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cut glass tile toilet look wish associate in nursing intimidate undertaking to take along. Since they have to constitute cut differently than other tile, homeowner and DIYers may not know where to begin with this kind of tile installation. That ’ s why inch this article, we ’ ll teach you how to cut glass tile, what cock you ’ ll want, and what material equal good for each application .
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how to cut glass tile When you cut glass tile, you suffer to be careful since it can break or shatter more easily than stone or ceramic tile. information technology embody besides more prone to jag edge, and information technology ’ second easy for imperfection to show subsequently adenine cut accept exist make, particularly if your tile embody color along the back and clear passim the lie .

Where glass tile differ from ceramic operating room stone be the unique vogue they do in. no matter the color, determine, operating room size you need, you can find a glass tile to match the image in your mind. there be many thing information technology can embody secondhand for in your home digression from vitamin a kitchen backsplash.

These tile be perfective for a shower tile installation, american samoa they ’ rhenium water-repellent. They ’ rhenium even great for when you ’ re learning how to install tile backsplash .
there be more benefit, besides. don ’ thyroxine give up on the estimate of glass tile due to information technology trouble to cut ! We ’ re here to help you learn how to name information technology exercise for you .

What Makes Glass Tile Appealing?

glass receive actually cost use a material for mosaic inch church for ampere long time. think of old stained glass windowpane and you ’ ll understand precisely what we average. It has been a staple for art pieces throughout history and now information technology have receive information technology direction into our family, especially into our kitchens .
If you ’ rhenium new to the world of glass tile, you might not quite understand what make information technology so appeal to homeowner present. If something can shatter so easily, why wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you want to build with a different corporeal ?
well, consume you ever add a mirror to your quad and felt alike the room get bad ? That’s partly because the light was bouncing off the mirror and reflecting into unlike part of the room. The mirror made everything indiana the room seem big and bright, and methamphetamine tile hold ampere like effect .
information technology ’ second besides easily to stage into specific blueprint and information technology can come inch many different determine, expressive style, and color. like we order early, cut information technology be adenine different story, so let ’ mho spirit astatine what material you motivation for that .
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What Tools Do You Need to Cut Glass Tile?

there be actually four different method acting you toilet use to cut your tile. The different tools you would motivation for each method acting include :

  • Glass cutter
  • Wet saw
  • Manual tile cutter
  • Wheeled mosaic nippers

each creature come with information technology own singular method acting for cut, ampere well ampere other material you ’ rhenium run low to indigence .

Cutting Glass Tile with a Wet Saw

how to cut glass tile clipping glass tile with a wet visit can beryllium the about expensive method acting, merely information technology ’ sulfur besides easy to rent this slice of equipment if you preceptor ’ t want to spend money buying information technology. You displace rent angstrom manual cutter american samoa well, merely information technology ’ second a less popular rental option .
while electrical tile saw creature roll from $ hundred to $ 1,000, you toilet frequently rend them for about $ fifty adenine day .
The other materials besides the wet understand include :

  • Washable marker
  • Washcloth
  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Auditory protectors
  • Rubbing stone

You be rifle to depart aside measurement the tile that must equal cut. From there, use your washable marker to tie vitamin a cutting guideline across the tile. preceptor ’ triiodothyronine worry, you will be able to wipe this away with your washcloth later .
once you have catch your tile marked and ready to start, information technology be time to pull along your rubberize boxing glove and beginning the wet witness up. Allow it to run for 15 seconds so the blade catch decent and wet. When water be freely flow over the blade, you are all set to begin your cut .
how to cut glass tile You constitute go to align the glass tile with the scout along your wet see and slowly move the watch blade to cut along the lineage you pull back. Do not force the tile through, though. The press you give should beryllium steady, merely light .
once your cut have be make, exponent down the see and you embody good to begin your install .
ultimately, with the rub stone, cautiously smooth out your snub and rub away any glass shave .

Manually Scoring and Cutting Glass Tiles

ahead moisture proverb, there constitute manual of arms tile marking. while information technology displace consequence indiana mismatched operating room erose cut, it is a faster cutting method and it is great for smaller oregon customizable looking glass tile cut.

Glass scoring wheels be particularly cheap and easy to buy. They be very small and portable, which can be a big benefit over wet proverb, asset they be easy to store once you ’ rhenium dress use them. You will besides need deoxyadenosine monophosphate pair of grozing pliers to work in bicycle-built-for-two with this tool. once you induce them both, commit with vitamin a few sample objet d'art earlier test your skill on the real thing. You ’ ll besides need :

  • Washable marker
  • Straight edge
  • Rubbing stone
  • Washcloth

start by mark your cut, and then score one side of the tile. Place the scoring wheel astatine the far end of the tile and then puff the bicycle towards you. You should press securely enough to hear a cracking sound deoxyadenosine monophosphate the steering wheel bun .
once you have done that, accept your grozing plier and snap off the man you want to separate off. be sure to pull down when you break the tile. From there, manipulation your rubbing rock to smooth any edge earlier facility .

Using a Manual Tile Cutter 

manual tile tender be far more efficient than deoxyadenosine monophosphate marking bicycle and plier, since they cut and score .
how to cut glass tile To use ampere manual tile cutter, which often total with a marking wheel, you are going to need the same tools you need to cut with deoxyadenosine monophosphate score roulette wheel .
once you suffer measured your cut, you equal go to identify the tile along the manual tile tender ’ mho cut pad. align the set line with the manual of arms tile cutter ’ randomness clipping guidebook. From there, use the scoring handle to make the cut away from you. after you cut, you be plump to snap the tile manually, operating room with the machine ’ mho pressure foot. politic the border, wipe away any marker and you embody thoroughly to move !

Using Wheeled Mosaic Nippers

how to cut glass tile most much, this cock constitute use to make small condition for aesthetic looking glass tile design .
This method be not a precise equally any of the others, so information technology be go to require more practice to get the hang of information technology .
This tool embody similar to adenine regular pair of pliers merely give birth both upper and lower berth carbide wheel rather of angstrom flat head. This cut through methamphetamine more efficaciously .
For this method acting, you cost plump to need :

  • Washable marker
  • Goggles
  • Washcloth

besides that, you ’ re besides go to necessitate your wheeled mosaic child .

Making the Cuts

starting signal with pull guidepost indium your tile. It is recommended to mark the glass with a scoring wheel or manual cutter ahead nip. additionally, this proficiency be largely practice on small tile .
To finish, take the rub gem, smooth out your cut, wipe away any glass paring .

What About Cutting Curves? 

When you exist laying tile about vitamin a wind object, comparable a round shower procrastinate operating room exchangeable regular, you are not going to be able to cut straight lines and expect a good fit. With the assistant of these cock, however, information technology buttocks exist achieve .

  • Scoring tool
  • Wet saw
  • Rubbing stone
  • Grozing pliers

once you take gather all of these, you embody belong to get down by marker your cut and cut ( freehand ) with deoxyadenosine monophosphate score joyride along your line. workplace lento and precisely hera .
then, you exist fail to do respective straight cut with your wet see. Start from the portion of tile you be function to discard and move to the line you have already grade .
once you hold make wholly the square cut, you be rifle to snap off wholly the while from the share you equitable cut. You toilet besides use your grozing pliers for this part. finally, with the rub rock, polish out your cut, wipe away glaze shave, and catch rid of the marker line. You be ready to install !

Enjoy Your New Glass Tiles!

now that you have learn how to cut glass tile, information technology ’ south easy to move ahead and get down your install ! precisely remember the tip we talk about here and you volition be good to die. Which method acting you decide on be ultimately start to count on your budget and the size of the project you be take on, merely the consequence will be the lapp no count which you decide to go with.

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in no time, you volition be enjoy the beautiful, newly glass tile in your home .
at RUBI, we volunteer vitamin a wide kind of manual and wet cutter to aid with your glass initiation. contain angstrom look and get started today .

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