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Setting up Chromecast is pretty simple. The work involves plugging your Chromecast into your television receiver ’ randomness HDMI port and a exponent generator and installing the Google Home mobile app on your smartphone. The app will then mechanically find your Chromecast and ask you to connect it to the same Wi-Fi connection that is connected to your cell call and the rest is a cakewalk. In this article, we will walk you through the integral guide on how to connect Chromecast to wifi in detail below :

How to Connect Chromecast to a Wifi Network?

Windows 10 Hotspot

If you ’ re at a position like a hotel with an open wireless local area network network and no ask login, plug your Chromecast into the television and set it up on the wireless local area network net. otherwise, you can besides try to create a Windows 10 hot spot .
Chromecast will then mechanically connect to it since there ’ s no welcome page needed. And hey, other devices connected to the same hot spot will besides be able to stream Chromecast .
once done, connect your laptop to the visible wireless local area network network and log in to the hotel ’ s welcome page. After your laptop is connected to the internet, follow the adjacent steps mentioned below to connect your Chromecast :

  • Press ‘Start’
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Network & Internet’
  • Choose the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ option to the left
  • Click on the toggle button to turn on ‘Share my Internet connection with other devices.’ Make sure that it is set to wifi only
  • Make note of the network name and password displayed at the bottom of the window.

now that your laptop hot spot is enabled, set up your Chromecast using the celebrated network name and password .

Portable Router

Another solution to get a Chromecast to work on a wireless local area network net is to bring along a portable router, which is compact-sized. It can be easily used to connect to a wireless hot spot and share the same connection with multiple devices .
When you buy a portable router, make sure that it offers wireless local area network client defend. Anything that logs in to and joins a wireless local area network network mechanically becomes the customer. For exemplify, when your mobile call or laptop joins a network, it will be called a customer .

How to Change Wifi Network on Chromecast?

  Chromecast can normally only remember one wireless local area network network at a time. so, if it is connected to your existing network, you might have to regularly change its wireless local area network. Depending on the reason for the change, the process can either be straightforward or catchy .
Listed down are the primary reasons for changing the wireless local area network network on Chromecast :

Network Changes

normally, the common reason to change Chromecast to a modern wireless local area network connection is a simple throw between networks, such as going from broadband to a mobile hot spot or when traveling. The steps to do so are a piece of patty and all you need to do is make certain that your cell phone is close to the streaming one .

Inactive Network

If the wireless local area network network to which you connected your Chromecast is not active anymore, things can be a tad difficult. This is particularly true when you change your router .
As you have set up your Chromecast for the network that doesn ’ t exist anymore, your Google Home app on your mobile call won ’ metric ton recognize it .
Either manner, we have a solution for both !
In this segment, we have listed down a bit-by-bit lead to getting your Chromecast up and running again :

Perform a simple Chromecast Network switch

Switching networks isn ’ metric ton arsenic simpleton as you think it is. You will first need to disable/forget your current network ( while staying connected to that network ) and set it up again .
so, follow the steps mentioned below :

  • Switch on the TV connected to your Chromecast device and ensure that your mobile phone is connected to the internet
  • Open the Home app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Click on the Chromecast device
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Press on the ‘Wifi’ option and tap to confirm that you’d like to forget the current network

once you follow these steps correctly, reconnect your Chromecast device to the internet. Always remember that the wireless local area network network on the Chromecast should match the one on your call .
If you have changed the network and your smartphone still won ’ metric ton connect to your Chromecast, manually reset the Chromecast with the play along steps :

  • Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds
  • Release the button only when the light on the device stops blinking and remains lit.

If you ’ ve followed the above steps correctly, it will reset itself to default factory settings. once done, the device will erase the old wireless local area network network adenine well as the stream settings mechanically. consequently, connect the Chromecast to a new and strong wireless local area network network like Airtel and you are full to go ! And if you don ’ t have one, then get a radio wireless local area network connection from Airtel right aside !
The above steps will help you connect or change the wireless local area network network on Chromecast. so, make sure that you follow them correctly to get the job done without any harass. Thank us, late !
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