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You do not have to reach far to the sky for this tropical fruit, as it can be likely found at your nearest grocers ! Star fruit can be found by and large from late summer to late winter months. Star yield is described as a balmy, however floral-like relish and highly noticed for its ( as the diagnose suggests ) star-like shape. Learn how to eat and cut a star fruit here !

How to Cut a Star Fruit

Before cutting into the star topology fruit, make indisputable its ripened for best tasting. A ready-to-eat, ripe ace yield will appear primarily bright scandalmongering. It may besides be complimented with light green and a black brown along the five ridges. Though known to be blue, the flesh should feel firm to the touch. After finding your perfect star fruit, it is time to get to cutting !

  1. Rinse off star fruit or lightly wash with a vegetable brush.
  2. On a cutting board, lay down the star fruit vertically.
  3. With a sharp knife, thinly slice off the brown, outer edges along the five ridges or “star points.” As a side note, the waxy skin can in fact be consumed! Just be sure to wash it off well.
  4. Turning the fruit on its side or horizontally, cut off the stemmed point. The other side will be more flattened.
  5. Start cutting the edible fruit into desired thick or thin slices – you will start to notice nature’s star-shaped fruit!
  6. Within the stars, delicately cut out and discard any seeds.
  7. Enjoy the fruit in the following six ways listed below!

How to Eat a Star Fruit

1. “Lone Star”

Simply enjoy asterisk fruit on its own ! Within the skin upholds a juicy flesh that is simply desirable, though consume ( or not consuming ) the skin is up to the individual ’ mho delicacy .

2. (Star) Fruit Salad

Though yield salads never tend to lack color, they may fall short on shape diverseness. alternatively of bite-sized yield chunks covering the fruit salad ’ s entirety, enhance the ocular aesthetic with the unique determine of leading yield !

3. Star Fruit Upside-Down Cake

pineapple inverted cake barely got a singular, sanitary twist ! Using lessened amounts of butter while incorporating lighter brown sugar and solid pale yellow flour, you do not want to miss out on this dazzling, spice-filled star fruit inverted coat !

4. Star Fruit Quencher

Drink your manner to paradise ! The star fruit quencher features pureed star fruit and extra tropical flavors. Ingredients can besides be adapted to accommodate personal preferences. not a lemon fan ? Swap it out with fresh orange juice. Do not relish the flavor of ginger ? Dismiss it altogether ! experiment with taste variations and serve with a star yield garnishee .

5. Star Fruit Steak

As mentioned, headliner fruit is exceptionally juicy. Marinating the beef with the fruit transfers the liquid to the kernel and offers a signally juicy and tender product. Find the complete recipe here and pair with favored ridicule veggies !

6. Broiled Star Fruit in Ginger

If gazing for a unique recipe, you have looked in the justly management ! This broiled star fruit recipe features affectionate spices that you will enjoy cozying up to on a cool even. additionally, the broiled star fruit can plainly be enjoyed on its own or used to top yogurt or even pancakes !

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