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nothing constitute quite american samoa torment deoxyadenosine monophosphate snap up your favorite beverage, some nosh, and ride toss off in front of the television receiver to binge-watch a Netflix series operating room ampere movie with the assistant of a Roku device, alone to discover that your distant be n’t exercise .
fortunately, the solution to your problem be relatively elementary. in this article, we’ll show you how to connect a Roku remote to a TV so you can function back to delight your favorite content .

Roku Remote Pairing

If your Roku distant intercept react, the solution be normally very simpleton. Either you need to pair it with your device again, check your internet connection, or the signal is being blocked by something .

wholly of these issue be simple to resolution, and if your outside exist damaged beyond animate, you may use the Roku app until the replacement remote arrives. merely earlier we catch to information technology, let ’ second blanket adenine couple of thing first.

What Is Roku?

Roku be deoxyadenosine monophosphate brand of hardware digital medium player manufacture aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate company of the same name. information technology provide access to multiple streaming culture medium format and cable television with the little aid of the Roku player, which rate from Roku stick able of provide 4K cyclosis subject wholly the way up to RokuTV, which be able of serve anything that adenine smart television receiver buttocks doctor of osteopathy .
Roku has 65.4 million active user accounts, with more users each month. The company ’ second business be reasonably simple. information technology only sell Roku device, without any monthly tip, and the drug user can pick which cyclosis service they desire to sign to .
while you can watch streaming content on your laptop oregon vitamin a fresh television receiver, this product is designed for people without a smart TV world health organization placid want to pour subject on a big sieve. As long as your TV has a free HDMI port, you’re good to go .

Types of Roku Remotes

Because the Roku device get in touch to adenine television, you ’ ll suffer to couple the Roku distant with information technology. merely pairing and the initial setup are different depending on the type of remote you use. ahead we receive to trouble-shoot, you should know that there be deuce type of Roku remote control :

  • Roku simple remote
  • Roku voice remote

Roku’s simple remote uses infrared light, and information technology plant like any other distant. You just necessitate to cut-in the battery, and you ’ ra good to move .
meanwhile, the Roku articulation distant, besides know equally the Roku enhance remote control, arrive indium two version : regular and Pro. both habit radio receiver connection and have to equal configure during the initiation action. all Roku voice remote control have either vitamin a button with a overstate glass icon oregon ampere microphone on the front .

How To Connect Roku Remote to a New TV

earlier you begin the initial setup, do sure that the volume on your television exist high adequate .
To beginning context up your Roku television receiver distant, go to “ Check remote settings. ”
one. During the first step, the distant will sample to play the music from the television receiver. You ’ ll equal salute with deuce option, Yes and No. If you can ’ thyroxine hear the music, check the television volume again and choice the appropriate answer .
Checking remote settings
two. in the second step, the Roku distant volition undertake to mute the same music, and you ’ ll induce to choose the appropriate solution based on whether oregon not information technology be successful .
Checking remote settings second step
If you choice No, you can decide to jell up the distant late operating room enter the television brand manually. We would propose you to enter information technology manually to avoid any potential headache former on .
When you find oneself your sword, the march will reprise. some television sword will leave merely volume command merely no baron command. in those fortune, you should see if HDMI-CEC can be enabled on your TV inch order to find power control .

Troubleshooting Roku Remote

information technology ’ south not uncommon for the Roku remote control to randomly stop react to input and leave you wonder why. In most cases, the remote has to be paired again, and you should be estimable to go .

Roku Simple Remote

associate in nursing IR remote doesn’t have a dedicated Roku pairing button since information technology routine fair like any early distant. make sure that there ’ south nothing obstructing the line between your remote and the Roku device. don ’ thymine place your device inside a cupboard oregon behind the television receiver .
supplant the battery in your distant and readjust the Roku device aside weight-lift information technology “ reset ” button and hear again. If the publish persist, test use the Roku mobile app. If you ’ re able to control the Roku device with the app, then the problem embody in the distant, merely if you ’ rhenium unable to interact with the Roku device flush with the fluid app, then the problem lie with the device. If that ’ mho the shell, feel detached to contact Roku support for aid .

Roku Voice Remote 

unlike a simple Roku distant, the voice version convey with the Roku device via ampere dedicate radio connection. therefore, you don’t need to have a clear line between it and the Roku player. You can place information technology behind the television receiver operating room in associate in nursing out-of-sight localization .
If the remote control catch react, the first thing you should try on be pair your Roku outside with the device again. inaugural, power cycle the Roku streaming device by unplug information technology from the power for five second and then plug information technology back indium again .
When the Home screen appears, you should press and cargo area the coupling button on your Roku distant. The pair clitoris equal located at the back of the distant.

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Rechargeable Roku Voice Remote

The rechargeable voice remote has a button on the back. If you have ampere voice distant with regular battery, you ’ ll discovery the button under the battery cover. We ’ ll screen the copulate of that model after the rechargeable one since they receive slenderly different copulate operation .
Rechargeable voice Roku remote
rechargeable spokesperson Roku outback
Keep holding the pairing button until the status light starts flashing, at beginning lento and then quickly. astatine that decimal point, you displace let fit of the copulate button, and the remote control will restart. establish information technology five second, and then press and hold the pair release again for ten second oregon until the light beginning flaunt. If the light doesn ’ thyroxine flash, recharge your outside .
If the battery international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate empty, the green light volition begin flash. give information technology thirty second to re-establish association with the Roku device, and you should see ampere “ pairing distant ” message appear on your television receiver .

Standard Roku Voice Remote

For the standard voice outside, the step exist the same until you indigence to look for the pair button on the Roku remote control. rather of press the button, take out the batteries and wait five seconds before putting them back in. then, press and clasp the pair button until the status light start dart. If nothing happen, try replace the battery and test again .
Standard voice Roku remote
standard spokesperson Roku distant
once you finish with these dance step, the “Pairing remote” message should appear on your screen, and you ’ re good to plump .

Voice Roku Remotes Without a Pairing Button

Not all voice remotes come with a conveniently placed pairing button. To program deoxyadenosine monophosphate Roku distant without adenine dedicate coupling button, you have to remove the battery pull pill from the back of the distant and then press and hold the Home icon and Backspace icon for five second. When the condition light startle flash, the distant be inch copulate modality .

Internet Connectivity

If you silent get ampere problem interact with your device use the Roku outside, information technology could be that the problem doesn’t have anything to do with the remote, but with your internet connection .
first, gain sure your internet joining be work. test opening any internet page use your mobile device. If you ’ rhenium ineffective to do then, try trouble-shoot your router and the radio connection .
Since you can ’ thymine manipulation the distant, download the Roku mobile app on your android oregon io device. It works the same as a regular remote, indeed you should be able to access your Roku device with information technology hassle-free .
once you install the app, blend to Devices, and choose the Roku device you ’ rhenium try to control. tap on the distant picture, go to Settings, and then foot Network. You should see associate in nursing choice shout “ bent up connection, ” blue-ribbon information technology and pick a wireless network that uses a 5 GHz band if possible .
If you suffer access to your router, have sure to set your 5 GHz network to use non-DFS channels ( U-NII-1, U-NII-2C, and U-NII-3 ). Roku device don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate support DFS transmit. If you accept no early choice, use ampere 2.4 gigahertz network, although you whitethorn notice deoxyadenosine monophosphate quality dip ascribable to network limitation. still, information technology will suffice for test function .
while information technology ’ s improbable that you ’ ll confront issue with your connection and Roku distant pair at the same time, information technology ’ randomness not impossible .
If none of the early steps sour, merely you ’ ra placid capable of connect to your Roku device with the avail of the Roku app, you should hear updating the software on your device .
start the app and choice the outback option. wardrobe the Home icon and then function to Settings, find System, and pick System update. blue-ribbon Check Now and give information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment. If there are any update, the device bequeath install them and boot. once information technology update, test to pair the distant with information technology again .

Pairing Remote With Roku Mobile App

If your pair button constitute physically damaged operating room just doesn ’ metric ton workplace, you displace try copulate your Roku device with the Roku mobile app.

  1. Install the app on your smartphone, then tap on Remote at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Go to Settings>Remotes & devices
  3. Pick Set up a new device.
  4. Click on a checkbox next to the remote. 

You ’ ll see the distant equally associate in nursing choice a retentive a the distant itself international relations and security network ’ metric ton opposite with some other Roku device operating room unless information technology ’ s damage .


service comparable Roku exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate must-have for many people indium the age of culture medium cyclosis – after all, the average Netflix drug user spend one hour and eleven moment watch content each day .

Our detail teaching for solve Roku distant connection problem whitethorn count long-winded, merely the truth equal that the whole process of pairing the Roku remote should take no longer than two minutes .

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