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Top Ways for How to Contact Uber Customer Service

Are you looking for the top ways to contact Uber customer service ? No tease – we ’ ll give you the BEST ways to contact Uber in 2022, plus extra ways to get your trouble resolved. still have a question after reading this ? Ask away in the comment section below !
Uber is typically faster at responding than Lyft is, so I ’ ll give them credit for that. however, if you ’ re looking for the best ways to cursorily contact Uber and get your matter resolved, keep read.

The two absolute best ways to get answers to your Uber questions ?

  1. Search this site! You can find answers to most Uber questions by searching this site (look for the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner)
  2. Go in person to the Uber Hub closest to you! There is truly nothing like talking to someone face to face to get answers to all of your questions.

While your closest Uber Hub may be closed right now, there are still plenty of opportunities to reach out to Uber on-line and via the app. Take a look below at all the options available to you !
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Uber Customer Support for Drivers and Passengers

Find Your Answer On RSG

If you have a question, I ’ ve credibly already answered it somewhere on the site or in an article, podcast, YouTube video, on the Q & A section or all of the above. I have a handy search function on the right hand sidebar ( if you ’ re or on background ) or below this article ( if you ’ re on mobile ) .
alternatively, you can search this web site or any site for that count by using Google ’ s search function. Let ’ s say you want to learn about ‘driving for uber and lyft at the same time’. You would go to and then type in : drive for uber and lyft
here ’ s an exercise of how you can use Google to search this site. The first resultant role is one of the most popular articles on the locate and it tells you precisely how to drive for Uber and Lyft at the same meter. I besides encourage you to browse the early RSG resources to get help :
If you ’ ve searched the locate and can ’ t find an answer to your question, feel free to e-mail me ! I still respond to each and every single electronic mail so rest assured that you will get a human who knows what they ’ re talking about when you reach out to me 🙂
Uber and Lyft don’t make it easy for new drivers to get help – that’s why I created The Rideshare Guide, your ultimate go-to guide for every Uber, Lyft or rideshare question you could have. The Guide is based on my years as a driver, and talking to and helping out drivers like you. Check it out here .
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Before we get to our 6 tips for contacting Uber, I wanted to check if you’ve started driving for Uber yet? And if you have, did you get your sign up bonus?

If you have not started driving yet, you can get started by signing up here. Your bonus or guarantee will depend on the city you sign up in. You can learn more about Uber driver bonuses vs. Uber guarantees here. Uber doesn ’ thyroxine have a published number of sign-up bonuses by city .
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If you have recently signed up to be a driver, but did not get your sign up bonus, don ’ thymine worry. You can get a ex post facto Uber referral/sign up bonus. Uber allows for retroactive referrals within 15 days of activation so if you have started driving already but did not sign up with a referral code, electronic mail me so I can help you get your bonus .
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Uber Contact Tip #1: Through the App

If you are having any issues with your bill, a trouble with a fare, or have questions that can ’ thymine be found on Uber ’ s support web site, then the best way to get corroborate is by using Uber ’ s in-app confirm .
here ’ s how you get to the avail menu :
How to contact Uber Support Through the App In-app digest is great for bare issues like fare adjustments, reporting a scavenge fee, etc. And Uber seems to be putting a lot more energy and resources into the aid section of the app indeed decidedly play around with the menu and go through all the options .
You can besides use the app to report issues for a specific trip. If that ’ s the shell, here ’ randomness where to find that help menu :
How to report a trip issue through the app In decree to contact Uber, you ’ ll need to go through the avail menu all the way until the end and then if the information they provide international relations and security network ’ t helpful, you can reach out via message or schedule an in-person meet. here ’ s an exercise of how to do it if you ’ ra ‘ unable to go on-line ’ :
If the data on the “ My iPhone says ‘ Network Error ’ ” page is not helpful to you, go back to the previous screen and scroll to the bottom to find how you can contact Uber support .

Tip #2: Contact Uber Support via

Uber ’ mho besides got a robust aid section on-line at hera you ’ ll find a bunch of effective basic information whether you ’ re a passenger, driver, eater ( UberEATS customer ) or restaurant ( UberEATS partner ) .
It has a distribute of the same functionality as the driver app though so if you prefer the app, you ’ re not missing out on anything. Make sure you scroll down and click “ For Partners ” to find specific answers to driver-related questions .
From there, you can get answers to questions about using the app, your account, and common call or app issues .
The argue why I like going here for aid is because the people who write this subject all bring at Uber ’ s corporate position and they cautiously review everything that goes up on this page. When you send a message to Uber, you ’ re going to be dealing with a CS rep who is credibly making $ 10/hr, so you can imagine that their insight and cognition about driver issues will be slightly limited .
One very cool feature that I did find with this page is that when you login/select a city, the web site actually becomes individualized and you can get help based on your specific account. You can then select specific trips for follow-up, or get custom-tailored help for your situation/city .
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In my experience, Uber has dramatically increased their reaction time these days and I often receive responses within 1-2 hours and sometimes flush sooner. now, the responses aren ’ t always the best but here are some tips for dealing with Uber customer service ( CS ) :

  • One question at a time : I honestly think they have a policy of not being allowed to answer more than 1 question per e-mail. Sometimes I will ask two very distinct questions equitable to test them and they will merely answer one. very strange ..
  • Reply if you want the same person : once you get a CS rep, a farseeing as you reply to that Uber e-mail chain, it will go back to the like CS rep. But if that rep goes home for the day or the weekend, it may be a while before you hear back .
  • New email if you want a new person : In forum speak, we like to call this HUCA or Hang Up, Call Again. All this means is that some reps are better than others and much you will get a completely different response ( or possibly even the one you want ) if you merely fair hang up and call again. Or in this case, precisely by sending Uber a new electronic mail .
  • Don’t email the same question over and over : Uber ’ mho system has a built-in sport that will auto-recognize alike queries and put them straight to the back of the queue. so wear ’ triiodothyronine ask the same thing over and over, if anything ask a ‘ newfangled question ’ but figure out a way to slip in your ‘ real question ’ .

Watch my video: The Top 5 Fastest Ways to Contact Uber Support
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Tip #3: Visit Uber Support at Local Office Hours

Uber offers in-person patronize at Greenlight centers across the state and although there can be long wait times ( up to an hour ), the help you get here is the best out of any channels I ’ ve tried .
In holy order to save yourself some time though, I ’ five hundred try on and get your problem solved on your own or by sending a message/calling in before spend a copulate hours going in person .
For the building complex issues though, the Greenlight centers are truly the only ones who will be able to help you. You can search for your city ’ second agency hours by checking your local Uber locate ( Google “ [ your city ] Uber Greenlight Hub ” to find the closest placement to you ), but here ’ s a list of some of the biggest cities and their Greenlight Hub information :
If you don ’ thymine see the Greenlight Hub information right away, click the Contact Uber button .
Uber Driver Customer ServiceUber Driver Support once you click the Contact Button, you ’ ll be able to see one or more Hubs available in a big city near you. Once you find your closest Uber Hub, you can click on it for specific directions, times it is open, and any significant location information .
here ’ s what the information for one Hub in Miami looks like :
Uber SupportUber Support Don’t think it’s worth it to visit an Uber Hub?   Don ’ t take our news for it ! Reader Cynthia [ diagnose changed to protect privacy ] shared her excellent experience by going in-person to a Hub below :

I actually did go to the Greenlight Hub in [ California ] on Saturday, and it was an by chance pleasant experience. The staff was friendly and responsive, and the general vibration of the Hub was very positive. The representative asked me repeated questions to ensure she was accurately representing my case. She took photos of all of my software documentation, and engaged me in the march of drafting the electronic mail to her director. She suggested that I not continue to contact Uber Support by phone as they are a completely separate division, and it could complicate the process… She told me that in the by she was able to contact drivers directly to let them know the status, however, Uber no long allows this type of communication. I left feeling confident that I was heard and being given the consideration I had been requesting for a week. It was basically the polar opposite of my experience with the phone customer overhaul I received on Friday flush .

Tip #4: Contact Uber on Social Media

Uber is fairly responsive on Facebook and Twitter. And in regulate to contact Uber on Twitter, pinch at @ Uber_support with your motion or concern .
Keep it abbreviated ( as Twitter requires ) and don ’ triiodothyronine send excessively many messages for them to follow. Uber should get back to you within business hours via a “ answer ” or a lineal message ( DM ) .
Facebook is however another way you can contact Uber. Similar to Twitter, your comments can be public which tends to encourage companies to answer them promptly and wholly. besides, Uber now has Facebook Messenger back, if you ’ re feeling a bit shy. I ’ ve used this a couple times already and gotten pretty thoroughly support – seems like they ’ ra putting a draw of resources into this mighty now .
Remember, the more specific and precise you can be when asking a interrogate or presenting a concern, the more probably you are to get a response from an actual human. It helps to have dates, times and even dash cam footage of your refer or motion so that Uber has to respond .

Uber Driver Phone Numbers (Contact Uber by Phone)

The two Uber driver numbers are ( 800 ) 285-6172 for emergencies and ( 800 ) 593-7069 for 24/7 back .

Tip #5: Uber Hotline

Critical Safety Response Line: (800) 285-6172

This Uber customer service act is only for emergencies. Make certain all parties are safe, and that you call 911 first if you require contiguous police or aesculapian attention. If you get into an accident while driving, or experience a serious safety or security emergence, this is the only time you should ever call this Uber driver number. I added it to my earphone as “ Uber Telephone Number ( Emergencies ) ” .

Tip #6: Uber Helpline

24/7 Uber Contact Number: (800) 593-7069

In 2016, Uber announced local telephone back and finally released it countrywide but some cities don ’ triiodothyronine have access however. The 24/7 Uber customer service earphone number is : ( 800 ) 593-7069 and while there ’ sulfur normally a 1-2 infinitesimal wait to talk to a rep, the help you get here can be a snatch hit or miss. You can besides call Uber ’ s earphone back from within the avail menu of the driver app :
scroll to the bottom of the main Help page in the app to call support directly .

What Types of Questions Work When Calling Uber Phone Support?

The best questions for Uber phone defend are ones demanding an immediate response. A perfect case is when my app suddenly stopped working. I would go on-line and then it would immediately go offline. I tried rebooting, etc, and nothing helped. So I called technical school defend .
A few minutes late I was talking with a live person who understood my trouble. She asked me to hold a few minutes and then came back and said this was a problem they were aware of and they were fixing. Interestingly enough, the trouble fixed itself by the time she came back to me .

What Types of Questions Don’t Work When Calling Uber Phone Support?

Questions that involve any specialize groups won ’ t work with earphone support. A perfect model is the Uber Fuel Card. That ’ s a special team, and the best that happens when you dial into call accompaniment is that they will open up a support ticket for you in the app. I know because that ’ s the first gear thing I called Uber Phone Support for .
It ’ randomness besides questionable whether or not it ’ s a good theme to use the earphone support system for anything that could get you in trouble, or is about policies. ( A perfect model is mentioned above about how UberPOOL rides are counted towards Quest. )
It is possible, for model, to ask them about the airport pickup regulations in your area. But if the person gets it incorrect and you get in trouble, you will have no record of the answer they gave you .
You could find yourself deactivated by doing something you were told to do over the phone. You might want to limit your telephone support questions to things like “ how do I set a driver destination filter ? ”
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Uber Live Chat

Uber Live Chat is unfortunately not available anymore but we will let you know if it becomes available again .

UberEATS Customer Support

The UberEats Customer Service Number is (800) 253-9377
Uber besides offers UberEATS delivery support ( ( 800 ) 593-7069 ), but you can only call Uber while you ’ re out on pitch ( so not after you have returned home and have an publish ). If you have returned dwelling and noticed something awry with your pitch, you ’ ll need to contact Uber through the app .
so there you have it, those are all of the ways you can use to contact Uber. Uber does have a lot of good data scatter out across the web, but they don ’ thyroxine do a identical good caper of organizing it or promoting it to drivers. I hope that they do a better caper in the future but if not, I ’ ll do my best to keep providing all the apposite information you need to thrive .
Click to learn more about How to Contact Uber Eats .

Customer Service For Uber Passengers

The Uber contact tips listed above are primarily for Uber drivers but most of them should besides work if you are a passenger. If you had a trouble with Uber as a passenger, the fastest manner to get avail is to use their in-app defend tool. If you ’ ve been infelicitous with Uber, you can constantly try the friendly alternative : Lyft ! As a modern Lyft passenger, you besides get release ride credit.

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