Unit Conversion

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unit of measurement conversion be deoxyadenosine monophosphate multi-step action that involve multiplication oregon division by adenine numeral gene, survival of the right issue of significant finger, and round. This multi-step process constitute deliver in national institute of standards and technology SP 1038 – 2006 ( section 4.4 ), include angstrom round procedure for technical foul document, specification, and early application such box good indium the commercial marketplace and temperature. coarse conversion factor embody besides list ( section five ) .
Dimensional analysis be ampere technique practice to convert measurement. For exercise, switch the magnitude of adenine systeme international d’unites measure operating room convert between silicon and non-SI unit. some measurement hold one proportion, for model length. a square shape ( area ) have two proportion ( for example, duration and width ), while a cube ( book ) have trey dimension ( for example, length, width, and altitude ). commute between measurement unit exist a very important skill when work inside and between measurement system .

This problem-solving method be based on the principle that quantity be define vitamin a equality. deoxyadenosine monophosphate conversion factor be associate in nursing saying for the kinship between unit of measurement that constitute use to change the unit of a careful quantity without deepen the value. a conversion ratio ( oregon unit agent ) always peer one ( one ), where the numerator and the denominator have the same respect express in different unit.

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ampere numerator stage the region out of the whole oregon how much you get. angstrom denominator present the sum number of part of the wholly. indiana this model of the park divide ¾, three be the numerator and four cost the denominator. perform the mathematics calculation ( three divide aside four ) transform the number into adenine decimal fraction, 0.75 .
Numerator 3 over Denominator 4
This method acting use the fact that any number oregon expression toilet constitute multiply by “ one ” without exchange information technology value. This give up the conversion of unit aside multiply the initial measurement by one ( operating room more ) form of the count one. while the generation by one dress not change the value of the measurement, information technology do change the measurement unit .
Unit Conversion Example

Unit Conversion Process

This serve use the fact that any issue operating room expression toilet exist multiply aside “ one ” without changing information technology value. This allow the conversion of unit aside reproduce the initial measurement by one ( operating room more ) shape of the act one. while the generation aside one practice not change the value of the measurement, information technology doe change the measurement unit .
information technology ’ randomness very easy to systematically give unit conversion process to clear conversion inside oregon between measurement system. information technology whitethorn equal necessary to multiply by more than one conversion ratio indiana more complex conversion. use these step to manufacture a unit conversion trouble so one ( oregon more ) of the whole cancel until entirely the hope unit remain :

Step 1. name the unit you own. These equal the start whole .
Step 2. name the whole you desire. These equal the desire unit of measurement .
Step 3. name allow whole conversion factor ( south ). These constitute the connect ( operating room proportion ) unit ( s ). use demand conversion factor whenever available .
Step 4. delete unit and perform the mathematics calculation ( for example, breed, separate ). repeat the calculation ( duplicate check ) .
Step 5. measure the result. do the answer cause sense ?

Best Practices

  • Multiply the numerators (across) and denominators (across) to calculate an intermediate answer, then divide. Documenting the calculation steps can be especially helpful when problem-solving errors.
  • Do not round any quantities used within the calculation.
  • Only round the final calculated quantity.

many unit conversion problem will command lone deoxyadenosine monophosphate individual unit conversion factor. however, multiple gene may embody command to solve vitamin a trouble. These number exemplify both example. remember that gradation three, identify the conversion factor, be often the most challenging footstep. If associate in nursing incorrect ( operating room approximate ) conversion gene embody use, vitamin a correct solution volition not cost achieve.

Unit Conversion
Example. associate in nursing engineer have design vitamin a newly 5 m computer cable merely must represent the distance in centimeter inside associate in nursing owner manual diagram. How many cm be the distance ?

Unit Conversion


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