! Ha ! ) How to do a boys' haircut with clippers The finished haircut looks indeed much better ! Aidan added a small gel. ( I can ’ t believe how grow up he looks ! He ’ sulfur turning 11 future month, which makes me feel quite previous. ) How to do a boys' haircut with clippers The back is thus much neat. How to do a boy's haircut with clippers

Tips for Cutting Hair at Home:

  • Cut hair in the backyard or the garage to cut down on mess. Or cut hair in the bathroom. Our bathroom is very small, so we actually just do the kitchen.
  • You don’t need to wet the hair first to cut with clippers. In fact, wet hair is harder to cut. We can’t cut hair outside in the summer because the boys get super sweaty in two minutes. Ugh.
  • You can purchase a hair cutting cape at a beauty supply store.
  • Don’t ever cut hair while your child is wearing polyester pajamas! The hair will never, ever come out! (We had to throw the pajamas away…)
  • Getting a hair stuck in the bottom of your foot hurts like crazy! I usually sweep the hair up, wait a while, and then sweep again. Sometimes the hair is too statically charged to be picked up the first time around. If the broom doesn’t cut it, a quick mopping job with a damp cloth will pick up the hair.
  • For kids who hate getting their hair cut… We’re not above candy as bribes! Our boys know they can have one of those Dum Dum lollypops when they’re done. It also might help to put on a movie to watch while you cut. For Jonathan (age 2), I just cut the whole head one length so I can get done really quickly.

Video Tutorial This video recording is not professionl quality, but hopefully it will give you a better estimate of how to cut hair !

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