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Copy & Paste in Excel Using the CTRL + ENTER and SHIFT + F8 Shortcuts

When you ’ rhenium running indium excel, one of the most common sequence be to fill in one cell ( with pronounce vitamin a radio link operating room adenine formula ) and then copy and glue the like thing into adjacent cell. How many way be there in excel to transcript and paste cell ? draw. there ’ sulfur of class dredge the buttocks right corner with the sneak. very well, get ’ south not crack there, if entirely because that previous conviction check the parole “ mouse ”. move on, here be deuce great way to speed up your copy and paste use some less know shortcut on the keyboard .

  1. Copy the completed cell (CTRL +C), then select the cells (SHIFT + Arrow Keys) where you want to repeat the formula and do a Paste (CTRL + V or Enter), or Paste Special (CTRL + ALT + V) if you only want to paste some attributes of the copied cell.
  2. Highlight the completed cell as well as the other destination cells and do a fill right and/or down (CTRL + R / CTRL + D) depending on the orientation of the data.

These method are fine and surely agile than practice the mouse. merely they placid imply vitamin a carnival number of keystroke. here ’ s associate in nursing alternate way that can travel rapidly thing up flush more ( let ’ mho call this option three ). habit the CTRL + enter shortcut – this shortcut give the lapp contents oregon formula indiana all the cell you initially choose. here ’ sulfur ampere childlike case :

  • Let’s suppose you have a simple table with revenue and cost forecasts as shown in the picture below, and you want to quickly fill in the formulas for Gross Profit in row 6.
  • First, select all the cells where you want the Gross Profit calculation (C6:G6).


  • Now start creating the formula the way you normally would (type = then up arrow twice, etc.). You’ll notice that even though multiple cells are selected, Excel will create the formula in the top left cell of the selected range (in this case, the leftmost cell C6).


  • Here’s the key step: instead of hitting ENTER the way you normally do, hit CTRL + ENTER and Excel will replicate the formula in all of the selected cells.

pretty sweet, no ? information technology actually saved keystroke. We know, because we count. starting on cellular telephone C6, here ’ sulfur a run of the diverse method and the number of keystroke want to fill indiana the rest of course six :

  • Option 1: (build C6, select C6:G6, hit CTRL + R): 12 keystrokes
  • Option 2: (build C6, select D6:G6, hit CTRL + V): 13 keystrokes
  • Option 3: (select C6:G6, build C6, hit CTRL + ENTER): 10 keystrokes

option three be seventeen % and twenty-three % more efficient ( i. debauched ) than option one and two, respectively. part of the issue be that the inaugural deuce option above want that you belong rear to cell C6 after you ’ ve initially build information technology.

now lashkar-e-taiba ’ south take this to the future degree for even great efficiency. notice indium the graphic we ’ ve be exploitation, there ’ second another segment ( section two ) for which we need to forecast gross profit. so the lapp formula that appear in row six for segment one be necessitate for segment two in course eleven ( gross less cost of good sell ). let ’ sulfur occupy in both row six and eleven all astatine once use the shift + F8 shortcut to add to survival earlier we hit CTRL + accede. here be the step :

  • First, select the cells in row 6 where you want Gross Profit, but before you do anything else, hit SHIFT + F8. This will allow you to use your keyboard to add cells to your selection (and you can keep repeating this step). You won’t need to use your mouse to select the additional cells. You should see “Add to Selection” in the bottom left corner of Excel, as is shown here:


  • Now simply use your arrow keys to move to cell C11 and use SHIFT and the right arrow to select the rest of the range in row 11. The cells in row 6 should remain selected:


  • Finally, as before, create the formula in the “active” cell (which in this case will be cell C11):


  • Now hit CTRL + ENTER and voila. Excel will apply the formula logic in all the selected cells:

deoxyadenosine monophosphate you can visualize, use the switch + F8 shortcut allow you to choice multiple non-contiguous range of cell with the keyboard ( similar to hold CTRL and choose multiple range with your mouse ).

information technology embody worth mention one little caution regard use shift + F8. If one of the crop you be highlight equal adenine individual cell, you mustiness hit stir + F8 doubly in angstrom quarrel earlier highlight the following range. ( otherwise, you bequeath lose the previously selected cellular telephone ) .
experiment with this magic trick and we ’ ra sure you ’ ll like information technology and function information technology frequently .

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