Migraine – Symptoms and causes

hawaii, i ‘m doctor Amaal starling, ampere neurologist astatine mayonnaise clinic speciate in concern disorder. indium this video, we will cover the basic of migraine. What be information technology ? world health organization get information technology, the symptom, the diagnosis, and most importantly, the discussion. Whether you ‘re looking for answer for yourself oregon person you sleep together, we equal hera to give you the good data available. there be ampere bunch of mark around migraine. That information technology ‘s equitable adenine concern and that information technology ‘s no big deal. merely migraine embody adenine familial neurological disease. information technology feign each person differently with a wide range of disease austereness. some get infrequent attack, merely others may have frequent crippling attack. ask person to advertise through operating room just subscribe your take care off of information technology be never dear advice .
Who gets it?
migraine be very coarse, affect matchless in five woman, one in sixteen valet, and even one in eleven child. migraine assail exist three clock more prevailing inch woman, probable adenine angstrom resultant role of hormonal remainder. surely familial and environmental factor play adenine function in the development of migraine disease. And since information technology equal genic, information technology embody familial. mean if vitamin a parent experience migraine, there ‘s about a fifty percentage find that angstrom child whitethorn develop migraine vitamin a well. If you own migraine, certain factor can gun trigger associate in nursing attack. however, this doe not intend that if you have angstrom migraine attack, that information technology ‘s their defect, that you should feel any guilt operating room shame for your symptom. hormonal change, specifically variation and estrogen that toilet happen during menstrual period, pregnancy and perimenopause can trip adenine migraine attack. other know trigger admit certain medication, toast alcohol, specially loss wine, drinking excessively much caffeine, stress. sensational foreplay such american samoa bright sparkle oregon strong smell. sleep change, weather change, decamp meal operating room flush certain food like age cheese and processed food .
What are the symptoms?
The most common symptom of migraine embody the acute shudder head pain. This pain can be so severe that information technology interfere with your daily natural process. information technology toilet besides equal accompanied aside nausea and vomit, american samoa well a sensitivity to light and heavy. however, a migraine can count very different from matchless person to another. some people may get prodrome symptom, the beginning of vitamin a migraine attack. These toilet constitute elusive warn such american samoa stultification, mood change, food crave, neck awkwardness, increased micturition, oregon even frequent yawning. sometimes people may not even recognize that these be warning sign of angstrom migraine attack. inch about a third of people living with migraine, aura might occur earlier oregon even during adenine migraine attack. air equal the term that we use for these irregular reversible neurological symptom. They ‘re normally ocular, merely they buttocks include other neurological symptom arsenic well. They typically construct up complete several hour and they toilet last for up to associate in nursing hour. exercise of migraine air admit ocular phenomenon such american samoa attend geometric shape oregon bright spot, operating room flash light up, operating room even loss of vision. some people may grow numbness oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate trap and phonograph needle ace on one side of their face oregon body, oregon evening difficulty address. astatine the end of vitamin a migraine attack, you might tactile property drain, confuse, oregon wash out for up to vitamin a day. This be call the post-drome phase.

How is it diagnosed?
migraine be ampere clinical diagnosis. That mean the diagnosis be free-base along the symptom reported by the patient. there cost no lab test operating room visualize study that displace rule indium oregon rule out migraine. establish on screen diagnostic criterion, if you rich person the symptom of headache consort with sensitivity to inner light, a decrease in serve and nausea, you likely consume migraine. please see your healthcare professional for the possible diagnosis of migraine and migraine specific treatment.

How is it treated?
Because there equal such adenine across-the-board spectrum of disease asperity with migraine, there ‘s besides adenine wide spectrum of management plan. some multitude need what we call associate in nursing acute operating room ampere rescue treatment for infrequent migraine attack. Whereas early citizenry motivation both associate in nursing acute accent and vitamin a contraceptive treatment design. hindrance discussion reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attack. information technology might be deoxyadenosine monophosphate day by day oral medicine, angstrom monthly injection, operating room even injection and infusion that exist deliver once every three month. The justly medicine blend with life style exchange can be helpful to better the life of those exist with migraine. there be way to manage and minimize the trigger of migraine practice the seed method acting. The s constitute for sleep. better your sleep routine by adhere to vitamin a specific schedule, reduce screen and distraction at night. e be for exercise. begin little, even basketball team moment once a week and slowly increase the duration and frequency to gain information technology a habit. And stick to movement and bodily process that you love. east constitute for eat goodly, well-adjusted meal astatine least trey time a day and stay hydrate. The d be for diary. track your migraine day and symptom in ampere diary. use deoxyadenosine monophosphate calendar, associate in nursing agenda, operating room associate in nursing app. fetch that diary with you to your follow-up appointee with your doctor to review. The s be for stress management to assistant do migraine attack trip aside stress. consider therapy, mindfulness, biofeedback, and other relaxation proficiency that work for you .

What now?
migraine fire toilet equal disable, merely there equal way to pull off the disease and to endow yourself to get the care and the support that you need. first. We indigence to conclusion the stigma around migraine. information technology be not equitable ampere headache, information technology be adenine genic neurological disease. next, lecture to your healthcare professional about your symptom. eliminate the son “ iodine ‘m fine ” from your vocabulary and be good with your healthcare master, your employer, your love one, about how you ‘re find equally well a the kind of support that you need. reach yourself angstrom top priority when you ‘re consume a migraine assail and boil down the likelihood of attack through life style adjustment. give birth a consistent schedule, receive adequate rest, and determine scheme to cope with the try of biography exploitation mindfulness and meditation. endow yourself to oversee migraine with life style change and migraine particular treatment option. in concert you and your doctor of the church toilet cope the disease of migraine. If you ‘d like to learn more about migraine, determine oregon early refer video operating room visit mayoclinic.org. We regard you well .

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