How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone (2023)

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persona on your iPhone embody normally protected vitamin a JPGs oregon PNGs, which function well for most use. however, sometimes information technology ‘s a lot comfortable to station a PDF image than information technology constitute to upload the original file type, particularly when you privation to restrain things like double location and other metadata private. We ’ ll show you how to save adenine picture equally vitamin a PDF on iPhone .
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Why You’ll Love This Tip

  • Avoid compatibility issues when sharing across different devices and operating systems.
  • Group pictures together to create a digital photo album or file an insurance claim.
  • Keep photo metadata, such as image location tags, private.

How to Save a Photo as a PDF on iPhone

Since PDFs are adenine universal file type, preservation associate in nursing image to PDF equal a elementary way to see your file be safe and buttocks equal read by any call operating room calculator without associate in nursing error. For more tip off on make the good manipulation of your apple device like how to safely eject vitamin a USB from your macintosh, sign up for our free tip of the day newsletter. now, here ‘s how to use photograph to make adenine PDF on iPhone .

  1. Open the Photos app and make sure you’re on the Library tab.

    Home screen with Photos app marked.

  2. Tap Select.

    Photos app on Library screen with Select button marked.

  3. Tap the image(s) you want to save as a PDF. A blue check icon will appear in the corner to indicate selected photos.

    Photos app on Library screen in Select mode with some photos selected and a selected icon marked.

  4. Tap the Share icon.

    Photos app on Library screen in Select mode with some photos selected and Share button marked.

  5. Scroll down and tap PrintNOTE: do NOT tap Save to Files now. This will not convert your image to a PDF.

    Photos app Share sheet with Print option marked.

  6. On the Print Options screen, tap the Share icon in the upper right, next to Print.

    Photos printing options with the Share icon marked.

  7. Scroll down and tap Save to Files.

    Photos Print Share menu with Save to Files option marked.

  8. Now the file picker interface will open. Use this to navigate to the folder on your iPhone where you’d like to save the PDF. You can tap “Photo” at the bottom to change the name of the file. When you’re finished, tap Save.

    File picker screen to save PDF.

  9. Now I’ll show you how to open the saved PDF file on your phone to review it or share it.  First, open the Files app.

    Home screen with Files app icon marked.

  10. This will open a file selection screen just like the one you used to save the PDF. Navigate to where you decided to save it.  I put mine in the Downloads folder.

    Files app on the On My iPhone screen with the Downloads folder marked.

  11. In the folder you previously chose, tap the icon for the PDF file. I created a PDF of several pictures of my dog, Scarlet, I named scarlet pics.

    The Downloads folder in the Files app with a PDF named "scarlet pics" marked.

  12. This will open the file in a simple PDF viewer.  You can review the pictures here and if it looks good to you, you can tap the Share icon in the lower left to send it on.

    The "scarlet pics" PDF file open.

now you can use this flim-flam to save any iPhone photograph a vitamin a PDF for easy share without compatibility topic. once information technology exist indiana PDF format, you displace still edit information technology immediately on your iPhone ( and iPad ) use the file app. future, learn how to download adenine PDF from associate in nursing e-mail !

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