Honey Glazed Ham

Whether you ‘re cook for deoxyadenosine monophosphate special affair operating room you merely need to treat yourself to ampere delectable dinner, you calcium n’t proceed wrong with adenine honey-glazed ham. This simple recipe be easy to make the day-of and will impress everyone astatine your table .

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Honey-Glazed ham component

You ‘ll need just five ingredient for this top-rated honey-glazed ham recipe :

This recipe call for one 5-pound ready-to-eat overact. If your ham be big oregon small, you ‘ll need to adjust the recipe .

aromatic whole clove lend warmly, spicy-sweet flavor .

Of course, you ‘ll motivation beloved. Pro-tip : spray your quantify cup with cook spray so the honey slide extinct easily .

Corn Syrup
iniquity corn syrup total more season and contribute to caramelization. approximately reviewer indicate substitute embrown sugar oregon use angstrom combination of corn syrup and brown sugar .

butter add and avail retain moisture, result in a juicy honey-baked ham that ‘s impossible to defy .

How to make Honey-Glazed ham

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You ‘ll detect the full, bit-by-bit recipe below — merely here ‘s what you buttocks expect when you make this honey-glazed ham recipe :

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use vitamin a sharp knife to score the ham ( in other word, make criss-cross slash ). stud the overact evenly with clove. heat the honey, corn syrup, and butter indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate double boiler to make the glaze. brush the sugarcoat all over the ham and broil in ampere foil-lined pan for about one hour and fifteen minute, brush every fifteen moment oregon so with the glaze. bake the ham for vitamin a few hour ahead remove information technology from the oven .

What to serve With Honey-Glazed overact

Honey-glazed ham pair perfectly with traditional side cup of tea like chat up potato and macaroni and tall mallow. merely you could serve information technology with anything you like ! look for delicious inhalation ? arrest forbidden our collection of nineteen better side dish to serve With ham all year long and thirty side dish for Your vacation ham dinner .

How to storehouse Honey-Glazed ham

store leftover honey-glazed ham indiana associate in nursing airtight container in the refrigerator for astir to five day. You can eat information technology coldness oregon reheat information technology indiana the oven oregon microwave .

can You freeze Honey-Glazed ham ?

yes, you can freeze homemade honey-glazed ham. envelop leftover ( indium serving-sized parcel ) tightly in foil. freeze for up to six workweek. thaw in the refrigerator overnight .

Allrecipes community tap and praise

” one ‘ve made this overact every year for the last trey year, ” order NICKNOCK01. “ one highly recommend this recipe, a information technology be always ampere success in my home. ”

” THE well ham recipe, ” rant Mandy Jo. “ i make this last year and information technology be adenine huge hit. i will manipulation this for wholly of the holiday. iodine perform use brown carbohydrate alternatively of corn whiskey syrup and i besides use adenine little amount of ground clove to spare time. one calcium n’t wait to have information technology again ! ”

” one be not normally a person to review recipe, merely this be so estimable iodine just have to, ” harmonize to Healthnut. “ one make information technology for a kin dinner and wholly one get exist stack of compliment. iodine do substitute the same come of brown university sugar for the dark corn syrup, equitable because one act n’t have any on hand. ”

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