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Do I need to know how to draw to start a clothing brand?

The inadequate direct answer is No, you can start and run a successful brand without knowing how to draw, but for your sake and in the end, for the brand – yes it would help a distribute if you could visualize your ideas .

hera are our thoughts on this and a couple of steps you can take to get your invention going :

The reason for an illustration is to visually communicate your design mind. This sketch will be the ground work for your entire intersection development and the beginning connect in the entire chain. Somehow your product ideas need to come out on a piece of newspaper, on a calculator or in a forcible form like a prototype. From this draft, you or a architect can continue to make a technical school pack with flats, the model godhead can make the measurement list, and the factory can make a prototype .

The technical drawings, the flats, will go into your technical school pack. The flats are front man and back views of a design. If the garment is truly complicated you might want to add a side opinion as well .

The flats are drawn to normal body proportion, not 9-head fashion proportions, and should be as “ decline ” in actual life proportion as potential .

You have a couple of different options on how to proceed :

Use templates

You can use finished and downloadable Illustrator design templates that you can modify yourself. These can be changed to suit your needs. You can find design templates in the Apparel Entrepreneurship Membership Program .
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Depending on how big your budget is, you can always hire a couturier that can do the subcontract for you. Visit to find a freelance designers all over the world. You will however have to explain your thoughts to the graphic designer in order for him/her to do her job and start sketching the ideas .

Some factories besides have this footfall in the march as a military service for companies that don ’ t have a interior designer. They can actually help you design and make the entire garment in the march. You will go through the like steps where you have to visually and verbally show what you have in judgment. They will besides have garments in their showroom that you can pick ideas from to help out in the product ideation stage .

Learn to draw

If you want to be in broad dominance and absolutely on clear of the purpose action, then there are no shortcut – learn how to draw. Practice till you can visualize your idea on newspaper or a screen. For hand-drawn sketches, you can use pencils, markers, watercolor, gouache, collage, whatever makes you happy and inspired .

Most of the time the easiest and fastest way to land a design is to make several quick hand sketches. To learn how to do this, take a estimable meter and watch yourself in the mirror, with alike apparel as you intend to design. Look at proportions, shape, poise, seams, details. besides, go to your own wardrobe, pick a garment out, put it flat on the floor and start sketching it off. Look at proportions and seams. When you have done this on several styles you will start to get the hang of it and besides understand how garments are sew together .

Dissect rival samples. Either take garments in your own wardrobe or bought samples and deconstruct the products. Cut out what you like from unlike styles and sew new ones in concert. This way you will learn how garments are constructed plus you will get closer to what you want your own styles to look like and what finishing details they should have. late bring this to the factory and show them what you want to achieve .

There are tons of on-line classes for drawing, you merely need to decide you want to learn and commit, put in the knead and soon you will have no trouble doing quick sketches. however, you do not have to be able to draw amaze fashion illustrations to run a successful apparel business .

Use croquis templates

other ways of doing it are by printing out technical school pack sketches from the internet of similar styles and redraw them with your own designs on a lightbox. You already have the central processing unit for the design and the proportions, adjust the length, width and redesign the lines to suit your preference .

You can besides use the serve of a croquis template. By using a croquis template the dress tie can be done on circus tent of the croquis, forcing the lines and proportions into form. Watch this video to learn how to use croquis templates .

It will be a huge advantage for you to have drawing skills. not only to articulate your own designs but besides for when your team grows. When you have to read an employed or narrow design ’ south exercise you will know the think of it, you know what and how to “ see ”. This is finally the most crucial skill, to be able to SEE. See what ’ randomness going to be, see what the design is going to look like in the intended material, with the intended details and trims. To visualize how the garment is going to move, to behave and to feel .

If plan is not a region of your background, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate underestimate the need for a architect involved in your brand. After all, apparel design and the products are the core of your business. [ /vc_column_text ] [ /vc_column ] [ /vc_row ] [ vc_row row_type= ” row ” use_row_as_full_screen_section= ” no ” type= ” full_width ” text_align= ” left ” background_animation= ” none ” css_animation= ” ” ] [ vc_column ] [ vc_empty_space ] [ vc_single_image image= ” 10156″ img_size= ” full ” alignment= ” focus on ” onclick= ” custom_link ” qode_css_animation= ” ” link= ” hypertext transfer protocol : // ” ] [ vc_btn title= ” Launch Your Successful & Profitable Clothing Brand ” style= ” customs ” custom_background= ” # ca7159″ custom_text= ” # ffffff ” shape= ” square ” size= ” lg ” align= ” plaza ” button_block= ” dependable ” link= ” url : hypertext transfer protocol % 3A % 2F % % 2F||| ” ] [ vc_empty_space ] [ /vc_column ] [ /vc_row ]

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