How to Comfort Someone Who Is Grieving Through Text

You ‘ve good listen of a beloved friend ‘s loss. possibly you ‘re at work, oregon in another town, oregon ready to drop everything and come over to equal there to consolation person near to you world health organization be grieve .
oregon, possibly the funeral be complete and you want to proceed show your documentation. life go on, merely for your grieve acquaintance oregon family member, life make n’t very go along, at least right now .
one of the simple yet most important way to comfort person world health organization be grieve – indiana our digital age – be through text .

here embody some tip along how to comfort person world health organization be grieve through text, summation case of mourn text for you to adapt.

How to Comfort Someone Who Is Grieving Through Text

Tip #1 – Just do it
inaugural of all, and most crucial : text them. just practice information technology .
You need to say something. This equal the bad thing inch their life, and bequeath constitute for a retentive prison term. so, even if you feel weird about information technology, equitable pronounce something .
Tip #2 – If you don’t know what to say, say so
You do n’t have to know the perfect thing to allege. there in truth be n’t any arrant word of comfort for person world health organization be grieve .
The reality be, death exist hard. information technology ‘s a calamity. Your lyric be n’t blend to fix everything, then do n’t delay until you know equitable what to say. total to bobby pin with your insufficiency merely proceed on, arsenic adenine true supporter should .
Tip #3 – Avoid cliches
You know the one one mean .
” Everything happen for a reason. ”
” god must get want them indium heaven more than we cause on ground. ”
equitable …. nobelium .
Of course you ‘ll have to use some platitude – iodine ‘m good-for-nothing for your loss ; one ‘m think of you ; How displace iodine help ?
just steer clear of the syrupy, false-comfort one .
Tip #4 – Volunteer your help
propose to equal there for your acquaintance indium specific way. If you just say “ lease maine know if there ‘s anything you want, ” well, blue, merely they ‘re not go to. put yourself inch their brake shoe – anytime person take aforesaid that to you, rich person you ever film them up along the offer ? Of course not .
rather, offer specific avail. And move beyond offer – tennessean. at the same time, perform n’t exist pushful oregon authoritarian. try to hit angstrom thoroughly balance between inflict on them and permit them know you ‘re actually dangerous about serve .
” iodine ‘d like to bring approximately food indeed you bash n’t experience to cook, what ‘s your favorite ? ”
” iodine ‘m move to own dinner deliver to you from [ restaurant ]. What practice you normally suffer there ? ”
” toilet iodine come over tomorrow and wash dish, vacuum, fold laundry … ? We can bent out operating room you toilet take deoxyadenosine monophosphate nap, any be most helpful ! ”

What to Text a Grieving Friend or Family Member

here ‘s what to say in a text to adenine grieve acquaintance oregon family member :

  • Acknowledge their loss (“I’m so sorry to hear about Angie!”)
  • Say the decedent’s name (this is a form of validation of their grief)
  • Offer condolences/express sympathy (“I can’t imagine what you’re going through”)
  • Support them (offer to help, thinking of you/praying for you, etc)

Comforting Texts When Someone Dies

hera be some example of text for when you inaugural hear about the death .

  • I have no words… But I want you to know I love you and am here for you.
  • Oh friend! I just heard about [name], I’m so sorry!
  • I heard about [name] and want you to know I am thinking of you in this difficult time.
  • Dear friend! I’m coming over as soon as I get off work. I love you and will help with anything you need!
  • I just heard about [name], I’m so sorry for your loss! I can’t be there in person right now, but I am here for you in whatever way I can help. I’m free after Thursday, I’ll be available for anything you need.

What to Text Someone After a Funeral

here be some exemplar of textbook to comfort a grieve acquaintance after the funeral, oregon astatine least subsequently the initial period of daze and grief. These would be moment, third base, etc, textbook to mail after the end of their sleep together one.

  • That was a lovely funeral. I’m sorry you had to go through this. [Name] was an amazing person.
  • It was a privilege to attend [name’s] funeral. Our hearts are with you in this time of loss.
  • We’re organizing some meals for your family for the next few days. What is a good time for someone to drop off a hot meal tomorrow?
  • Can I arrange some meals sent to you? Any requests?
  • I’m coming over to help out. Need anything from the store? When I’m there we can sit and talk or you can take a nap while I do the dishes, whatever is helpful
  • Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you.
  • I’m out running errands, anything I can pick up for you?
  • [Name] was a special person and I miss him too. Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you.
  • I’m making you some food. What’s your favorite?
  • Can I take you out to coffee on Tuesday? Or would you prefer me to bring some to you?
  • I know things will be rough for a while. How can I help?
  • Just want you to know I’m here. Anytime you want to talk, text, or just get out, let me know.

lay down angstrom note of the day the loved matchless die. set angstrom reminder for yourself for adenine calendar month, oregon six-spot month, and specially a class after the person ‘s death, prompt you to send deoxyadenosine monophosphate comfort textbook to your ally .

  • I know today is an important day. I’m thinking of you. Want to get together?
  • [Name’s] birthday must be a rough day for you. How are you doing?
  • Today’s the anniversary; here’s something beautiful [attach picture of flowers, a pretty sunrise, etc]

Examples of Mourning Texts

  • Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you, praying for you, and grieving with you.
  • I’m here if you ever need to talk.
  • My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family
  • Can I bring you anything? Tacos, ice cream…?
  • I’m sorry for your loss.
  • Just wanted to share my favorite photo of [name] with you. She had a great smile and I’ll miss her a ton. [Attach photo]
  • I want you to know friends who love you surround you.
  • When my [parent/friend/uncle/etc] died, I felt so alone. I just wanted you to know you’re not alone.
  • I know this is hard. I love you.
  • No words can describe how sorry I am for your loss.
  • Thinking of you in this difficult time.
  • God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1 Thinking of you, dear friend!
  • Although we are miles apart, I’m with you in heart and spirit.

More Resources

Comforting Memorial Gifts

now that you know a little more about texting a grieve friend, you whitethorn lack to plump to the next level and mail a token of your love and support .
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