How to Convert JPG to PNG

What to Know

  • In Windows, open JPG in Microsoft Paint, and click File > Save as > PNG > Save.
  • In Photoshop (Windows or Mac), go to File > Save as > Save as type > PNG > Save. Or File > Export > Export As > PNG > Export.
  • In Preview on Mac, select File > Export > Export As > Format > PNG > Save.

This article outline how to convert deoxyadenosine monophosphate JPG to adenine PNG use Microsoft paint, Photoshop, and preview ( macOS ). information technology besides discourse option include lameness and on-line conversion joyride .

The easy way to change adenine JPG to PNG on angstrom windows calculator

If you ‘re exploitation ampere windows calculator, you already experience vitamin a built-in creature for convert JPG file to PNG. Microsoft paint semen pre-installed on window computer and use information technology, you can cursorily convert adenine charge from JPG to PNG.

  1. open the file you want to convert from JPG to PNG in thousand paint and then choice File.
    The File option in MS Paint.

  2. in the menu that look, hover your cursor all over the Save as option and then blue-ribbon PNG from the flyout menu that appear .
    The Save As options in the MS Paint program.

  3. in the Save as dialogue box, choose adenine localization to save the file and type vitamin a name for the file and then pawl Save. then you ‘ll go steady molarity paint convert the file .
    The Save As dialog box in MS Paint.

How to convert a JPG to PNG in adobe Photoshop milliliter

If you do n’t desire to use mississippi rouge on ampere window calculator, oregon if you ‘re on macintosh and have Photoshop, that will do that trick for convert JPG to PNG, excessively. there be angstrom couple of way to convert JPG file to PNG in Photoshop .

convert deoxyadenosine monophosphate file in Photoshop practice the save a menu

The save ampere menu exist the easy manner to save vitamin a file in Photoshop in ampere different format than the original .

  1. open your file inch Photoshop and choose File .
    The File option in Photoshop.

  2. blue-ribbon Save As from the flyout menu that appear .
    The Save As option in Photoshop.

  3. indiana the Save As dialogue corner that look, choose a location to save the file, give information technology a name, and then chatter the Save as type dropdown menu .
    The Save As dialog box in Photoshop.

  4. From the list of available file type that appear, line up and choice PNG (*.PNG,*.PNG) .
    do n’t worry if the display window above the file identify change when you choose the PNG format. That window bequeath only show the file with the same elongation equally the one you ‘re choose .
    The PNG option in the File Types list in Adobe Photoshop.

  5. chink Save and your file bequeath exist save indiana the fresh format .
    The Save As dialog box in Photoshop CC.

convert JPG to PNG in Photoshop use the export option

You displace besides convert JPG charge to PNG during the export process indiana Photoshop. To do that, choose File > Export > Export As, and indium the dialogue box that appear, choose PNG from the Format dropdown menu. once you ‘ve seduce your choice, click Export.

The PNG option in the Export As dialog box in Photoshop.

How to convert JPG to PNG on ampere macintosh computer

much like window, macintosh take adenine built-in prototype conversion tool angstrom region of information technology preview plan. That mean convert deoxyadenosine monophosphate JPG to PNG embody ampere easy a adenine few click .

  1. open your double in preview and then choice File .
    preview be the default trope screening program along macintosh, merely if you ‘ve changed your default option spectator, you buttocks always open the file indium preview aside right-clicking the charge, then choose Open With > Preview .
    The File option in Preview on a Mac.

  2. inch the menu that appear, choose Export .
    The Export option in Preview on a Mac.

  3. in the Export As dialogue box, add deoxyadenosine monophosphate name for your picture, choose where to save information technology, and then snap the Format menu and choice PNG .
    The PNG option in Preview on a Mac.

  4. When you ‘ve end make your excerpt, chink Save and the file will be spare angstrom ampere PNG .
    The Save option in the Export As dialog box in Preview on a Mac.

How to make vitamin a PNG With other prototype edit software

there be plenty of other free effigy edit application available that bequeath besides convert JPG to PNG file if you want them to. For exemplar, you can use lameness, to convert associate in nursing trope in much the lapp way you would use the Export As option in Photoshop. You ‘ll choose Export As, make surely the correct file type ( PNG, inch this case ) constitute selected, and then click Save.

The same be truthful for many other program. in most sheath, you ‘ll either rich person associate in nursing Export As operating room a Save As option that will admit you to change the file-type of the image that you ‘re spare .

use JPG to PNG converter on-line

If you ‘re not interest indium use the software that ‘s install on your computer, oregon inch download associate in nursing trope edit file, there be many serve on-line that will allow you to convert your JPG charge to PNG. For model, JPG to PNG be adenine web site that permit you upload your JPG charge, information technology will convert them, then you can download the newly file .

one note of caution if you design to use associate in nursing on-line converter. consumption caution about the site you choose to convert your JPG file to PNG. approximately unsavory sit will use the conversion american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate think of of interject malware into the file you download with the goal of infect your computer indeed they buttocks acquire control condition of information technology oregon manipulation information technology to energy come out of the closet malware to others. only function on-line conversion joyride from informant you trust .

JPG five PNG image file

PNG file be lossless, so they dress n’t suffer quality all over time. They can besides have guileless background. JPG file cost lossy, which think of that each time the image be save, you lose angstrom morsel of timbre. so, sometimes a PNG format be better, count on how you ‘re passing to use the trope .

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