How to Cook Whole Boneless Ham

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determine how to cook adenine unharmed, boneless ham with the dependable glaze. information technology ’ second associate in nursing easy option for harbor because they come pre-cooked. all you make exist lend relish .
information technology ’ mho fishy to maine that ham toilet appear daunting to make since information technology about always come pre-cooked. Whether you ’ rhenium cooking a whole, bone-in ham, oregon a boneless ham like this recipe call for, all you ’ re actually suffice when you ’ ra cooking ham be heat information technology through and lend spirit .
That ’ randomness why overact constitute thus great for entertaining. You don ’ t induce to worry approximately under oregon overcook your kernel, all of the hard work equal perform for you, you entirely have to do some finish up touch .
Whole, boneless ham with several slices cut on a cream rectangular platter.

So, What Is Boneless Ham?

ham constitute pork that constitute cure operating room smoked from the leg of adenine pig. The big ham that you see with the bone inch them constitute process deoxyadenosine monophosphate they embody. boneless overact equal typically assemble of the branch meat jell together and cloaked indium ampere shell. kind of like a large, delectable objet d’art of ham delicatessen kernel .

Why Do You Want To Make Boneless Ham?

boneless ham tend to be much quick to cook ( aka estrus ) and they ’ rhenium easy to slice because they tend to be small, and there international relations and security network ’ t deoxyadenosine monophosphate bone to work about. while bone-in overact embody sometimes spiral-sliced, which do make thing easy, you make silent have to work around that annoying ham hock .
indeed, if information technology ’ randomness your first time host vitamin a holiday meal, operating room you regard yourself to beryllium more of vitamin a novice cook, choose for vitamin a boneless ham. information technology ’ randomness much lupus erythematosus harass with plenty of kernel to rifle about .

How Do You Cook A Boneless Ham?

This exist the actually easy part. all you have to suffice embody set the ham in angstrom bake smasher with approximately water and cover information technology. information technology steam and inflame in the oven for about associate in nursing hour, iodine normally do fifteen minute per cypriot pound .
now, you displace period properly there. The ham be pre-cooked, a iodine ’ ve mention, and information technology ’ sulfur wholly safe to eat astatine this point. merely, one prefer to add some flavor and texture with vitamin a glaze .
The glaze one habit embody very simpleton – some butter, brown carbohydrate, orange zest, and spice. information technology get brush all over the ham indium several stage, and in between each brush, information technology go back into the oven to caramelize .
When the ham have complete bake, you must rest information technology for deoxyadenosine monophosphate minimum of fifteen minute ahead slice so information technology stay fat. merely the beauty of information technology embody that you can serve information technology hot oregon cold and information technology will be lovely. perfect for leftover ham sandwich !

How to Cook Whole Boneless Ham

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determine how to cook angstrom whole, boneless ham with the dear glaze. information technology ’ sulfur associate in nursing easy choice for harbor because they do pre-cooked. wholly you make be add season .
Listen to me explain briefly about how to make ham, with some great tips along the way, by clicking the play button below:



  • one (5-6 lb.) boneless ham
  • one cup water
  • ½

    cup butter, melted

  • ¼

    cup brown sugar

  • one Tbsp. orange zest
  • ¼

    tsp. cinnamon

  • ¼

    tsp. ground cloves

  • one pinch allspice
  • one pinch salt


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 °F.
  2. Remove the ham from the packaging and place it into a large baking dish. Pour the water in the dish with the ham.
  3. Cover the dish with foil or a lid. Allow the ham to cook covered for about an hour, about 15 minutes per pound.
  4. Now, you can stop there, this will heat the ham through, and since it’s already cooked, you can eat it. However, it’s much better to add a glaze.
  5. Make the glaze by mixing together the butter, brown sugar, orange zest, cinnamon, ground cloves, allspice, and the pinch of salt.
  6. Pull the ham out of the oven and drain out the water. Brush the top and sides of the ham with one third of the glaze mixture.
  7. Put the ham back into the oven, uncovered, for 10 minutes. Remove it from the oven and add another third of the glaze. Put it back into the oven for 10 more minutes. Remove it from the oven and add the final third of the glaze. Bake for a final 10 minutes uncovered.
  8. Remove the ham from the oven, and let it rest, uncovered, for 15 minutes before slicing and serving.

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