How to Connect Instagram to Facebook

What to Know

  • In Instagram, select profile > Menu > Settings > Account > Linked Accounts > Facebook. Enter your info and choose Connect.
  • Share your Instagram posts and stories automatically by choosing Start Sharing to Facebook. Choose Not Now to share posts manually.
  • Your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook profile by default. To select a page, choose Facebook Profile in the Share to column.

Instagram and Facebook are two popular social networks used by millions of people every day. While Instagram is owned by Facebook, not everyone uses both social networks. It may be helpful to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account thus you can share posts on both platforms concurrently. hera ‘s how.

How to Link Your Instagram Account to Your Facebook Profile or Page

You can only link your Instagram report to Facebook via the Instagram mobile app for io or Android. You ca n’t do it by signing in to your Instagram account on the network at

These instructions apply to iOS and Android. The screenshots show the Instagram app for io .

  1. Select the profile icon from the bottom menu legal profession .

  2. Tap the menu icon in the upper-right corner of your profile .

  3. Select Settings .

  4. Choose Account .
    The profile, menu button, Settings, and Account options in Instagram

  5. Select Linked Accounts .

  6. Tap Facebook and enter your login details .

  7. Select Connect.

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    Linked Accounts, Facebook, and Connect in the Instagram app

  8. To share your Instagram posts and stories mechanically to Facebook, blue-ribbon Start Sharing to Facebook. If you want to leave this disable and enable it later, choose Not Now .
    Choosing Not Now keeps your Instagram and Facebook accounts linked, but now you manually choose which Instagram posts you want to station to Facebook. When you create a newly Instagram military post and reach the caption check, choose Facebook to post on both platforms. ( An extra popup may appear asking if you want to automatically share all posts. Choose Not Now again to keep it manual. )
  9. On the Facebook tab key, your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook profile by default. You can change this so that posts are sent to a Facebook Page you manage .
    To select a page, choose Facebook Profile in the Share to column. A list of Facebook Pages you manage appears on the future tab. Tap any page to select it so you can contribution your Instagram posts to it .
    You can only partake your Instagram posts and stories to one Facebook profile or page at a meter. however, you can choose to share only posts, only stories, or both. Select the buttons beside Share Your Story to Facebook and Share Your Posts to Facebook to turn them on or off .
    Facebook sharing options in Instagram

The Benefits of Linking Your Instagram Account to Facebook

When you link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you ‘ll be able to :

  • Increase the chances of more of your friends and followers seeing your content.
  • Save yourself the extra time from posting the same content on two separate social networks.
  • Select whether you want to post your Instagram content to either your Facebook profile or a Page you manage.
  • Share Instagram posts automatically to Facebook, or manually select the posts you want to post to Facebook from the post caption.
  • Have Instagram photo and video posts show up as Facebook photo and video posts (as opposed to links to the original Instagram posts).
  • Choose whether you want to send posts, stories, or both posts and stories to Facebook.
  • Post your Instagram stories automatically as Facebook stories.

When you link your Instagram report to a Facebook Page you manage rather of your personal profile, you can add an Instagram check on your Facebook foliate.

Unlink Your Facebook Account From Instagram

If you want to unlink your Facebook account from your Instagram account, go to the Facebook pill from Settings > Account > Linked Accounts and choose Unlink Account.

You can link your Facebook report to your Instagram account again at any time by following the steps above. If you decide to relink it, you might not have to log in to Facebook again if Instagram remembers your login details .

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