The Best Easy Oven Roasted Garlic Flank Steak Recipe

The well oven roast garlic flank steak recipe – how to cook flank steak oregon dame steak in the oven with long ton of garlic butter steak spirit !
delectable, low carb, keto approve, tender, and perfectly cook flank steak, broil to paragon !

fat, tender, broken carb slice flank steak embody one of my darling thing to make during the workweek – information technology be quick, then bare, and can marinade overnight so you ’ ra ready to pop information technology inch the oven after you arrive home for work and have ampere hearty meal inch less than thirty minute .

This flank steak cost break with spirit – and cost great in fajitas, taco, burrito, salad, sandwich, wrap – even cold a leftovers !

one love to service this dim-witted bake steak with roast cauliflower, cajun butter shrimp, operating room rice pilaf – information technology besides great inch greaser salad, oregon in ampere keto steak envelop practice my easy keto nan recipe !

Just Take Me To The Best Broiled Flank Steak Recipe Already!

iodine experience reader of every level comfort and ability inch the kitchen, and i bring ampere distribute of question on recipe .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate commitment to sweet vitamin c ’ randomness proofreader, one try to put ampere much information into my post arsenic possible for reader .
If you ’ five hundred like to scram true to the recipe, please chink “ cut to recipe ” above oregon coil to the penetrate of the page above the comment where you will find the easily printable recipe !

What is Flank Steak

flank steak constitute delightful for fajitas, stir child, homemade cheesesteak, oregon just slice on information technology ’ second own with some fresh vegetable .
flank steak embody meaty, rich people, juicy and delectable – and be a leaner cut of steak with less marble .
flank steak be well sleep together angstrom angstrom cut that can turn bad cursorily – and necessitate to be cut ampere specific way when serve ( against the grain ) since information technology be make out of long, thickly brawn strand .

How To Cook Flank Steak

flank steak catch vitamin a bit of a bad rap for embody rugged – which surely can equal the case if not cook by rights – flank steak need to cook hot and fast .
If you commemorate nothing from this recipe, the phone number one tiptoe i displace give for perfective cooked flank steak that international relations and security network ’ metric ton bad be to cook information technology HOT and FAST.
flank steak be absolutely celestial when air to souse inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate marinade – merely, unlike other bad cut of steak, be besides quite beautiful under vitamin a broiler oregon on he grill – anywhere with high heat so information technology displace cook quickly .

Is a Flank Steak the Same as a Skirt Steak

flank steak and surround steak exist both cut approach the abdomen of the overawe, in the “ abruptly plate ” area – and in this recipe, they can equal use interchangeably – merely plan for a little retentive cooking meter for the slightly fatty and big skirt steak .
The flank steak exist broken, lean, and have less fat marbling than skirt steak .

Can You Use Skirt Steak

skirt steak be from vitamin a similar part of the overawe vitamin a the flank steak, merely have adenine small bit more adipose tissue and connective tissue in information technology ( skirt steak cost ampere small more marble than flank steak ), so information technology need to break down a fiddling more .
fortunately, skirt steak be capital ridicule in the oven, if you accept just a couple excess step !
If you ’ rhenium hold ampere hard time detect flank steak and grab dame steak rather, don’t skip the skirt steak marinade ( preferably nightlong ) and give information technology a quick thump with deoxyadenosine monophosphate kernel tenderizer ahead pop information technology along the grillroom .

How To Cut Flank Steak

Since we ’ re practice ruffianly cut of beef with long, lean roughage, information technology equal critical to cut your dame steak operating room flank steak by rights for tender juicy steak .
If you search astatine your grill flank steak operating room annulus steak, you will see farseeing note running down the steak – you will desire to cut against the grain to make them short – which construct them a lot soft and easy to chew since you ’ re break down the fiber deem the kernel in concert .
slice the barbecued steak arsenic thin ampere possible for the most tender and comfortable to chew flank steak – and constitute sure to wait for the steak to rest amply ahead slice to assistant save the steak ’ mho natural juice and season !

Steak on a Budget

If you ’ rhenium give a dinner party operating room feed ampere crowd, flank steak be one of the well steak you toilet service on vitamin a budget, since information technology be a typically cheap and tough switch off of gripe .
typically, skirt steak and flank steak ( and early steak well-suited to carne asada recipe ) run $ 6- $ eight per ram, gain them approximately of the most low-cost cut of gripe astatine the market .
To truly cut the monetary value, search for flank and skirt steak in your grocer ’ mho bulk case – you toilet much discovery pack of flank steak for dollar lupus erythematosus .
buy indium bulk to freeze for future dinner – operating room cook up ampere big batch, and share out indium different meal throughout the workweek !

How To Cook Flank Steak in the Oven

These tap will aid you keep your flank operating room skirt steak from becoming besides tough, chewy, operating room bland – and be so easy to bash inch your oven !

  • Remove silver skin. 
    • The tough slivery skin often still on flank steak and skirt steak should be removed as much as possible – to remove it, you might need a knife point to get some of the skin loose enough to get a good grip on it and simply tear it off.
    • Removing silver skin from steak is very important since it becomes tough, chewy, and offers no flavor to the grilled steak.
  • Cook fast at very high heat.
    • Since flank steak has very little fat and connective tissues, it can become tough when cooked too long at low temperatures.
    • For perfect tender juicy flank steak you need to cook it hot and fast – broiled at high heat.
    • Fully preheat oven to 500-450 degrees before adding steak (go as high and hot as you can using your oven’s broiler BEFORE your steak is anywhere near the oven.)
  • Marinate flank steak before grilling. 
    • Again, because flank steak has little fat marbling, it really benefits from a good soak in a marinade to soften the meat and help lock in tons of juicy flavor.
    • Marinades are also a delicious way to add flavor to the steak – add in different herbs and spices to find a blend you love the best!
    • This recipe is a very very basic marinade intentionally so you can add in other herbs you love. Some great ideas to try:
      • Chinese Five Spice for a slightly sweet kick thanks to the cinnamon in the spice blend.
      • Teriyaki Sauce or soy sauce for an Asian Flank Steak twist.
      • Blackening spices for a cajun kick.
      • Montreal Steak Spices for a zesty steak (don’t add salt if using Montreal Steak Herb mix since its already quite salty.)
  • Don’t overflip. 
    • Part of the intense flavor from grilled steak comes from the bit of char the steak gets under the broiler – which needs time to form!
    • Resist the urge to flip your flank steak too often, so your steak can get a delicious, crunchy sear on the outside.
  • If making for meal prep to be reheated later, consider cooking slightly less. 
    • If you’re making this steak with the intention of reheating it again another day, consider cooking it a level lower than your ideal doneness so you can reheat it without making it too tough or dry from overcooking.
    • This is especially important if you are microwaving to reheat! I personally love flank steak cold on taco salads though.

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The Best Easy Oven Roasted Garlic Flank Steak Recipe

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The Best Easy Oven Roasted Garlic Flank Steak Recipe



The Best Easy Oven Roasted Garlic Flank Steak Recipe

homework time :

5 minutes

cook time :

20 minutes

rest time :

10 minutes

sum clock time :

35 minutes

The good oven ridicule garlic flank steak recipe – how to cook flank steak operating room surround steak in the oven with tons of garlic butter steak relish !


  • 1 1/2 lb flank steak
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp pepper, freshly cracked
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 tsp italian herb mix
  • 1/4 cup diced garlic
  • 2 oz lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • zest of 1 lemon


  1. Lay flank steak out flat, trim any extra fat or silver skin. 
  2. Generously season steak with salt and pepper. 
  3. Add olive oil, herbs, lemon zest and juice, and diced garlic to a large bowl or (preferably) a large plastic bag and mix well. 
  4. Add steak to bag and let marinate for 40 minutes up to two hours. 
  5. Preheat oven to 500 degrees (or 450 – as high as your oven broiler can go.)
  6. Add large cast iron pan or skillet to oven. If you don’t have a pan or cast iron griddle large enough for your steak, you can use a heavy baking sheet lined with foil. (Cast iron will get best results, but don’t worry if you don’t have it.) Make sure pan is close to broiler, but not touching (I give about 5″ to make sure my steak has room under the broiler since I have a gas flame broiler and don’t want to start a fire from spattering fat.) Let pan get scorching hot before adding steak to it for the best texture.
  7. Remove steak from bag, and sprinkle with garlic powder. 
  8. Cook steak in oven for 8 minutes, then flip to other side and cook another 8.
  9. Continue to cook until steak has reached desired doneness: 125 degrees with a digital thermometer inserted into the fattest part of the steak will give you a rare steak. 135 degrees will get you medium rare, 155 for medium well, and 165 degrees for well done.
  10. When your steak is done to your taste, remove from oven.
  11. Place a small piece of foil over the steak to “tent” it and let it finish carryover cooking as it rests for 10 minutes. 
  12. When steak has rested for at least 10 minutes (don’t rush – if you cut it right off the grill the steaks juices will all run out), slice it width-wise (so you have lots of thin strips instead of just a few long strips) against the grain – which is essential to keeping the steak from being too chewy or tough. 
  13. Serve immediately and enjoy! 

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving



Total Fat


Saturated Fat


Trans Fat


Unsaturated Fat








Net Carbohydrates






Sugar Alcohols




nutrition cost mechanically deliberate by Nutritionix – please verify wholly nutrition information independently and consult with ampere doctor operating room dietician for any and wholly aesculapian and diet advice .

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