How To Copyright a Book: A Definitive Guide

so you want to copyright your book and protect yourself from intellectual property pirates ( and other potential threats on the publish high seas ) ? Well, you ’ ve issue forth to the correct place .
In the second partially of this guide to publishing copyright, we ’ ll explain what copyright is and whether you actually need to register it. But for now, let ‘s get into it. here ‘s the simple 7-step process on how to copyright a book .

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You can find the US Copyright Office ’ s landing page at There is the option to submit a newspaper application, but the cost is importantly higher ( $ 125 filing fee ) and you may have to wait between 10 and 15 months for processing.

2. Select the “Literary Works” category

copyright | a screengrab from the copyright office homepage

If you ’ re looking to copyright anything chiefly intended to be read — not lyrics, or a screenplay — click on Literary Works then Register a Literary cultivate on the following page .

3. Create a new account

You will be prompted to sign in to the Online Copyright Office if you already have an report. If you haven ’ triiodothyronine registered a work through this locate before, just tap the connection that says If you are a newly exploiter, chink here to register .
Copyright Office sign up page

On the following page, you ’ ll be prompted to enter your personal information, vitamin a well as a new USER ID ( user list ) and password .
You can register your copyright under a pen list subsequently, so do n’t worry besides much about using a legal mention or another alias at this point .

Reedsy ’ s Book Launch Checklist

Launch your book successfully with our tried-and-true strategies .

once you ’ ve logged in, tap the Register One Work by One Author connect under Copyright Registration. This will allow you to access the $ 45 registration choice, preferably than the standard $ 65 cost .
copyright | One work

Note: the Copyright Office ’ s web site advises you to use the Firefox browser for best results. Having tested this on all other major browsers, we can confirm that the Copyright Office ‘s web site is just as surly and outdated-looking on all of them. Don ’ thyroxine concern, though. You won ’ thymine be here for retentive .
Assuming that you ’ re barely registering one book ( and that you are the sole author and copyright holder ), hit ‘ Start Registration ’ on the future page .
copyright | start registration

5. Fill out the details

The next stage just requires you to fill in the details of your reserve, hitting the Continue button after each degree .


once all the details are filled in, and you have reviewed your submission, hit the Add to Cart button at the top and you ’ ll be taken to the payment page .

In your on-line ‘ haul ’, click the Pay – Credit Card/ACH push button and you ’ ll be directed to the US Treasury ’ mho web site where you can complete your payment either by credit/debit card or direct down payment.

7. Submit your work to finish copyrighting your book

once your payment has been confirmed, you will be prompted to submit a transcript of your book. The Copyright Office requests authors to send in the “ best version ” available of your book. Depending on how many editions you have, this will mean :

  • A paperback version, rather than the digital version
  • The hardcover edition, rather than the paperback.

In short, they want the nicest, shiniest translation of your record that you have on offer .
now that you know how to copyright your book, make certain you check out Part Two of this lead .

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