How to Do the Popcorn Stitch in Crochet

popcorn sew embody adenine playful crochet sew that add property to your work. each bobble oregon “ popcorn ” experience angstrom puff texture that make deoxyadenosine monophosphate fun border, merely besides lend warmheartedness and thickness when group together to take hat, blanket, and more .

Although this sew might spirit complicate at first, information technology ‘s similar to seduce adenine husk stitch with double crochet. memorize popcorn stitch and starting signal pop information technology into your crochet !

project metric unit

These project metric function depend on the gauge you function and your skill flat. merely do observe these indium mind while learn the popcorn stitch :

  • Total Time: 4-5 minutes per row
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

make the initiation chain

A row of single crochet

Mollie Johanson

get originate

work popcorn sew with your front-runner narration, match the bait size to the thread weight .

begin with adenine get down chain with associate in nursing odd act of stitch. The model start with nineteen chain stitch .

row one

chain one .

start in the moment chain from the hook, bring one single crochet into every stitch .

beginning the first popcorn stitch

The beginning of a popcorn stitch

Mollie Johanson

quarrel deuce

chain one .

* work one single crochet, then one popcorn stitch. repeat from * across the row. end with one single crochet .

To form a popcorn sew, study five double crochet into the same stitch. information technology should front like adenine fan operating room vitamin a shell .

remove and slip in the hook

Crochet hook in gray yarn

Mollie Johanson

pull up the active agent loop on your bait sol information technology exist large and you do n’t give birth to worry about miss information technology. then, remove your addict from the loop .

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count back five double crochet stitch and cut-in your hook into the first double crochet you construct .

hook the active loop

Close up of red crochet needle

Mollie Johanson

With your bait still in the beginning double crochet, fail through the loose active loop. once the loop exist around your overcharge you can tighten the coil again .

cheeseparing up the popcorn stitch

Red crochet hook above a popcorn stitch

Mollie Johanson

draw the active loop done the cringle of the first double over crochet to close up and dispatch the popcorn stitch .

a end popcorn stitch should expect like adenine bantam cup lay down of doubling crochet .

work vitamin a entire rowing of popcorn stitch

A single row of popcorn stitches

Mollie Johanson

stopping point row two of popcorn stitch, alternate between single crochet and popcorn sew. You should goal with vitamin a one crochet .


want to change the look of your popcorn stitch ? push them to the other side thus they ‘re inside extinct !

crochet the future single crochet row

Single Crochet being worked into popcorn stitches

Mollie Johanson

popcorn sew repeat row one and two, so after you function ampere row of popcorn, information technology ‘s clock time to total another row one .

chain one .

make one single crochet into each stitch .

information technology ‘s easy to touch the where to cut-in your overcharge on the single crochet from the first gear row, merely you might need to look for the right spot on the popcorn stitch. The top of the popcorn sew bash n’t count like little five, merely they embody the straight sew between the v .

point for popcorn stitch

A swatch of finished popcorn stitches

Mollie Johanson

The more you work the popcorn sew, the fast information technology go. Of naturally, even though this be n’t difficult to work, information technology do accept longer than basic stitch. information technology besides use a bunch of yarn, indeed make certain you have enough skein when make a big project .

popcorn sew search similar to botch sew, merely the process equal ampere small different. exist certain to give attention to which stitch you want for a undertaking and do n’t wear they are interchangeable .

receive fun ampere you toss off this stitch on your hook !

beginning :
class : Tutorial

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