How to Cut Crown Molding with a Miter Saw

In this post, I’ll show you how to easily cut crown molding with a miter saw.
Close up of crown molding installed on window trim
This is a utilitarian skill to learn that you can apply to many future projects !
Before we dive into cutting, let ’ s discuss what crown molding is for a moment and how it ’ south typically shaped.

The Anatomy of Crown Molding

Crown molding comes in many sizes and styles. You ’ ll notice, though, that most types have these features–a flat surface at the exceed, a flat surface at the buttocks back, and the “ corner ” section is hollow when installed .
Diagram of crown molding sections
You may occasionally run into “ solid ” crown mold options where the corner section is solid, but it ’ s not as common .
note that the bottom, in many cases, has a flat airfoil sphere that ’ s larger than the top. You ’ re typically nailing through the bottom, so the larger surface sphere allows for more board to nail and a more impregnable detention .
besides, the flat clear and flat back sections are 90 degrees to each other so these should fit square into a corner–like the corner where a wall meets a ceiling .
Computer diagram showing crown molding butted up to ceiling and wall
Of course, not every application using crown model is for walls and ceilings. In many cases, I use crown molding for furniture pieces to give it some supernumerary detail. And in this case, I used it to trim out a window.
Check out some furniture projects using pate model here :

No matter how you ’ re using it, the steps to cutting it are still the same. I ’ ll indicate you below .
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To Cut Crown Molding, You Will Need:

  • Miter Saw
  • Crown Molding
  • Measuring Tape
  • Speed Square (helpful to double check angles on miter saw)

You can cut crown molding many ways, but a miter examine is a immediate and easily means, so that ’ s what I ’ meter share hera .
Crown determine can be installed in different orientations. I ’ ll discus in detail below, but first, let ’ s compare inside vs. outside corners .
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Crown Molding on Inside Corners

Inside corners are corners that meet together to form an internal angle–like the corner of a room. These are corners that don ’ thymine bulge outbound, but alternatively, kind of form an “ enclosed ” outer space .
The key thing to remember when cutting crown molding for INSIDE CORNERS is that the bottom is longer than the top.
Diagram showing crown molding with end cut for inside corner
Below is a real life example. Notice that on the inside corners, the penetrate of the crown protrudes further into the corner than the top, making it longer .
Kitchen cabinets showing two types of inside corners
In this example, the corner on the right is a 45 degree corner and the corner on the leave is a 90 degree corner. I ’ ll discus that more below .

Crown Molding on Outside Corners

Outside corners are corners that meet together to form an outside angle–one that protrudes outbound into a space. An exercise of an outside corner would be the corner of a bookshelf that sticks out into a board .
The key thing to remember when cutting crown molding for OUTSIDE CORNERS is that the top is longer than the bottom.
Diagram showing crown molding cut for outside corner
Below are some real biography examples. Notice that on the outside corners, the acme of the crown sticks out farther than the penetrate, making it longer .
Collage showing bookcase on left and corner kitchen cabinet on right
In this model, the exit double shows a basic 90 degree outside corner and the correct prototype shows a 45 academic degree outside corner. I ’ ll discuss both of these more under .

How to Place Crown Molding in the Miter Saw

When using a miter go steady to cut crown molding–whether you ’ re cutting an inside or outside corner, you want to place it into the saw UPSIDE DOWN .
place the flatcar section of the bottom against the vertical see fence and the categoric top section flat on the see base .
Shara Woodshop Diaries holding crown molding in miter saw upside down
It ’ sulfur very authoritative to make sure the cast is set into the go steady nice and square. Make indisputable the directly sections at the clear and bottom are FLAT against the back argue and the visit base .
Diagram detailing crown molding position in miter saw fence
When you make your cuts, make surely to hold this position firm to avoid the while switch .
HELPFUL TIP: If you notice that the ends on your cuts aren ’ thyroxine lining up identical well, it ’ s probable that the firearm wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sitting square in the watch .

Cutting Crown for 90 Degree Corners

To make cuts for a 90 degree corner, adjust your miter saw ’ second MITER ANGLE to 45 degrees. Use a accelerate square to double check that the 45 degree miter saw arrange IS ACTUALLY 45 degrees .

NOTE: Keep your miter saw ’ s BEVEL ANGLE set to 0. You only need to adjust the MITER slant here .
Depending on which side of the corner you are cutting and whether it ’ s an inside or outside corner, you may have to miter to the right or to the left. This is where you have to pay close attention .
Remember that for inside corners, the bottom is longer than the top and for external corners, the top is longer then the bed. so, place your man in the see top toss off and turn the miter lean based on what you need .
If you ’ re cutting the left english of an outside corner ( shown in diagram below ) or the right side of an at heart corner, you ’ ll turn 45 degrees to the leave .
Diagram showing outside corner cut on end of crown molding
If you ’ re cutting the right slope of an outdoor corner or the left side of an inwardly corner, you ’ ll miter 45 degrees to the correctly .
Miter saw mitered 45 degrees with crown molding placed in upside down
For me, it ’ randomness easiest to just remember 3 things :

  1. Upside down
  2. Figure out which side (top or bottom) should be the longest in your situation
  3. Adjust 45 degrees that direction

A Note About Adjusting angles:

In real number life sentence situations, you may not be working with EXACT 90 degree corners as things are rarely ever precisely perfect. If it ’ sulfur close, a small glue, caulk and/or putty will work to fill little cracks .
But if your corners are several degrees off, you can adjust each cut slightly off 45 degrees to compensate.

  • For corners slightly OVER 90 degrees, adjust your cuts ½ degree less than 45 for every degree the corner is over 90.
  • For corners slightly UNDER 90 degrees, adjust your cuts ½ degree more than 45 for every degree the corner is under 90.

Cutting Crown for 45 Degree Corners

To make cuts for 45 degree corners, the process is precisely the like as cutting 90 degree corners, lone this time, you adjust the miter angle to 22.5 degrees rather of 45 .
Follow the same rules for inside and outside corners, just change the cut slant .
Diagram drawing of crown molding cut at 45 degree inside corners

Measuring Crown Molding

Measuring crown molding–especially if it ’ s a long piece–can be a little challenging. rather of actually MEASURING, many times, I find it easiest to hold the assemble in home and good scratch where it needs to be cut .
But sometimes ( specially for inside corners ), you can ’ thymine always hold it in position and mark it. so sometimes you do have to measure .
once you measure for how retentive of a assemble you need, keep in mind that the region that the measurement needs to be transferred to is the flat separate on the back at the bottom .
Back side of crown molding with measuring tape showing how to mark on flat bottom section where to cut
This is the share that gets secured to the wall/piece of furniture so it ’ s the part that needs to fit where you measured ( assuming you measured the wall/piece of furniture ) .
once I make my scratch, or my measurement, I like to trim it a fiddling long ( about ⅛″ to ¼″ ), then cut a little off ( half a blade width ) at a time and test it until I get a perfective fit. When I say “ switch off to fit, ” that ’ s what I mean. I literally cut it until it fits haha .

Splicing Long Pieces of Crown Molding

The great thing about moldings is that they are normally fairly easy to splice together if you have a truly long objet d’art, or you ’ re trying to use up some light pieces you don ’ thymine want to waste .
To splice pieces of pate together, you plainly cut the end of one piece with a 45 degree bevel and the goal of the adjacent man with a 45 degree bevel the other way so that one overlaps the early .
Exploded view of spliced crown molding pieces with 45 degree bevels
To cut this bevel, place the big, compressed “ corner ” section of the back of the crown cast flat up against the back fence of the miter see, and swerve with a miter angle of 45 degrees .
Position of crown molding in miter saw fence to cut splice bevel
To splice together, apply a small glue to the joint, complete in rate, and putty over the seam once dry .
Shara Woodshop Diaries splicing crown molding on bookcase at ceiling
now you know how to measure, cut, splice crown molding for your future furniture or home improvement project !
Check out this mail to learn which type of nail gun is best to use when installing crown molding.
And if you ’ rhenium looking for some projects to practice on, here are a few favorites :
I hope you found this helpful and if you ’ d like to see more carpentry basics, read/write head over to the Getting Started Page!
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Until adjacent time, friends, felicitous build ! 🙂

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