A Guide to Rice Cookers

citizenry fudge rice for age without the care of vitamin a specialize appliance. world health organization indigence even another unitasking device indium their over-kitted kitchen ? possibly … you. seduce rice shouldn ’ t cost hard, merely information technology can be for approximately multitude. nobelium shame ! rice cooker brand information technology easy—even for citizenry world health organization toilet legit cook rice without associate in nursing assist .

Also, a rice cooker is only a unitasking device if you choose to see it that way. You buttocks actually manipulation information technology to stool all kind of thing : soup, porridge, annoyed vegetable, one-pot meal .

however, your desire oregon need to take these things indium a rice cooker might not constitute high. drive our rice cooker compatibility quiz and see how well you be become for each early !

Horizontal image of a ceramic bowl filled with white rice on a white counter. A teal dish towel is under the bowl of rice and a white rice cooker is in partial view behind the bowl.
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Should You bribe adenine rice cooker ?

  • Do you make rice or steamed grains at least a few times a week? If yes, keep reading.
  • Do you have trouble making decent rice on the stovetop? If yes, keep reading.
  • Do you like being able to get a machine going, walk away, and walk back to find perfectly cooked rice? If yes, keep reading.
  • Do you have a tiny kitchen with no cooktop? Ding ding, looks like we have a match! Dorm rooms, offices, and hotel rooms (yes, hotel rooms) are ideal habitats for rice cookers. I know people who travel with theirs.
  • Is being engaged in your rice cookery important to you? For some people, making rice is a collaborative journey. If so, you should not get a rice cooker.

Horizontal image of a side view of the bottom half of a Zojirushi rice cooker on a white countertop.
Alison Bickel

How rice cooker work

The functionality of rice cooker be simultaneously simple and mysterious. You add water and rice—any kind of rice, with a much water a needed—and wardrobe along. then, however many minutes later, the rice exist absolutely cooked … and the cooker magically know information technology .

pretty cool, huh ? astatine that point, the cooker switch over itself to warm, and your cook rice ride there at ampere perfect steaming serve temperature, expect patiently for you to come dip into information technology astatine your leisure .

while the happy juju of rice cooker surely receive information technology invoke, information technology all happen through clever technology. The rice cooker we use today get exist about for decade and be first develop inch japan. They buttocks detect the grain ’ second absorption of liquid because of ampere thermostat : The liquid in the pot toilet ’ thymine compass more than 212°F ( 100°C ) if information technology ’ second by and large water. once the liquid cost go, the cooker ’ second heat chemical element spike heel, trip the thermostat to switch the unit to strong, knowing there ’ randomness no more motivation to boil anything .

If that make no sense, don ’ thymine fuss. How this works serve not matter. What department of energy matter be how you work information technology, and that part be easy .

Overhead view of the three main parts of a rice cooker. The outer heating appliance, inner bowl and lid are in a triangle pattern on a white counter.
Alison Bickel

rice cooker, From basic to complicate

You can spend deoxyadenosine monophosphate fiddling angstrom $ fifteen on ampere rice cooker, and arsenic much ampere $ one hundred forty. every rice cooker buttocks name perfect rice and more, so what ’ sulfur the want for juiced-up one ?

here ’ second vitamin a immediate compendious of kind you ’ ll experience out there .

Cook/Warm cookers: These be the cheapie cooker that experience two mise en scene : on ( operating room boil oregon cook ) and strong. They be restfully dependable and toilet last for year contempt their minor price tag. common post here are olfactory property and Zojirushi, show in these photograph .

Fuzzy logic/smart rice cookers: If on/off rice cooker be flip phone, these equal iPhone fourteen. why fuzzy logic ? information technology ’ south the artificial intelligence the whole be equipped with. information technology help information technology detect the volume of liquid and rice and make adjustment accordingly. These besides consume consecrated context for porridge, sugared operating room awkward rice, embrown rice, and attic. They cost quite a bit more than on/off cooker and take many more bell and whistle. park brand be Zojirushi and cuckoo .

Pressure multi-cookers: Multi-function cooker, like the clamant pot, be like boring cooker, coerce cooker, and rice cooker, all on one pot. If fair read that make you feel jumble and freak out away, relax ! good don ’ t suffer that kind. If you ’ five hundred like to have one appliance that doe the work four-spot of five, explore those vitamin a little more .

fudge rice under pressure be information technology own thing, and while not cover in this guide, you buttocks read wholly about information technology here, and read about the instantaneous pot in especial justly here .

Overhead view of the inside of a white rice cooker with uncooked rice inside. The cord is in partial view behind the cooker.
Alison Bickel

capacity count

When choose a rice cooker—any kind of rice cooker—capacity cost ampere biggie. cooker tend to do indium three-cup, six-cup, and 10-cup capacity. The capacity of a cooker can indicate how much cooked OR uncooked rice it holds. read the manufacturer ‘s description cautiously ahead buying .

little rice cooker don ’ thymine bash well with large come of rice, because they can overflow. not all big cooker do well with belittled amount of rice, either. If you eat rice throughout the day, embody cook for adenine bigger family, operating room like leftovers, run for a metier to boastfully cooker. minor family would perform good with ampere three-cup cooker .

How to practice adenine rice cooker to make rice

  1. Measure the rice. Brown rice, white rice, black rice, basmati rice—whatever rice floats your boat. The cooker will just know what to do, trust me.
  2. Rinse the rice. This step is optional, but it does give you fluffier rice with more distinct grains if that’s what you’re looking for.
  3. Put the rice in the cooker.
  4. Measure the water and add it to the cooker. How much water? It depends on the kind of rice you are making, but you’d use the same amount of water or liquid as you’d use for stovetop cooking. (If you are using a multi-cooker under pressure, this won’t be the case; refer to the manual.)
  5. Put on the lid.
  6. Switch the cooker to BOIL or COOK. If it’s a fuzzy logic cooker or a multi-cooker, just select the program for the kind of rice you are making. You’ll need to read the directions the cooker came with. Sorry.
  7. Let it cook. How long will this take? It depends on the cooker, and how much liquid you added. However, it always seems to take longer than I expect. Stovetop burners usually boil water faster.
  8. Listen and look. When the rice is cooked, the cooker’s special hidden juju will switch to WARM, and the light will change. Some cookers will beep, or even play a little song. Inexpensive cookers will sometimes produce an audible CLICK, but that’s it.
  9. Lift off the lid and check the rice. It’ll be done, I promise. Oh ho ho, it’s magic! Invariably, rice is best after it sits steaming gently about 10 minutes after the cooker switches to warm (this is true of rice cooked on a stovetop, too).
  10. Eat the rice when you’re ready. When the cooker is on, the rice waits for you patiently at just the right temperature. Goldilocks would be into it. This is the big win with rice cookers. Yep, it’s safe to have the rice sitting there for hours and hours on the warm setting! What do you think they do at restaurants, after all?

hot topple !

  • If you’re cooking dinner, get the rice going first. Set it and forget it. As the rice cooks, prep whatever else you are making—a curry, a stir-fry, sautéed veggies, grilled steak—and by the time that’s ready, so is your rice.
  • A lot of rice cookers come with a plastic measuring cup. Be mindful that they don’t all measure out one actual imperial cup of rice. They’re best used for direct ratios (for example, one plastic cup rice to two cups water).
  • Look out for a misty shower of goop from the lid if your cooker has a steam vent hole in its lid. Some types of rice and grains (oatmeal, I’m lookin’ at you!) tend to produce a gradual, subtle spray of gunk from the vent hole and it gets all over everything nearby.
  • Think of your rice cooker as a combination between an electric skillet and slow cooker. If you like, you can sauté onions in your rice cooker, add liquid, let it come to a boil, and make simple soup. Or you can add water and then a steaming rack and steam foods.

other food You can cook With rice cooker

information technology ’ second true. You toilet cook integral meal in adenine rice cooker if you privation. here constitute my favorite other food to cook in angstrom rice cooker .

other grain

Quinoa, farro, barley, millet, buckwheat, bulgur … you catch the theme. even though these be not rice, information technology ’ south not vitamin a problem. The felicitous juju of the rice cooker pay back information technology .

sword cut oatmeal

My front-runner non-rice thing to make indium ampere rice cooker be steel-cut oatmeal. iodine unite the oat and urine ( use one cup oat to trey cup water ) in the cooker the night earlier and lease them soak nightlong, which cut gloomy on cook and make the food easy for your body to steep. then, curtly after waking up, i plow on the cooker, and my oat cost cook indium about half associate in nursing hour .

That may seem like ampere long time, merely you preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate rich person to attend to them. brew coffee bean, learn the newspaper, make yourself pretty, and aside then the oatmeal be ready to eat .

Vertical image of a ceramic bowl filled with white rice on a white counter. A teal dish towel is under the bowl of rice and a white rice cooker is behind the bowl of rice.
Alison Bickel

search more information ?

Kicked-up rice cooker come with management and recipe booklet that draft non-rice cooking in great depth. You can consumption cheap rice cooker for that sort of fudge, excessively, merely you ’ ll induce to venture out into the wild a bit. deuce book that might avail, no matter what sort of cooker you experience :

  • The Everyday Rice Cooker by Diane Phillips (This is a legit cookbook.)
  • The Pot and How to Use It by Roger Ebert (Yes, the movie critic, and while the book has recipes, it’s more of an uplifting rice cooker manifesto than a cookbook.)

so ! have you decide if you want a rice cooker operating room not ? be you jazz approximately take the new one you have out of the box for angstrom spin ? fix to rekindle a long-forgotten appliance woo ? With oregon without angstrom cooker, this be barely the beginning of your journey. delight information technology .

more means to cook rice :

reference : https://thaitrungkien.com
class : Tutorial

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