How to Clean Your Yoga Mat (Because You Definitely Don’t Do It Enough)

We hate to break it to you, but you ‘re probable not cleaning your yoga mat closely enough. The good news is that adding it to your everyday can be ampere easy as 1-2-3. Giving your entangle a promptly spray with a lifelike clean with each manipulation will keep dirty and buildup in hindrance so you are n’t left with a fix when it ‘s meter for a deeper clean—a job you should schedule anywhere from monthly to every six months, depending on how frequently your mat is used and how much sweat it sees during practice .

To keep things aboveboard, Vera Peterson, president of Molly Maid, says a gentle scrub with a soap and water solution will get the problem done. just be certain you do n’t drench your yoga felt in the process. Vanesa Amaro, known on TikTok as the “ Queen of Cleaning, ” advises to constantly let your entangle dry completely before rolling it up and storing to prevent mildew. here are the best methods for cleaning a yoga mat, according to cleanse experts and yoga pros .

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How to Machine-Wash a Yoga Mat

” It ‘s significant to always check the label or box to see if your mat is machine washable, since sometimes that is the easiest room for a flying clean, ” says Peterson. If your mat specifically states that it is machine washable, it ‘s likely best to wash it on a aristocratic cycle and without bleach. Once the laundry cycle is done, remove your yoga mat from the washer promptly, and hang it up to dry. Always refer to the manufacturer ‘s concern instructions for best results. If your flatness does n’t specify whether it ‘s safe for the wash car, choose for another scavenge choice .

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat with a Natural Cleaner

Peterson recommends this method acting for cleaning a yoga mat using natural ingredients .

What You Need

  • Spray bottle
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp. baking soda
  • Tea tree oil
  • Water
  • Microfiber cloth

Step 1: In a spray bottle, mix a solution of vinegar, baking pop, and a few drops of tea tree oil. Fill the bottle up the rest of the way with water .

Step 2: Spray the solution onto a microfiber towel or cloth—some mats should not be sprayed directly—and wipe down the entangle .

Step 3: Allow the mat to dry wholly before storing .

Frequency: You can use this clean as your post-practice wipe down with every function, or use it on your mat weekly to keep crap and bacteria in check.

How to Steam-Clean a Yoga Mat

What You Need

  • Handheld steamer, garment steamer, or steam mop
  • Water
  • Drying rack

Step 1: Place your mat on a clean, flat open. Steam the mat in a analogue fashion, using long strokes down the length of the entangle. Ensure the entire airfoil has been steamed .

Step 2: Flip the entangle and reprise step on the alternate side .

Step 3: Hang the master of arts in teaching to dry. Allow the flat to dry completely before storing .

Frequency: Kelly Turner, VP of train and experience for YogaSix, steam cleans her studio mats quarterly for a deeply clean, though you can increase or decrease the frequency ( anywhere from monthly to every six months ) based on when you start to spot stain, dirty, or buildup of any kind. You might need to deep clean your entangle more frequently if you wear lotions or sweat a lot during practice .

Editor’s Tip: Some mats are not suited for steam clean as they ‘re not heat-safe. Be certain to check the label and care instructions on your yoga entangle prior to using the methods mentioned in this article .

How to Break In a Yoga Mat

If you notice your raw mat is slick, Turner offers a little advice. “ Mats frequently need to be broken in, ” she says. “ They may start out a bit slippery due to an initial coating, which is why giving them a scrub down with coarse salt can be helpful. ” Turner besides offers alternatives such as using a flatness towel or flipping the mat top down for a few weeks of practice until it is fully broken in.

How to Store a Yoga Mat

Whether you ‘re cleaning your flat or fair wrapped a hot yoga session, you ‘ll need to pay particular attention to how you store your mat while it ‘s still wet—as in, do n’t. Amaro suggests allowing the felt to dry in full, which could take up to 24 hours depending on how drenched it got in the march. previous rolling could cause cast and mildew .

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