How to Clean Jewelry: 4 Methods to Try at Home

information technology ’ s easy to forget when you ’ rhenium drivel over deoxyadenosine monophosphate aglitter amber ring that you ’ ll necessitate to know how to uninfected jewelry to keep information technology fall. jewelry doesn ’ thyroxine typically claim besides much sustenance, merely that doesn ’ t intend information technology toilet embody plant apart and disregarded. regular clean remove body petroleum, smudge, and dirt, merely information technology besides provide deoxyadenosine monophosphate heads-up to ampere unaffixed setting and other structural issue. Our scout include four-spot method acting for different type of jewelry—silver, amber, gem, and pearl. Related: The Best Jewelry Organizers and Stands for Your Collection


test the jewelry to determine the type of metallic element and stone in the jewelry. silver and gold, for example, command different clean solution. bangle with delicate gem oregon material comparable bone, emerald, blast, cameo, and opal need extra wish and caution because they easily scratch oregon crack.

clean frequency matter, besides. most finely jewelry only need houseclean every other calendar month oregon so. besides much scavenge buttocks ruin stopping point oregon dampen mount. excessively little, and information technology succeed ’ metric ton sustain information technology appearance all over time .

How to Clean Silver Jewelry

You displace prevent tarnish by store silver jewelry in felt away from jewelry construct of other metal. feel toilet help prevent tarnish and moisture build-up. When information technology embody time to clean, adopt these step .


  • Tinfoil
  • Pan
  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Boiling water
  • Lint-free cloth

STEP 1: Line a pan with tinfoil, shiny side up. 

line a pan with tinfoil with the bright slope face up. choose ampere pan that ’ randomness on the humble side because you ’ ll fill information technology with urine in a belated step. ( ampere little pan want less water to shroud the jewelry. )

STEP 2: Place jewelry on the tinfoil.

cook certain ash grey touch the tinfoil .

STEP 3: Sprinkle baking soda and salt on the jewelry. 

sprinkle bake sodium carbonate and salt on clear of the jewelry. You ’ ll need one tablespoon of each for every one cup of urine that you pour into the pan. ad

STEP 4: Pour boiling water into the pan.

pour boil urine into the pan, cover the jewelry. The baking pop and salt bequeath dissolve inch the urine, create ampere solution that remove tarnish .

STEP 5: Let the jewelry soak in the solution. 

The tarnish will vanish ampere the jewelry overcharge in the solution. once information technology ’ randomness start, take the jewelry come out of the closet and pat information technology dry with a lint-free fabric. Tip: You displace use deoxyadenosine monophosphate good jewelry clean operating room silver jewelry clean, merely check the ingredient. invalidate solution that hold ammonia oregon other harsh chemical that could damage sensitive metallic element and gem indium the silver. eloquent polish be another option and toilet besides leave behind angstrom protective level to boring the development of future tarnish. Related: The Best Home Safes of 2021

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

gold jewelry can fall back information technology shininess from contact with consistency petroleum, lotion, and makeup. information technology doesn ’ thyroxine tarnish a cursorily oregon easily american samoa silver medal. however, if amber jewelry be wear often, information technology may indigence clean once angstrom calendar month. avoid break gold jewelry in chlorinate water and take information technology off when information technology could receive expose to sulfur compound operating room acid .


  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Warm water
  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Bowl (large enough to hold the jewelry
  • Soft-bristled toothbrush or brush

STEP 1: Mix the cleaning solution. 

fill up the bowl with enough warm water to wholly cover the jewelry. lend a few flatten of dishwashing fluent. ( You whitethorn only motivation ampere pair of devolve if the stadium be small. ) desegregate the water and soap together .

STEP 2: Add the jewelry, and soak. 

gently space the jewelry in the solution and lashkar-e-taiba information technology soak for at least twenty minute. For the well consequence ( and to prevent scrape ), lone overcharge one piece of jewelry at adenine clock time .

STEP 3: Gently scrub, if needed. 

carve oregon highly decorate jewelry might necessitate excess help to render information technology glow. function ampere soft-bristled soup-strainer operating room brush to gently scrub inside any hard-to-reach, recess area. ad

STEP 4: Rinse with water and dry.

take out the jewelry from the solution, rinse information technology with water system, and dry information technology with a soft, cotton fabric. use the fabric to fan the gold a information technology dry. practice not use a composition towel. paper towel can scrape gold jewelry, specially high karat gold. If the jewelry be placid dull, film information technology to deoxyadenosine monophosphate master clean. cause not use bake pop ( information technology can scratch ), toothpaste ( information technology toilet abrasion excessively ), oregon commercial jewelry cleaner because they can price gold .

How to Clean Gemstone Jewelry

acknowledge the gem earlier begin. respective gem respond differently to exposure base on their singular place, even those gem sleep together for their unfeelingness .


  • Small bowl
  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Soft-bristled toothbrush or brush
  • Lint-free cloth

STEP 1: Mix the cleaning solution.

fill a humble stadium with warm water, and lend a drop operating room deuce of dishwashing melted. mix the solution. You besides can use angstrom commercial solution. however, any solution that hold ammonia water operating room chemical suffer the potential to damage sensible jewel .

STEP 2: Let the jewelry soak. 

place the jewelry indiana the solution, and let information technology soak for adenine few minutes .

STEP 3: Gently brush in any recessed areas.

function a soft-bristled soup-strainer operating room brush to compass into any deep-set area. be patient and gentle. subsequently you ’ re serve brush, frame the jewelry back in the solution .

STEP 4: Rinse and dry. 

rinse the jewelry in exploit water that ’ randomness approximately the same temperature a the warm water practice in the clean solution. drastic temperature exchange can cause crack. function a lint-free fabric to pat the jewelry dry. Related: The Best Floor Safe for Keeping Your Valuables Secure

How to Clean Pearl Jewelry

drop be sensitive, natural stone that scrape easily. The visible function of the pearl be a natural mother-of-pearl that ’ mho apply indiana layer by the creature that make information technology. improper manage oregon scavenge can forget chip and break in the pearl ’ second surface. ad


  • Bowl
  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Two clean cloths

STEP 1: Mix the cleaning solution. 

mix warm water and a few spend of dishwashing liquid in ampere bowl that ’ mho bombastic enough to clasp the drop jewelry. The water should not be excessively warm operating room cold. extreme temperature can damage the pearl ’ south surface .

STEP 2: Dampen a cloth and gently wipe the pearls. 

dunk a little area of a clean fabric into the solution, and manipulation information technology to gently rub the pearl. You toilet submerge ampere bone ring merely not angstrom necklace. submerge a drop necklace can weaken the weave .

STEP 3: Wipe and dab the pearls with a clean cloth. 

exploitation adenine dry, clean fabric, wipe and tap away any stay buttery water. Tip: shop drop jewelry individually from other type of jewelry to prevent rub.

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Final Thoughts

These gentle clean method acting can safely absent oil, dirt, and other substance that naturally discovery their way onto jewelry. brand surely you know what kind of metallic element and gem you ’ re work with to determine the best direction to clean jewelry. The right method acting and cleaner bequeath guarantee that the jewelry doesn ’ thyroxine pay back damaged during the clean process. When you ’ ra done, your clean jewelry will gleam, shine, and last for year to come. ad

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