How to Cut Crown Molding Laying Flat

In this post, I’m sharing how to cut crown molding laying flat using a compound miter saw!
Crown determine is used add a cosmetic clean-cut where walls meet a ceiling, on the tops of furniture pieces, and even on some window and door trims !
It truly adds a distribute of dimension to whatever you choose to put it on. The entirely downside…it can be confusing to cut correctly.

I shared in a previous blog station here how to cut crown molding standing up in a miter saw.
I ’ ve used that method acting for cutting crown cast for years and found it to be pretty dim-witted, easy to remember, and square .
But just in case you ever run into a encase where your visit is besides minor to cut it standing up, or you barely want to try things differently, here ’ s an alternate way to cut crown molding laying flat in a miter understand .
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What You’ll Need to Cut Crown Molding Laying Flat:

  • COMPOUND Miter Saw (this method only works if your saw can both MITER AND BEVEL your saw)
  • Crown Molding
  • Measuring Tape
  • Speed Square (helpful to double check angles on miter saw and molding)

Types of Crown Molding

Before we dive into the specifics, it ’ randomness crucial to know what kind of crown mold you are working with .
The angles you need to use to cut crown molding laying flat will vary based on the specific style and shape of the crown you are using.
There are thousands of sizes and styles of crown modeling .
however, the most common type of crown mold you find precut in the lumber cubic yard and the boastfully box stores is this profile :
Close up of side profile of crown molding on workbench
You ’ ll normally find this profile in several sizes with unlike rises and runs. The resurrect is how tall the mold is when it ’ south installed and the RUN is how DEEP the model sticks out once installed .
notice that this dash particular vogue is taller than it is thick, which means that the inside angles can ’ triiodothyronine be 45 degrees .
They ’ re actually 38° and 52° .
So the follow instructions work for this type of crown mold .
Close up of crown molding standing up on workbench showing rise and run and angles at corners
There are other, less common shape styles that may be 45 degree angles ( or something else ), but most likely, your off-the-rack crown will be 38-52 .
If you aren ’ thymine certain what yours is, you can measure your rise and run dimensions and do a little geometry to figure out your molding ’ randomness angles .

How to Set up Your Miter Saw To Cut Crown Molding

For basic 90° corners, there are some “ magic trick numbers ” you want to remember. But, fortunately, most miter saws have them specifically marked to make it easier .
The miter is the pivot angle of the blade. Notice that the 31.6 degree is specifically marked .
Close up of miter saw mitered to 31.6 degrees
The bevel angle is the blade tilt. You typically adjust this on the back of the learn and some saws will tilt both directions and others will only tilt one direction .

notice that the 33.9 degrees is specifically marked .
Close up of miter saw beveled to 33.9 degrees
now you can make your cuts ! Just make sure to pay close attention to the direction of the cut on the part and whether you are cutting for an at heart or an outdoor corner .

Cutting Inside Corners

Inside corners are like the corners that form on the inside of a room. They form more of an “ enclosed ” character space .
When installing crown molding on an INSIDE CORNER, you need to keep two things in mind :

  • The bottom is longer than the top
  • The back side is longer than the front

Image showing cut end of crown molding for inside corners
so, take note that when you make your cut, that the see will cut the while this way .
here ’ s a real like model of these pieces on an inside corner for a ocular :
Arrows pointing to inside corners of crown molding on kitchen cabinets
You can flip the while around in the saw, or swap mitering from the left or right side ( vitamin a farseeing as you keep the slant the same ) in ordering to cut the part the correct direction .
Below is an example–note that the bottom of the pennant modeling is toward the back, so when the cut is made, the piece on the left of the blade will be cut for an inside corner–bottom longer than top and back side longer than front .
Close up of crown molding placed in miter saw to make an inside corner cut

Cutting Outside Corners

Outside corners are the corners that “ stick out ” into a distance .
When cutting crown molding for OUTSIDE corners, you need to keep two things in take care :

  • The top is longer than the bottom
  • The front side is longer than the back

Close up of cut end of crown molding for outside corner
so, take note that when you make your reduce, that the understand will cut the piece this means .
here ’ s a real life example so you can get a ocular :
Arrow pointing to outside corner of crown molding on built in library shelves
You can flip the part around in the see, or swap mitering from the left or right side ( a long as you keep the angle the lapp ) in order to cut the piece the compensate focus .
Below is an example–notice that the lead of the crown is toward the back and when cut, the patch on the right will be cut for an outside corner. The top will be longer than the bed and the front will be longer than the back .
Close up of crown molding placed in miter saw for an inside corner cut
And, the while on the left would be an inwardly corner cut–so, you can see, there are multiple ways to set up your cuts. Flip it around as needed and merely pay attention to cut them the manner you intend to .

For Cuts on Corners Not 90 Degrees

To be honest, once you steer off from 90 academic degree corners, cutting crown molding categoric in the miter saw gets a little complicated .
You can find a chart here with some numbers that may help, and another here, or, you can figure out the angles yourself using a little trigonometry .
however, I find that it ’ s a distribute easier to just cut it standing up in the experience rather .
Shara Woodshop Diaries holding crown molding in miter saw standing up
I have a full post on how to cut crown molding standing up in the miter saw here. That post besides includes tips on how to adjust as need if your walls ( or cabinet, etc ) are a fiddling off square .
I besides explain how to splice two pieces of crown molding together in that post a well, so it ’ south broad of extra information you might find helpful while cutting crown shape 🙂
once you ’ ve cut your molding, it ’ sulfur time to install it. Check out this post to learn what type of nail gun is best to use to install moldings and trims.
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Pinterest collage image showing crown molding flat in miter saw at bottom and close up cuts for inside vs outside corners at top with text "how to cut crown molding"
Until next meter, friends, happy building ! 🙂

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