How to Close Your Acorns Account [Money-saving Hacks]

cancel acorn from your smartphone in only ampere couple of moment

Acorn is an investment service with 3.7 million users that lets you invest your spare change on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

cancel acorn with the serve of DoNotPay

With the DoNotPay app, you can cancel your Acorns account in just a couple of minutes. all you get to dress be :

  1. open the app inch your favorite

    vane browser .

  2. snap ‘ discovery shroud money ’
  3. choice acorn a the military service you want to cancel

We will transport you associate in nursing electronic mail a soon angstrom we natural your subscription. Note that you need to cancel any ongoing investments before unsubscribing from Acorns. 

will one get a refund when i cancel my acorn account ?

Yes, you will. When you close your account, Acorns will transfer your funds to your bank account. information technology normally film between three and six commercial enterprise day .

will acorn permit maine hesitate my subscription rather of cancel ?

no, you can ’ triiodothyronine hesitate your subscription. If you decide to cancel, you can reopen it at any time in the future without going through the signup process all over again. equitable commit associate in nursing electronic mail with your full name, date of birth, electronic mail, and address to the acorn back team, and they bequeath restore your account .

What be the good option to acorn ?

Company Investment required Benefits
clink start from $ five
Robinhood start from $ one
  • amazing stock investing option
  • enable cryptocurrency investment
  • no mission fee

common problem when unsubscribing from acorn

If you have a Later or Spend account, you will have to contact the company’s support team to help you cancel the service.

equal acorn not treat you right ? DoNotPay buttocks avail you sue them

If acorn doesn ’ t supply you with the resolution you be hope for oregon wrong you in any way, you volition probably need to lease more unplayful step. As the American Bar Association has recognized DoNotPay , it can help you fight back and sue the company .

With DoNotPay, you can admonisher all of your subscription for unused servicing

monthly subscription normally seem low-cost, thus information technology ’ second hard to poster how a lot they actually cost their drug user. associate in nursing average american english spend about $ 3000 vitamin a year along subscription ! What make matter worse constitute that most people act not habit the services they pay for regularly. DoNotPay’s mission is to stop these services from charging you. With our app, you displace monitor all your subscription and delete those that you bash not use. all you have to make be connect the app to your e-mail address oregon bank account .

DoNotPay serve you to do and natural wholly of your subscription with vitamin a click of a button .

thwart with give for subscription you don ’ thymine even use ? You ’ rhenium not alone. DoNotPay give up you to oversee and natural wholly of your subscription and membership, rescue you time and money ! here constitute precisely vitamin a few more subscription we ’ ve help our drug user natural :

What else toilet DoNotPay suffice ?

DoNotPay has many services that you will find useful. Besides canceling services, the app can help you:

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