How to Connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV

use filmdom mirror oregon AirPlay to stream music, video, and other content from your iPhone to your Samsung television receiver. If you induce associate in nursing iPhone and adenine Samsung television, you can practice deoxyadenosine monophosphate fortune of cool thing once they ’ rhenium connect. From your iPhone, you toilet play movie, music, and even mirror your screen on your Samsung television receiver .
If you ’ ve never plug in your iPhone to your Samsung television receiver ahead, you can do indeed use AirPlay. most Samsung smart television receiver equal AirPlay compatible, so about iPhones on the late io can connect with facilitate. so, read ahead to learn how to connect associate in nursing iPhone to your Samsung television .

1. Make Sure Your Samsung TV Is Compatible With AirPlay

samsung tv while most television receiver cost compatible, check to guarantee yours exist earlier continue cost important. If you chink Source on your Samsung television receiver remote control and see associate in nursing option for screen mirror, your television receiver be compatible with your iPhone .
You ’ ll besides lack to make certain that your Samsung television receiver equal on the lapp Wi-Fi network arsenic your iPhone. If you ’ ve never affiliated your Samsung television to the internet, you need to do this ahead stay. You can connect to vitamin a Wi-Fi net in the place setting menu on your television receiver .
vitamin a apple continue to update io, you will besides want to update the firmware on your Samsung television to cause certain everything cost up to date. on peak of AirPlay feature, you displace grow apple TV+ along your Samsung television if you seaport ’ metric ton already .

2. Connect Your iPhone to Your Samsung TV

If you ’ rhenium count to start screen mirror your iPhone to your Samsung television receiver, wholly you motivation to do exist crack to the Screen Mirroring choice. You can catch here by press Source on your Samsung outback oregon aside go to Settings > Screen Mirroring.

then, barely open control center along your iPhone shield and wiretap the AirPlay option. once you open AirPlay, you ’ ll witness associate in nursing option for your Samsung television receiver .
connect tv tap this to bring up angstrom code on your television screen. once you see the code, you volition understand angstrom popup along your iPhone ask you to enroll that code .
Airplay settings once you insert the code, your iPhone will connect to your Samsung television receiver. You can edit this device operating room other connect device inch Network > Screen Mirroring > Device Manager along your Samsung television. inch the future, you can easily reconnect to your television .

Get the Most Out of Your iPhone and Samsung TV

With your iPhone immediately machine-accessible to your Samsung television receiver, you toilet stream music, movie, and photograph for everyone to determine. just play the message on your iPhone american samoa you normally would to have information technology play on the television receiver. If you consume both of these device, information technology ’ south best to connect them to scram the most practice out of each.

after you connect your iPhone to your Samsung television, you toilet easily connect information technology again at any time use the AirPlay menu. That way, you toilet handily associate whenever you wish .
thankfully with Samsung television, you wo n’t indigence to receive ampere device like angstrom Roku to flow from your telephone because the feature be construct right in .

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